Starting 2016, Corto Creativo Internacional Short Film Showcase UDCI will open doors in its 13th edition for the reception of national audiovisual projects at a professional level as well as for film students, national and international, allowing for expansion in its content in addition to the quality level of the selected pieces.

The Festival and Showcase, Corto Creativo, is still the only Festival in Baja California dedicated exclusively to Short Films and remains the oldest one in the region.

An International Jury conformed of renowned realizateurs will grant an honorary medal recognizing the filmmaker’s talent, professional or emerging.

Awards & Prizes

As one of the changes presented this year in the Festival and Showcase is the expansion of its categories and international competitions which will be divided in the following manner:

» Lumen Award for Best Fiction Short Film
» Lumen Award for Best Documentary Short Film
» Lumen Award for Best Mexican Fiction Short Film
» Lumen Award for Best Student Short Film
» Lumen Award for Best Animation Short Film
» Lumen Award for Best Feature Film (Fiction)

Rules & Terms

Rules & Terms

International filmmakers and film students are all invited to participate in the 13th International Short Film Festival and Showcase “Corto Creativo UDCI 2016” which Hill take place in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Pre-selection of the material for contest will only and exclusively consider fiction and documentary short films made in 2015 to present.

1. Filmmakers that are not selected for the official contest may be part of the national and international showing.

2. Fiction short films will be accepted in any of its genres (Drama, Horror, Comedy, etc.) Experimental short films will proceed to be part of the showcase.

3. Fiction films in any genre (Drama, Comedy, Horror, etc.) must be 60 min minimum.
Documental fims (not short fims) Clips, comercial, TV spots or music videos will be considered disqualified.

4. Shooting date must not have been prior to January 1st, 2015. Films shot before the established date will directly form a part of the exhibit inside the showcase program (if they are selected).

5. The registration of the participating short films will be made through the online platform free of charge. only the films on this platform will be selected, and must be fill all the information required.
*Names of the crew
*Student credential (Student category only)
*Director’s biography
*Headshot of the Film’s director.
*5 stills from the film
*Festival projection release

6. There is no limit in the registration of films.

7. The duration of each short film must be between 5 and 20 minutes. Films exceeding the duration will be subject to space available in the festival.

8. The deadline for registration is July 15th 2015, the Festival will take place on last August 2016.

7. All films in different language than Spanish must have subtitles in English and/or spanish.

8. The selected short films must be sent via Dropbox, or Vimeo with a password and a download option in the format: 1080p H264 (Official Selection).

9. Films and short films that have been presented at any international motion picture event are accepted.

10. Any short film published freely, public and without a password on any social media or web page will be disqualified.

11. The Jury’s decision is final and not subject to appeal, it can declare a category as “deserted” in case there is not a single film that meets the minimal required qualification.

12. It is a necessary requirement for the filmmaker to own the rights of the image, sound and music of the submitted project.

If you are official selection and don’t send the film for the projection in time will be disqualified.

*Corto Creativo Film Festival will not be responsible for any non-authorized playback shown.

6 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Nelibeth Rangel

    Me hubiese gustado estar mas enterado del día de la proyección aunque no estuve allí presenta físicamente. Creo que deberían tener una página web con toda esta información porque por redes sociales se pierde un poco.

    October 2016
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    Mehmet Emrah Erkanı

    It's very nice to reach theMexican audience with my film. However I hope in the future editions the festival will be using social media more effectively and will be sending feedbacks to the finalist film makers frequently. A web page is essential.

    September 2016
    Logo 2
    Response from festival:

    Thank you!, will be consider it!

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    Jonathan Lago Lago

    Great communication and visibility; I wasn't able to be at the ceremony; I hope it'll be possible next year!

    September 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Thank you and Congrats!

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    Liam Harris

    Unfortunately I was not able to attend but the communication overseas was absolutely wonderful. They were very pleasant in their responses and very kind in their words of the film, something I am very grateful for. A definite must for short film makers. Keep it up Corto!

    September 2016
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    Response from festival:

    Congrats Liam, and Thanks for everything!

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    Juan Ignacio Rodríguez

    Great festival for students and non-students alike. The commumication was great and everything seemed well organized.

    September 2016
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    Response from festival:

    ;) Thank you