FanFilm Awards (FFA) is a ceremony recognizing artistic film makers in the independent film community. Held in the Los Angeles, CA, we in FFA welcome new and experienced film makers to showcase their work to fans worldwide.

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Films will be screened, and Scripts will be read live at the FanFic Gala, hosted in the Fall, at the Pasadena Central Library, for live feedback. Script Finalists will have annotations from Judges.

We will be awarding winning Nominees during the ceremony with one whole year's marketing support from Azure Lorica, and a trophy. We do not distribute cash prizes.

Azure Lorica will award winners with a trophy, promoting recordings of their script reading at the FanFic Gala for one whole year.

Best Film
Best Cinematography
Best Animation
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress

Best Narrative
Best Film Script
Best TV Script
Best Animation Script

Trophies are no longer shipped, and may be picked up at the Pasadena Central Library. For more information, please visit:

1) Film and Script must be a Fan Film, in reference to an original piece of creative media (such as, books, games, shows, and music). Adaptations and Period Dramas are encouraged.

2) Films must be submitted digitally, dubbed or subtitled in English. Online streaming will be showcased during the festival.

3) Scripts must be submitted digitally, in PDF format.

4) Entrants understands that Azure Lorica is an Antibully Society, and require Winners to participate in its campaigns.

Overall Rating
  • John-Paul Nickel

    What a fantastic festival run by great, friendly people! This year’s festival had an amazing selection of quality films and we were honored to be among such talent.

    Azure Lorica gave every film in the festival their own 30 minute panel. Every. Single. Film. With most festivals, you’re lucky to get 5-10 minutes to talk about your film. But to have the chance to be a part of - and watch - in depth Q&As with such talented filmmakers was fantastic.

    I can’t wait to submit again!

    April 2021
  • JP DeStefano

    This was our first year attending The Azure Lorica Fan Film Awards. I was impressed by how welcoming the event coordinator, Eugene was. Eugene was quick to respond to my questions, starting from the submission process and all the way up till the ceremony. I have to mention that despite the circumstances of the pandemic, Eugene and his team put on an amazing show over Zoom. The ceremony was very entertaining and gave the stage to the filmmakers, so their voice could be heard in the promotion of their film. The awards given to the winners might just be the coolest award that I've ever seen from any festival. I highly recommend this festival to anyone looking to get their fan film out there! Bravo to Eugene and the rest of the team! Way to go! -JP D.

    April 2021
  • Of course this past year was not a physical event, so I can't comment on what that would have been like, but this festival was a great experience. Fan filmmakers are lucky if they find a category for their films at other festivals. So rare to see a fest dedicated to the genre. And such an honor to have my film recognized at such a fest! All to support a great cause (anti-bullying) which fits perfectly with the core purpose of fan filmmaking, which is to create something purely out of love, not for money. You couldn't ask for a more supportive community.
    Plus, if you win, you get an awesome sword trophy without being charged extra for it like so many festivals. If you're a fan filmmaker, you've got to submit, because at Azure Lorica Fan Film Awards, we are the kings!

    April 2021
  • Very welcoming and a great place to network with filmmakers - the script readings were notably excellent!

    September 2019
  • Donald Callahan

    My first year at this film festival, not as many people as I thought there would be, but LA had rained that weekend. A lot of fan films I wanted to see I finally got to watch, had a good amount of QnA time for our film Supermen: World War. Eugene is awesome and hopes that they keep doing this festival.

    February 2019