FanFilm Awards (FFA) is a ceremony recognizing artistic film makers in the independent film community. Held in the Los Angeles, CA, we in FFA welcome new and experienced film makers to showcase their work to fans worldwide.

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We will be awarding winning FanFIlm Makers and Screenwriters during the ceremony with one whole year's marketing support from the Azure Lorica Foundation, and a trophy. We do not distribute cash prizes.

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1) Film must be a Fan Film, in reference to an original piece of creative media (such as, books, games, shows, and music). Film adaptations and Period Dramas are encouraged.

2) Films must be submitted digitally, available for download. No online streaming will be showcased during the festival.

3) Fan Films already published online are acceptable for submission.

4) Screenplays must be in .pdf format. No page limit.

Overall Rating
  • Shirley N

    This was my first time with FanFilm Awards, and I was so pleased with the experience. Everyone was so welcoming and the atmosphere was amazing. And the awards proccess was so great. I got so much publicity when my script won, and made wonderful connections. I highly recommend this festival, not only because it's one of a kind, but because it supports a relevant cause. People of any fandom should definitely check this festival out.

    July 2017
  • It was a Great Experience being part of the Festival and for being Nominated best Director!...Looking forward to the 2018 awards!

    February 2017
  • Ian Wilson

    Great communication and involvement from the organizers.

    February 2017
  • Ferdinand K├Ârner

    THIS IS the BEST Festival for your Fan Film!
    Even if you are not attending due tu schedule problems you get an audience review video of your screening that helps improving your way of filmmaking.

    Absolutly beautiful and well-hearted Chief of Festival!

    Everytime again!

    February 2017
  • colin Costello

    Overall the FFA was a great time. It's a newer fest so they are still working out some kinks. But Eugene and company have their hearts in the right place and truly care about the filmmakers and their films. They are truly fans. I wish them the best of luck as I know the fest will continue to increase in popularity.

    February 2017