FanFilm Awards (FFA) is a ceremony recognizing artistic film makers in the independent film community. Held in the Los Angeles, CA, we in FFA welcome new and experienced film makers to showcase their work to fans worldwide.

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Films will be screened, and Scripts will be read live at the FanFic Gala, hosted in the Fall, at the Pasadena Central Library, for live feedback. Script Finalists will have annotations from Judges.

We will be awarding winning Nominees during the ceremony with one whole year's marketing support from Azure Lorica, and a trophy. We do not distribute cash prizes.

Azure Lorica will award winners with a trophy, promoting recordings of their script reading at the FanFic Gala for one whole year.

Best Film
Best Cinematography
Best Animation
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress

Best Narrative
Best Film Script
Best TV Script
Best Animation Script

Trophies are no longer shipped, and may be picked up at the Pasadena Central Library. For more information, please visit:

1) Film and Script must be a Fan Film, in reference to an original piece of creative media (such as, books, games, shows, and music). Adaptations and Period Dramas are encouraged.

2) Films must be submitted digitally, dubbed or subtitled in English. Online streaming will be showcased during the festival.

3) Scripts must be submitted digitally, in PDF format.

4) Entrants understands that Azure Lorica is an Antibully Society, and require Winners to participate in its campaigns.

Overall Rating
  • Very welcoming and a great place to network with filmmakers - the script readings were notably excellent!

    September 2019
  • Donald Callahan

    My first year at this film festival, not as many people as I thought there would be, but LA had rained that weekend. A lot of fan films I wanted to see I finally got to watch, had a good amount of QnA time for our film Supermen: World War. Eugene is awesome and hopes that they keep doing this festival.

    February 2019
  • As a first-time script writer, and finalist in the 2019 awards, it was my honor to have been nominated and be asked to participate in the event.

    Eugene and the entire team from Azure Lorica did a great job of bringing together a diverse selection of passionate film makers from around the world. The festival is an inspiration to all film artists dedicated to characters and stories that touch us deeply.

    I encourage anyone who has a passion for Fan filmmaking to participate in future events.

    February 2019
  • Bryan Bazalar

    A perfect festival for first-time filmmakers and veterans of the craft alike. The organizers are very friendly and professional. The community around the Fan Film Awards are very welcoming. I would definitely recommend this contest to anyone with a passion project.

    October 2018
  • This was my first time with FanFilm Awards, and I was so pleased with the experience. Everyone was so welcoming and the atmosphere was amazing. And the awards proccess was so great. I got so much publicity when my script won, and made wonderful connections. I highly recommend this festival, not only because it's one of a kind, but because it supports a relevant cause. People of any fandom should definitely check this festival out.

    July 2017