🔸Bi-monthly Cinema Screenings
🔸Arthouse Cinema https://www.arthousecrouchend.co.uk/
🔸More info on us: https://www.cineboothfilms.com
🔸Cinema Location: 159A Tottenham Ln, London N8 9BT

➢ We proudly curate a powerful list of short films for bi-monthly screenings at London's renowned Arthouse Cinema, currently organizing accepting for the period including the second semester of 2024. This provides filmmakers with a unique chance to showcase their work to a wider audience on a popular commercial screen, ensuring their creations receive the high-quality presentation they deserve.

➢ Since 2019, we've been champions for filmmakers, bridging the gap between emerging talents and established voices in the industry. Through meticulously curated live and online events, including screenings, networking sessions, premieres, and insightful Q&As, we've created a platform that elevates the best of the best. Our mission is to showcase the diverse voices and remarkable achievements of filmmakers, regardless of resources or runtime.

➢ In Partnership with Arthouse Cinema:
Located in Crouch End, this cinema is at the heart of a community of film enthusiasts. Our events, set in an area frequented by renowned actors, provide a local favourite.

➢ What To Expect
🔹Frequent Screenings: Enjoy bi-monthly opportunities for film selection.
🔹Engaged Audience: Prioritizing cinema enjoyment, fostering film appreciation over critique.
🔹Global Representation: Embracing films from diverse backgrounds; please provide subtitles for non-English submissions.
🔹Networking: Connect with fellow filmmakers and industry professionals during the event, or engage with the general audience for valuable feedback.
🔹On-site Q&A (Optional): Participate in a post-screening Q&A session if you're available on the night.
🔹Introductory Clip (Optional): Submit a 45-second clip to introduce your film if you're unable to attend in person.

➢ Join Our Community
🔹 Continuous Consideration: Films not selected are automatically considered for the next screening opportunity.
🔹 Social Media Recognition: Selected or not, exceptional films receive shoutouts on our social media platforms, enhancing their reach.
🔹 Networking Opportunities: While we can't guarantee selection for every film, those not chosen may still be introduced to our partner companies or cinemas for potential future opportunities.

➢ Explore the Cinebooth experience - where short films find a home, and filmmakers become part of a dynamic, supportive community. Submit your film today, and let's continue changing the narrative on short films together!

All selected films will receive:

🔸 Officially Selected Laurel
🔸 Screening Confirmation Document
🔸 Officially Selected Cinebooth Certificate
🔸 Online or in person Q&A
🔸 Free festival entry, +3 guests
🔸 50% discount on next festival submission

In addition to being selected to feature on the screen, we'll acknowledge outstanding contributions by holding these special recognition awards:

🏆 Laurel: Cinebooth's Winner
🏆 Laurel: Arthouse Cinema's Winner
🏆 Certificate: Cinebooth Winner
🏆 Certificate: Arthouse Winner
🏆 Free submission entry on next festival

Our commitment is continuous beyond the screening, as we always take into account past selected works for future events, for recommendation to partners in the industry, as well as active promotion on our social media to ensure a wider audience reach.

Cinebooth Films Submission Terms and Conditions:

⚠️ 1. Global Submissions: Clearly states the acceptance of submissions worldwide, with a specific requirement for subtitles in non-English films.

⚠️ 2.Film Criteria: Focuses on the review process and runtime limitations, ensuring films fit scheduling requirements.

⚠️ 3. Content Guidelines: Specifies the criteria for mature content and the potential acceptance based on narrative or artistic merit.

⚠️ 4. Content Types: Provides a separate channel for submitting other media types, directing inquiries to a designated email address.

⚠️ 5. Social Media Exposure: Highlights the potential for promotional exposure on social media platforms unless otherwise requested.

⚠️ 6. Inappropriate Content: Clearly outlines prohibited content, including examples such as child exploitation and animal cruelty.

⚠️ 7. Promotional Usage: Establishes permission for the use of film excerpts for promotional purposes, emphasizing the need for rights ownership.

⚠️ 8. Submission Fee: Addresses the submission fee requirement and its non-refundable nature, specifying payment through the designated platform.

⚠️ 9. Copyright and Ownership: Reinforces the importance of rights ownership and granting permission for showcasing films.

⚠️ 10. Disqualification: States the right to disqualify submissions that violate terms or fail to meet criteria, ensuring fairness in the selection process.

⚠️ 11. Notification of Acceptance: Details the communication process for informing applicants of acceptance or rejection.

⚠️ 12. Film Festival Rights: Outlines the rights granted to Cinebooth Films for exhibiting selected films at events and promotional activities.

⚠️ 13. Indemnification: Establishes the agreement for indemnifying Cinebooth Films against claims arising from submissions or screenings.

⚠️ 14. Agreement to Terms: Confirms the acknowledgment and acceptance of terms and conditions by submitting filmmakers.

Overall Rating
  • Norman Tamkivi

    Fantastic festival with amazing films and people. The Cinebooth team has always been top notch, with excellent support and communication. It’s also a great festival for networking and my experience has always been extremely positive.

    June 2024
  • Naveed Mir

    My filmmaking journey began around the same time Cinebooth started organizing events, and this platform has served as a constant source of inspiration for me. As a filmmaker, the opportunity to interact with its community has been essential.

    Through Cinebooth, I've met a number of amazing people whose enthusiasm and knowledge of cinema have inspired me to pursue my own artistic endeavors. These relationships have not only enhanced my filmmaking experience but also created a supportive network that continues to motivate me.

    I'm excited to announce that my second film, "Strange Fruit", will be featured in the Film Festival. It's an honor to have my work included in an event that has risen in prominence and quality over the years.

    Reflecting on the previous event I attended, I was struck by the high quality of the films shown. Each showing demonstrated the amazing talent in our community. The Q&A sessions were especially informative, providing in-depth looks into the creative processes behind the films and sparking lively exchanges between filmmakers and fans.

    The event was well-organized, demonstrating a dedication to providing a professional and stimulating atmosphere for filmmakers and cinephiles alike.

    As this festival expands, I am thrilled about the future and the tremendous heights it will achieve. Its progress and growing influence in the filmmaking community are inspiring. I'm looking forward to many more years of exceptional festivals, significant collaborations, and the ongoing celebration of cinematic creativity.

    May 2024
  • Daniel Reid

    My experience with Cinebooth Films was nothing short of amazing. From the moment my short film "Kim" was chosen to be screened at Arthouse cinema in London to the thrilling moment of being named the official cinema winner, every step of the process was flawless. The team at Cinebooth Films were incredibly supportive and made the entire experience memorable. I highly recommend Cinebooth Films to any filmmaker looking for a platform to showcase their talent. Thank you for making my journey with "Kim" an unforgettable one!


    May 2024
    Response from festival:

    Many thanks Daniel, we appreciate very much your kind words. It was a delight screening your film and we’re very proud of your accomplishment!

    We also hope to see you again and if you have anything to ask we’re always here to assist. Best of luck on all your future projects 👍

  • Sarah Beardsall

    Lovely festival and run by a really passionate team

    April 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your kind words and it was lovely meeting you. Hopefully we see you at many many more!

  • geng wei

    It's a great film festival. I'm honored to be part of it!

    September 2020