Welcome to the Real-time Film Festival!

Our vision is “to build a truly International and remotely accessible Film Festival”. Our corporate mission is phrased to require milestone triggered reviews. It is “to become the biggest and most acclaimed technology – driven, remotely accessible Festival in Africa within two years of our existence”.

'Our LANGUAGE is "FILM", our MEDIUM is "TECHNOLOGY" and we celebrate the "HUMAN TALENTS"

The Festival accepts entries from filmmakers across the world without discrimination. We also offer waivers for submission fees to filmmakers from countries like Iran, Pakistan and others who can't pay for submissions due to limitations caused by sanctions imposed on their countries.
We celebrate the FILMS and their MAKERS. We also celebrate and expose current TECHNOLOGIES that affect the art of film making. That's our focus hence, we do not seek to be the most glamorous Festival, but rather, our desire is to be known for being the Most Innovative, Eco friendly and Technology attentive Festival in Africa that attracts the world!

During our inaugural edition, we had over 800 submissions from 80 countries out of which 60 films from 25 countries were screened. Our Festival Catalogue Theme for 2016 was "EMOTIONS" while our Festival Program Theme was "INNOVATIVE TECHNICAL CONVERSATIONS"

Submissions for the 2017 edition are being processed at the moment and our Festival Catalogue Theme for 2017 is "HUMANITY" while our Festival Program Theme is “EXTENSIVE PRODUCTION CONVERSATIONS”

Awards & Prizes

Below is a list of awards given out at the end of the festival:


1. Best Nollywood Feature Film
2. Best Nollywood Short Film (Established Filmmakers)
3. Best Nollywood Short Film (New Filmmakers)
4. Best Foreign Short Film (Outside Africa)
5. Best Foreign Short Film (All of Africa - except Nigeria)
6. Best Director
7. Best Screenplay
8. Best Cinematography
9. Best Editing
10. Best Actor
11. Best Supporting Actor
12. Best Actress
13. Best Supporting Actress
14. Best Child Actor
15. Best Soundtrack
16. Best Sound Design
17. Best Animation
18. Best Visual Effects
19. Best Special Effects Make up
20. Best Poetry
21. Best Spoken Word
22. Best use of Technology
23. Best film shot on a Cell Phone or Tab
24. Best Student Film
25. Best Movie by a Child (7 - 15 years old)


1. AWARD FOR BEST STUNTS PERSON (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

2. AWARD FOR BEST REAL-TIME FILM PROJECT (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

3. AWARD FOR BEST PROSTHETIC MAKE-UP SPECIALIST (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

4. AWARD FOR BEST INSPIRATIONAL CHRISTIAN MOVIE (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

5. AWARD FOR BEST INSPIRATIONAL MUSLIM MOVIE (Winner, First Runner-up gets a plaque)

STUDENTS (Awards):

1. Best Student Film (Primary School)
2. Best Student Film (Secondary School)
3. Best Student Film (University/ Polytechnic / College of Education)
4. Best Student Film (Film School)



1. Best Film at the Real-time Challenge - Winner gets an award
2. First Runner up - First Runner-up gets a plaque
3. Second Runner up - Second Runner-up gets a plaque


1. Best TEAM (Innovation)
2. Best TEAM (Production ethics)
3. BEST TEAM (Deadline Record Time)
4. Best Behind the scenes edit.

1. Most Inspiring Veteran (established filmmaker)
2. Audience Choice Best Veteran Short (established filmmaker)
3. Media Choice Best Veteran Short (established filmmaker)


1. Best Film Produced by a Media / TV Crew


1. Audience Choice Award - Nollywood Short Film
2. Audience Choice Award - International Short Film
3. Audience Choice Award - Nollywood Feature Film
4. Audience Choice Award - International Feature Film


1. Best Trailer
2. Best P & A and Merchandising
3. Best Technology - Production
4. Best Technology - Post Production
5. Fantastic Brand Support
6. Best Production stills
7. Best Movie Title
8. Best lead Actor in a Real-time challenge film
9. Best supporting Actor in a Real-time challenge film
10. Best lead Actress in a Real-time challenge film
11. Best supporting Actress in a Real-time challenge film

Total: 72 Rewards

35 Awards
16 Plaques
11 Certificates / Medals

Rules & Terms

Veterans are often invited to participate in the Festival. Once their attendance is confirmed, their names will be published.

Emerging (young) filmmakers will be required to register as well, and have the chance to submit their films either in the competitive or non-competitive categories.

The Festival accepts movies made by student filmmakers. Students are also expected to register for the Master Classes namely; DIRECTING, ACTING, CINEMATOGRAPHY, LIGHTING DESIGN, AND PHOTOGRAPHY.

By submitting to this festival, the submitter acknowledges that their film poster(s), and excerpts from trailer(s) and teaser(s) can be used by the festival organizers to promote the submitted entries and the festival's interest.

All payments made for IN-COMPETITION submissions are non-refundable.

For submissions on our official website, log on to:http://www.realtimefilmfestival.com/

For emails relating to submissions, e-mails should be sent to: realtimefestival@gmail.com

11 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Edmundo Barraza

    Excellent! It feels great to be recognized by such prestigious festival. Thanks a million.

    January 2017
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    Isioro Jaboro

    It was a pleasure competing at your film festival and Saving Dreams picking up the Best Feature film Nollywood category at the 2016 festival. We would like to thank your organization and the organizers for a fabulous job and a successful film festival for the opportunity given to us. We look forward to taking part at your festival again in the future. Thanks!

    November 2016
    Rtf online   square    2
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your amazing film with us. We also look forward to being part of your own Festival;
    The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) in 2017.

  • false
    James Honiball

    Hope they hold many more festivals!

    October 2016
  • false
    Elia Sadeqi

    very good festival in the heart of Africa

    October 2016
  • false
    Alexis Chaviaras

    A great festival. The organizers are friendly.
    Communication was excellent. We had a Q+A with the audience over Skype, which is great. A trophy is being delivered to me free of charge.
    I am honoured for participating and I recommend the RTFF!

    October 2016
    Rtf online   square    2
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Alexis for submitting your amazing work!

    Stanlee Ohikhuare