The city of Alexandroupolis is ready to embrace AXD Short Film Festival, the first film festival in the Thrace region of Greece. AXDSFF aims to showcase impactful cinema from around the world, offering filmmakers the chance to change the perspectives of a diverse audience.

Cinema means ‘’writing with movement’’, derived from the Greek words ‘’κίνησης+γράφω’’. AXDSFF is here to ‘’move’’ the viewer with original writing from up and coming filmmakers.

We support the discovery of new creators and welcome submissions of any genre and culture.

The festival will be running filmmaking workshops and cinema related networking events to enhance collaboration and introduce the local population to the art of cinema.

Each film matters to AXDSFF, therefore, every film selected for screening will receive exclusive feedback from an audience of 600 people. Filmmakers will benefit from understanding how the audience perceived different elements of their film and how it performed across a variety of demographics.

Your stories are waiting to be told in the seaside city of Alexandroupolis!

NOTE: We're fully committed to run our events, therefore we want to ensure all filmmakers that in case AXDSFF can't be held in October, it will be re-scheduled to take place when social gatherings are allowed!

‘’Mythos Award’’
200€ Cash prize for the best live-action film +trophy.

Mythos, the Greek word for ‘’tale’’ is also closely related to the verb ‘’myo’’, meaning ‘‘to teach’’, or ‘‘to initiate into the mysteries’’. Films have the power to immerse the audience in new realities and alter their perception and understanding of the world. This prize is awarded to the film that through the inspired use of sonic and visual elements best articulates the underlying themes of the narrative.

‘’Alitheia award’’
200€ Cash prize for the best documentary +trophy.

Alitheia, the Greek word for ‘’truth’’ is the state of escaping oblivion and remembering what was forgotten. Documentaries tell stories about real life and help the viewers get a glimpse of the truth as it is seen through the eyes of others. This prize is awarded to the documentary with the most authentic approach to revealing fragments of reality.

‘’Fantasia award’’:
200€ Cash prize for the best animation film +trophy.

Fantasia, the Greek word for ‘’imagination’’ is a state that allows us to consider situations separate from here and now. Animation films have the ability to bring ideas out of this world to the screen. This prize is awarded to the most innovative use of technology to recreate concepts only before seen within the confines of our dreams

AXD Film Festival accepts films completed after 1st of January 2017.

Films can be live action, animation, a combination of both or documentaries.

The maximum running time of each film is 25 minutes

Premiere status is not required. Films may be screened previously at other Festivals and/or online.

Films not in the English language must be subtitled in English.

Only digital copies will be accepted for entries.

Multiple entries may be submitted by one person, but each film must come on a separate screener with a separate entry form.

Student filmmakers are encouraged to apply but must present their valid Student ID in order to benefit from our student discount.

Submission fees are non-refundable.

By submitting to the Alexandroupolis Short Film Festival I confirm that I give AXDSFF the right to screen my film in front of a live audience at the Municipal Theater of Alexandroupolis, Greece. I certify that I hold all necessary rights for the submission of this film/video to the AXDSFF and that all rights and clearances have been made.