PLEASE BE AWARE: This international film festival offers 4 days public LIVE-SCREENINGs with Q+A in the centre of BERLIN/Germany including PUBLIC RED CARPET FOR SELECTED FILMCREWS+CAST, an exquisit AWARD CEREMONY and LIVE-DJ AFTERSHOW PARTYs to connect, enjoy and exchange.

The jury as well awards further the BEST SCRIPT and we give a showcase to the winner of the BEST PHOTOGRAPHY (picture) at the venue in an on location exhibition.

YOU THINK BERLIN SUMMERS ARE HOT? Come and see where they are the hottest for body, mind and soul! Strong films, strong topics, strong impressions come along with this years edition of BERLIN INTERNATIONAL SHORTFILM SUMMER - or as well called: HOTSHOTS BERLIN.

Enjoy the films, enjoy the talks and Q+As, enjoy the crowd at our live-screenings on location in central Berlin at shortfilm summer 24 - and don´t forget the free entrance shortfilm summer partys to dance and exchange with audience and filmmakers, to discuss and exchange your impressions, or just enjoy the Live-DJ-Set with a refreshing drink in at the film bar.

BERLIN INTERNATIONAL SHORTFILM SUMMER celebrates a deep friendship with its Sister- Festival: ATHENS INTERNATION SHORTFILM SUMMER and reserves spots for a unique selections of its best shortfilms - out of its competition.

The festival introduces itself:
This film festival is a heart project of the 4 main organizers and film lovers, as well as proud individuals Valentina, Rebecca, Alexander and Alex. Many more film lovers support with their commitment and soul our approach to our BERLIN INTERNATIONAL SHORTFILM SUMMER 2021 and encourage participation for freedom, democracy, equality and empowerment, as well as the opportunity to enjoy relevant but even more extraordinary good short and feature films.

So come, submit and lean back embraceing the joy of a real live and community event in the heart of Berlin.

The unique Berlin open-air live-screening film festival frieds call it HOTSHOTS BERLIN - hot times, hot films, cool minds - was invented in 2023 to invent a spotlight honoration for relevant and political features and short films that support discourse, invite to discuss and encourage viewers to widen their perspective by taking part in a beautiful surrounding as open-air event, diving deep into the shortfilms highly visually impressing universes.

Attention: We will show ALL selected films at the festival and invite the filmmaker and crew/cast to attend Q+As after each film.

The jury consists of 8 in the industry well known and established, higly advanced Artists: 2 Actors, 2 directors, 1 dop, 1 producer and 2 film scientists/critics.

The festivals approach is to program a fine and unique showcase of the best and most relevant art works of the previous year and to celebrate the over-all-differences between humans ability to encourage empowerment, discourse and actively standing-up for equality, democracy and personal awareness for contemporary relevant topics in our society to maintain and protect a peaceful and friendly approach on our communities.

The festival organisators are aware that especially in these times every momentum of personal involvement for society and active participation is a relevant step to defeat freedom and strengthens our over centurarys hard fought changes and developments.

We award therefore the most significant short and feature films in the for this most relevant categories and help with our range of prizes to move on with the filmmakers future works as unique participants of political and society processes now and in the future.

We focus to actively give the most attentive evaluation of the for societies priceless function of artists of all kinds.

Take part in this festival, panel discussions and workshops will be offered as well as our goal to support active reflection and community bulding.

All together 90 short films (+10 awarded shortfilms selected by our sister festival ATHENS SHORTFILM SUMMER out of competition) and 4 critically choosen feature films will be selected and shown publicly at the festival event of three days from 31.08.2024 - 03.09.2024 in central/mitte Berlin/Germany, finished with by the award ceremony and a last aftershow filmmakers-connection-party after the last screening at 03.09. Winners will be (without charge) proudly honored with our tailormade festival trophy "Proud Else Berlin" (Berlin Angel Monument Statue) and the physical prices for each category..

The festival is not actively supporting any political direction or position and is open to involve all discourses - as long they are clearly based on the german "Grundgesetz" and are not trying to weaken or threaten the democratic and respectful base the festival ist proudly built on. Communication is mandatory following tolerance and acceptence towards others.

All submitters are welcome to attend to the festival, if not selected including ticket discounts of 30%. Every selected film will be given 2 day passes for the film as welcome gift and 50% discount on full festival passes. No accommodation or transportation expenses can be compensated by the festival or its organizers.

Best shortfilm overall (winner: 500 EUR)
Best feature film (winner: 500EUR)
Best script
Best photography (film)
Best actor*actress lead role (winner: professional photo shooting)
Best actor*actress supporting role (winner: professional photo shooting)
Best costume
Best art design
Best music score
Best music video
Best student
Best photography (picture)
Best no-budget (winner: 150 EUR)
Best Film under 10.000 EUR budget (winner: 150 EUR)
Best narrative fiction (winner: 150 EUR)
Best experimental fiction (winner: 150 EUR)
Best documentary (winner: 150 EUR)
Best conceptional structure and idea (review and social media support to reach film producers)
Sensitivity award / unqiue narrative price (winner: connection to TV stations to possibly broadcast the film, social media package)
Most relevant for society (winner: special prize including social publicity package)
Special price intercultural bridge building shortfilm
Special price contemporary gender discourse
Special price political awareness and free speach encouragement (winner: review and relevant news magazin interview with director/producer)
Stand-Up for democracy price (social media publicity package)
Climate change special awareness award (winner: 150 EUR donation for climate project of winners choice)
Special award - most potential impact on society (winner: 150 EUR)
Most impressing overall structure and resolution award (winner: 150 EUR)
Audience hot choice award - shortfilm (winner: 150 EUR)

Films can be submitted without qualification demands and without limitation of submission categories. BE JUST AWARE: all submitted films have to be in ENGLISH or include ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Submitters need to have full rights to show the short films in public, the festival is not responsible if this rule is not applied, online the submitter can be held responsible in case of a violation.


Submitters can submit as many films as they want. The jury will judge without manipulation or any interference from others - including the festival organization - which films are selected and following eventually awarded. No promises to select or award films will be given to submitters bevor the jurys decision.

The festival organization has the right to disqualify or exclude films without compesation with relevant reason, only being overruled by a majority of the jury in case of the non-acceptance of the decicion by the submitter withing 2 weeks in written form after the organisations decision.

We do our best for a beautifully relevant, advanced and joyful community event all attenends can easily enjoy and take actively part in. We are looking forward you support this approach the fullest, to be part of an extraordinary, memorable and unique experience.

See you in Berlin!
The festivals organizers
Valentina T, Rebecca H, Alexander F-v-M and Alex R many more.