Around International Film Festival // Berlin Official Awards ✈
Annual Independent event with a live screening for all Feature, Shorts, Documentary, Experimental, Commercial, Music Video, Animations, Student Films, Series, TV and New Media. Every month, the international community awards the creations to serve ARFF Berlin Official Laurel and evaluates all for to participate on BOB2018.

It was a pleasure to meet all the participators at Berlinale 2017 // Around the EFM as well.
Will be looking forward to meet in person through the upcoming events.

It's also possible to submit separately on ARFF Amsterdam ✈
ARFF Paris ✈
ARFF Barcelona ✈

Goal of Around Film Festival is to provide homes to group of film enthusiasts who are committed in creating spaces for film industry and devoted to spreading of the knowledge of the modern visual art form to all interested for all around the globe to present it all on one single platform. Monthly Festival's library has some very remarkable award winning films from across the globe.

(Festival keeps the right to change the venue till the Official Award Event.)

- Festival Program -

- Around Network meeting cocktail

- Short Cutz Selected Screening

- Best of the Bests Screening

- Around Films Award Ceremony

- Live Acts

- After Party

Awards & Prizes

All selected participants will get our ‘’Official Selection’’ and all the winners ‘’Official Winner Laurel'' every month’’. Each year we select Best Of The Bests to Screen on our Annual Festival in Berlin // Amsterdam // Paris // Barcelona

Best of the Best Winners will be awarded by the ARFF International Certificate
at the Annual Award Ceremony at Berlin.

Also your trailer will be a part of the Monthly Winners Cut to promote your creation
in a best way through our social media channels.

Rules & Terms

1.Application starts on 1st of every month-ends on 30th, the winners will be announced on the following day. WE'LL NOT SCREEN YOUR FILM ONLINE unless you want us to do it.

2. Our judges has an access to all films and they vote without sharing your work publicly.
Please be sure that you have the proper english subtitle on the trailer and the full movie.
In any case, trailer is a mandatory.

3. All films participate in Audience Category, so if you want to increase chances for your production you can allow your film to be accessible online, with password if needed.

4. ARFF International never post your creation online. Also, we only screen your film regarding to a mutual agreement in the end of the year. If your film has the potential to be (co)produce by Around Films Network, our team will contact you for the details through the possibilities and will be re-evaluated with the market professionals.

5. All entries should be sent via mail, trough FilmFreeway with an online screener. Please don't send discs or any downloadable files to us.

6. By submitting to the festival you confirm that you own the rights of the film.

7. Festival keeps the right of changing the section of the selected film from the section which is submitted. Same film can be submitted on different sections to have more opportunity.

8. Festival has the right for using snippets from the submitted material for promotional videos.

9. Music video and Animation works has the chance to be the winner of specified categories such as; Best Director, Best Cinematography, Jury Award, Globe Award and
Best Trailer. Beside this monthly winning potential both sections are out of competition and the monthly selected creations will be screened on the specified events. Please visit
ARFF Paris & ARFF Barcelona to submit directly on the music video&Animation categories.

10. We don’t offer any refund through withdrawal or the movies haven’t selected for the festival.

Thank you for sharing your unique creation and being a part of our network.

*See you Around*

13 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Riccardo Torresi

    very nice people and great locations!

    February 2017
    Arff filmfreeway logo berlin
    Response from festival:

    Was a pleasure to host Riccardo and the colleagues at Barcelona event through ARFF Berlin selection.

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    Niv Klainer

    A great concept with an excellent team!

    February 2017
    Arff filmfreeway logo berlin
    Response from festival:

    We are pleased to satisfy the filmmakers needs through our possibilities in a best way as the international colleagues. Kind regards.

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    Han Zhang

    Very good festival, and the team communicate with filmmakers patiently.

    February 2017
    Arff filmfreeway logo berlin
    Response from festival:

    It was a pleasure to screen the ''Stars'' animation on our Barcelona event. Looking forward for the future collaborations.

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    Fred Macdonald

    Very, very happy to be part of this festival!

    February 2017
    Arff filmfreeway logo berlin
    Response from festival:

    Feeling the happiness of contributing Fred's developing film career on the specified section.

  • false
    Dominic Carlo P. Nuesa

    Thank you for accommodating me and our film through it's festival circuit. The fast replies and friendly nature of this festival are memories I'll cherish forever in my film making career. More power to Around International Film Festival.

    February 2017
    Arff filmfreeway logo berlin
    Response from festival:

    We are proud to host '' The Sun Behind You'' and the sincere approach of Dominic. Perfectly clicked already, with our best regards.