Welcome to the Real-time Film Festival!

Upon inception, we had suggestions from people that we should change the name to "REEL TIME" but we had to get people to understand the concept of REAL-TIME.
It is the Real-Time film festival because, during the Festival, a LIVE, REAL-TIME FILM MAKING CHALLENGE will take place during the Festival.

Filmmakers from around the world will be engaged in producing SHORT MOVIES at the REAL-TIME FILM CHALLENGE.

In the Real-Time Challenge, only Short Films with running time between 5 minutes and 30 minutes are expected to be created during the first three days of the festival. Those Films will then be screened on the last day of the Festival and Awards will be presented to deserving Filmmakers.

The topics and themes that will inform the films to be produced during the REAL-TIME Challenge are sent early to the filmmakers; giving them ample time to prepare a script/screenplay, prepare their crew, cast their actors and gather their production gears!

For the REAL-TIME FILM CHALLENGE, registration will be done by the Team Leader of each production team who will then be expected to come up with provocative and innovative stories and screenplay for their films - based on the provided theme. Filmmakers can partake in the Real-Time Challenge remotely from their base stations or countries without having to travel down to Nigeria!

The REAL-TIME CHALLENGE scripts will be evaluated by any panel of industry professionals and their feedback will be sent out to the teams

The Festival will also become the "ultimate" Technology driven, remotely accessible Festival; where Filmmakers can interact and partake in all the activities remotely from their various locations worldwide, through the use of real-time enabling technology.

We explore different aspects of Live streaming, real-time chats via networking platforms; including Skype and live mixing of real-time footage.

Filmmakers who cannot attend the Festival physically will also not be left out of the on-goings as they will be able to interact with their counterparts in attendance through our technological framework.

This will be best demonstrated during the Q&A Sessions at the Film Festival.
In our first edition, we had submissions from the following countries:
• United States
• Islamic Republic of Iran
• Russian Federation
• Nigeria
• India
• Bangladesh
• Estonia
• Hong Kong
• Saudi Arabia
• Canada
• Portugal
• Italy
• France
• Afghanistan
• Denmark
• United Kingdom
• Georgia
• Nepal
• Argentina
• Serbia
• Turkey
• Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Czech Republic
• Egypt
• Finland
• Albania
• Germany
• Spain
• Greece
• Ireland
• Iraq
• Thailand
• Ukraine
• Uganda
• Austria
• Barbados
• Belgium
• Brazil
• China
• Cyprus
• Ghana
• Israel
• Lebanon
• Moldova, Republic of
• Mali
• Mexico
• Malaysia
• Philippines
• Kosovo

The Film Festival was founded by and for independent filmmakers who seek to express themselves through the showcase of the mastery of their craft - from story-telling to technical expertise; all captured within a Creative package.

Storytellers from all countries around the globe are welcome to participate.
As the world shrinks, and the ability of Filmmakers to connect with diverse global cultures becomes easier, we are bringing the world together through the art of film.

It is a Novel, Technology-driven Festival that encourages Filmmakers to participate from around the world, without being physically present.

The Festival's maiden edition held between September 29th and October 3rd, 2016 in the heart of Nigeria's NOLLYWOOD (Film Industry) in Lagos - Nigeria.

The Film Festival was founded by, and for independent filmmakers who seek to express themselves through the showcase of the mastery of their craft - from story-telling to technical expertise; all captured within a Creative package.

Storytellers from around the globe are welcome. As the world shrinks, and the ability of Filmmakers to connect with diverse global cultures becomes easier, we are bringing the world together through the art of film.

Films can be submitted both in and out of competition; based on the filmmaker's desire. Submissions "IN COMPETITION" attract a fee (based on deadlines) and winners in those categories will be awarded laurels, certificates, and medals.

Winning Filmmakers in the competitive category who cannot travel down to Nigeria for the Festival will have their laurels / awards shipped to them, or sent to their Embassies in Nigeria at the expense of the Festival Organizers.

Providing a young, fresh and exciting perspective to today’s world of cinema, we seek to showcase and honor innovative and exciting voices in the African and international film communities.

With 72 (Seventy Two) unique categories covering 35 (Thirty Five) Awards, 16 (Sixteen) Plaques and 11 (Eleven) Medals / Certificates to be given out, our goal is to recognize a large and diverse selection of films from all genres created during the festival, and the exhibiting Filmmakers from all over the world.

The goal of this Festival is to identify new talents and celebrate the veterans of the industry; while fostering cooperation and co-production between Filmmakers from across the globe.

It will also provide the avenue for networking, forging alliances and expanding creative / production teams of established studios and emerging ones alike.

Special Industry Veterans will also be hosted to showcase their film making prowess and offer counsel to young filmmakers who will benefit from their expertise and wealth of experience during the Festival.

There will be scheduled screenings of select SHORT FILMS produced by established filmmakers so, we look forward to receiving those awesome short films from around the world.

Eventually, on the last day of the festival, there will be a Closing Ceremony (Red Carpet Event) where the awards will be presented.

Plaques are presented to the industry veterans in attendance while the Awards in various categories will be presented to emerging filmmakers.

Awards & Prizes

Below is a list of awards given out at the end of the festival:


1. Best Nollywood Feature Film
2. Best Nollywood Short Film (Established Filmmakers)
3. Best Nollywood Short Film (New Filmmakers)
4. Best Foreign Short Film (Outside Africa)
5. Best Foreign Short Film (All of Africa - except Nigeria)
6. Best Director
7. Best Screenplay
8. Best Cinematography
9. Best Editing
10. Best Actor
11. Best Supporting Actor
12. Best Actress
13. Best Supporting Actress
14. Best Child Actor
15. Best Soundtrack
16. Best Sound Design
17. Best Animation
18. Best Visual Effects
19. Best Special Effects Make up
20. Best Poetry
21. Best Spoken Word
22. Best use of Technology
23. Best film shot on a Cell Phone or Tab
24. Best Student Film
25. Best Movie by a Child (7 - 15 years old)


1. AWARD FOR BEST STUNTS PERSON (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

2. AWARD FOR BEST REAL-TIME FILM PROJECT (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

3. AWARD FOR BEST PROSTHETIC MAKE-UP SPECIALIST (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

4. AWARD FOR BEST INSPIRATIONAL CHRISTIAN MOVIE (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

5. AWARD FOR BEST INSPIRATIONAL MUSLIM MOVIE (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

STUDENTS (Awards):

1. Best Student Film (Primary School)
2. Best Student Film (Secondary School)
3. Best Student Film (University/ Polytechnic / College of Education)
4. Best Student Film (Film School)



1. Best Film at the Real-time Challenge - Winner gets an award
2. First Runner up - First Runner-up gets a plaque
3. Second Runner up - Second Runner-up gets a plaque


1. Best TEAM (Innovation)
2. Best TEAM (Production ethics)
3. BEST TEAM (Deadline Record Time)
4. Best Behind the scenes edit.

1. Most Inspiring Veteran (established filmmaker)
2. Audience Choice Best Veteran Short (established filmmaker)
3. Media Choice Best Veteran Short (established filmmaker)


1. Best Film Produced by a Media / TV Crew


1. Audience Choice Award - Nollywood Short Film
2. Audience Choice Award - International Short Film
3. Audience Choice Award - Nollywood Feature Film
4. Audience Choice Award - International Feature Film


1. Best Trailer
2. Best P & A and Merchandising
3. Best Technology - Production
4. Best Technology - Post Production
5. Fantastic Brand Support
6. Best Production stills
7. Best Movie Title
8. Best lead Actor in a Real-time challenge film
9. Best supporting Actor in a Real-time challenge film
10. Best lead Actress in a Real-time challenge film
11. Best supporting Actress in a Real-time challenge film

Total: 72 Rewards

35 Awards
16 Plaques
11 Certificates / Medals

Rules & Terms

Veterans are often invited to participate in the Festival. Once their attendance is confirmed, their names will be published.

Emerging (young) filmmakers will be required to register as well, and have the chance to submit their films either in the competitive or non-competitive categories.

The Festival accepts movies made by student filmmakers. Students are also expected to register for the Master Classes namely; DIRECTING, ACTING, CINEMATOGRAPHY, LIGHTING DESIGN, AND PHOTOGRAPHY.

By submitting to this festival, the submitter acknowledges that their film poster(s), and excerpts from trailer(s) and teaser(s) can be used by the festival organizers to promote the submitted entries and the festival's interest.

All payments made for IN-COMPETITION submissions are non-refundable.

For submissions on our official website, log on to:http://www.realtimefilmfestival.com/

For emails relating to submissions, e-mails should be sent to: realtimefestival@gmail.com

11 Reviews

Overall Rating
  • false
    Edmundo Barraza

    Excellent! It feels great to be recognized by such prestigious festival. Thanks a million.

    January 2017
  • false
    Isioro Jaboro

    It was a pleasure competing at your film festival and Saving Dreams picking up the Best Feature film Nollywood category at the 2016 festival. We would like to thank your organization and the organizers for a fabulous job and a successful film festival for the opportunity given to us. We look forward to taking part at your festival again in the future. Thanks!

    November 2016
    Rtf online   square    2
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your amazing film with us. We also look forward to being part of your own Festival;
    The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) in 2017.

  • false
    James Honiball

    Hope they hold many more festivals!

    October 2016
  • false
    Elia Sadeqi

    very good festival in the heart of Africa

    October 2016
  • false
    Alexis Chaviaras

    A great festival. The organizers are friendly.
    Communication was excellent. We had a Q+A with the audience over Skype, which is great. A trophy is being delivered to me free of charge.
    I am honoured for participating and I recommend the RTFF!

    October 2016
    Rtf online   square    2
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Alexis for submitting your amazing work!

    Stanlee Ohikhuare