CORMORÁN 2023 repeats this year as an international film and music festival to bring to the Wet Hot A Coruña's Summer a selection of features, shorts, concerts and talks that will turn the city upside down.

Like our lasts editions, CORMORÁN wants to host films that bet for change, films that understand just what is going on right now in our societies and capture our beauties and horrors, to show the public the way we are, but most importantly, how we can get better.

Cormorán is a cultural reaction to the global and local changes we face, an effort to channel all the doubts and fears through cinema, in a city at the end of Europe full of youth ready to take control of their future. We want to create a cinematic scene that will work as a megaphone to the world's conflicts through unique ways of seeing.

All the feature selected directors will be invited to attend their screenings throughout the festival, and to present their ideas to the public. They will also be able to get feedback from them, as well as from the rest of artists and personalities attending the event.
Summer days in A Coruña are full of life and beauty, and we the 'Cormoranes', as a group of cinema and music lovers, want the beauty in your films to be put in the eyes and ears of the "coruños and coruñas", so that hopefully, it can stay in their minds forever.

♪♫♬ Nothing reminds the mind of power like the cheap odor of plastic
Leaking fumes we crave, consume, the rush it feels fantastic
But like power turns to mold, like a junkie going cold
I need the fix of a little tenderness... ♪♫♬
(Tenderness, Parquet Courts)

CORMORÁN 2023 will take place in A Coruña, Galicia (Spain), in September 2023.

Join us!

- AMBER Award.
+ Special mention.
- Audience Award.
- Young Jury Award.
+ Special mention.

- AMBER Award.
+ Special Mention.
- Audience Award.

- JAIME MANSO Prize to the Boldest Film.
- Cormorán Distribution.


Films of all types are accepted: Fiction, experimental, animation, documentary...

The films submitted must have english subtitles added if the language of the film is not English, Spanish or Galician.

All films must maintain a Galician premiere status and must have been finished after January 2019.

Entry submission will not be returned nor will it guarantee the selection of the film submitted (just the ones selected by our programmers).

The Cortos Neno Category ONLY admits submissions from films made by 16 to 22-year-old directors from A Coruña. Every short film that doesn't follow this rule will be automatically withdrawn of the competition.


Congratulations!!! If your film is selected, we need to receive a copy before October 12, 2020. If that is not the case, your film could be disqualified (jeez hope not...).

The director (or in her/his absence, a representative of the film), will be invited to attend the festival, where they will be provided with free accommodation, a free festival pass, ticket meals and in the feature films , an economic help to cover the journey costs (up to 300$).

The guest that agrees to be invited must attend the screening of their film (with a Q&A session after it) and also they should take part in some interviews or talks of the "Cormorán TV".

Although every precaution will be taken to prevent any loss or damage of the film materials, Cormorán Film Fest is not responsible for any damages on them while in transit to / from / while in the custody of the festival.

The filmmaker agrees to not hold the Cormorán Film Fest, its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, etc. accountable for any claims of liability resulting from entry.

The filmmaker or producers certifies to have full rights of the film selected. Producers will indemnify the organizers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.

The festival does not apply screening fees for the selected films. By submitting it you are agreeing to not request a screening fee as a requirement for your film's participation in the festival.

Once the Cormorán Film Fest is finished, Cormorán Cinema could contact some of the copyright owners of the films selected to arrange new screenings or distribution agreements with the director and producers, as a way to help and promote the pieces nationally (only if the owners agree to it).

Overall Rating
  • Genia Krassnig

    A fantastic film festival in a lovely town! We had a blast and the hospitality for us and our documentary feature was great! Thank you from the team of "The Pit"!

    September 2019