a+f+v presents experiments in moving images on and beyond the cinema screen. The media and spatial boundaries of the screen or cinema hall are constantly being explored anew, going beyond conventional screenings in hybrid screening formats with live elements, installation screenings, interventions in public spaces and many other work-specific presentation formats.
The Breitenseer Lichtspiele, founded in 1905, presenting film ever since without interruption are a consistent part of Vienna's cinema culture. The cinema forms the festival’s centre from where screenings, performances, concerts and many other work-specific formats spread throughout the city. Submitters are asked to describe performative formats with special requirements for projection/presentation (spatial/installation, live elements, specific technical equipment) as comprehensibly as possible in order to be taken into consideration in the selection and programming process.
The artistic programme is framed by discourse formats and networking sessions; in the first edition of the festival there will be a special focus on cross-industry dialogue between visual arts/media art, music and film.

a+f+v awards productions in four categories:

Experimental Media | Be it the experimental use of analogue material, specific digital production processes or generative image processes or screenings with live elements, in combination with performance or in specific installation contexts - the Experimental Media award category sheds light on the exceptional interplay of media solutions and
artistic concepts.

Image | Image production is at the core of all filmmaking. The Image category underlines the cinematic aspects of the festival. Here films shine through their overall visual impression, through characteristic imagery, through specific forms of image production, through visually immersive presentation concepts, through the afterimage that remains on the viewer's retina, fascinating or disturbing.

Sound | Composition, sound design, media hybrids in which the sound layer plays an extraordinary role - the Sound category honors the interaction of eye and ear in the reception of moving images.

Narration | Some moving image experiments may have a procedural or abstract character, but in the narrative category the focus lies on films with experimental forms of narration. Here as well, works can be presented either specific to the screen or independent of it.

art+film+vienna’s screening program will take place from 8 to 11 May 2024. A few days before and during the film screenings at the Breitenseer Lichtspiele, the festival will present specific productions in cooperation with programme partners throughout the city. a+f+v aims at presenting experiments in moving pictures in the best possible form, be it on the cinema screen projected digitally from DCP or from 16mm and 35mm film or beyond the screen in production specific settings to be organised individually in close correspondence with the artists. Changes to the implementation, organization or overall schedule will be communicated immediately via a+f+v’s channels.

art+film+vienna accepts submissions only via Film Freeway. Short films (up to 30 minutes) and films longer than 30 minutes are accepted alike, but have to be submitted in different categories. All films have to be submitted with subtitles in English language. The final submission deadline is 29 February 2024. In order to guarantee a professional selection process a+f+v charges entry fees according to submission phases and the entered film’s lenght. Entry fees cannot be refunded.
All films submitted to the festival will be viewed and rated by qualified team members of art+film+vienna, therefore access to the online screeners will be provided to them.
In addition to films submitted via Film Freeway art+film+vienna will invite filmmakers and artists to present their works in the context of the screening program in the cinema or in the spaces and on screens provided by the festival’s cooperation partners.
art+film+vienna will notify submitters about the selection status of their submitted production latest by 31 March 2024. Once notified about the selection to a+f+v submitters are allowed to use the festival logo and/or the selection laurel for promotional use. Two festival passes will be provided for team members of each selected production.
art+film+vienna awards productions in four categories; Experimental Media, Image, Sound, Narration. Information about the categories can be found on the festival’s website. a+f+v’s sighting, selection and programme team will assign the submitted films to one or several competition categories. The award winning productions will be selected by a professional jury not involved in the selection process of the festival programme. Neither the festival team nor the jury will provide explanation for not selecting and/or not awarding a film. An invitation to the festival will not exclude the work and its creator from the award selection. The awards are not endowed with a monetary prize.
art+film+vienna is not obliged to screen films selected for the program, if actions or statements by the creators of the work violate the rights and/or rules of the festival, of third parties and/or stand in harsh contrast to the open, discursive and collaborative context of the festival.

By submitting a film, the submitter guarantees that he/she owns all rights to the film (in particular intellectual property) or is authorized to submit the film on behalf of the rights holder(s) and that no rights of third parties will be infringed by a screening or further use within the framework of the festival. In case of any violation of the rights of third parties, the festival will indemnify the submitter.
Submitters have to be aged 18 or older. Parents/guardians can submit on behalf of filmmakers/artists younger than aged 18.
In the event of a selection, the submitted film may be shown several times during the festival period. Award winning films may be shown in the framework of best-of retrospective formats in following editions of the festival. The filmmakers will be contacted in these cases.
Art+film+vienna cannot pay screening or license fees for screenings within the festival.
For the duration of the festival film copies are insured. art+film+vienna does not accept shipments that incur duties, taxes, or shipping charges. In the case of an analogue film copy, the festival will return the film (including shipping charges) to an address provided by the submitter.
The festival is allowed to use the film title, credits, the director’s name, stills, posters, trailers, film excerpts, the synopsis as provided by the submitter for promotional uses. The festival is allowed to provide media representatives with the mentioned material and individual password protected access to films. The festival’s team may write individual texts about the selected films for the website, programme, flyers, catalogue and other communication channels. These texts may also be used by the submitters beyond the festival’s context if attributed to the authors and/or the festival.
If a film cannot be shown due to technical and/or organizational difficulties or if the film must be postponed or rescheduled for any reason, submitters are not entitled to any refunds or claims for damages of any kind.
By submitting to art+film+vienna the festival is authorized to process the given data for the purpose of handling the festival and its archive according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union). The submitter’s data will not be passed on to third parties and will only be stored as long as it is necessary for the above-mentioned purpose. Supporting promotional and other best interests for the submitters an exception will be made by providing journalists and industry representatives (distributors, programmers, curators et cetera) with the submitters’ contact information. If submitters disagree with this procedure, they can inform the festival’s team via e-mail.
Austrian/European law applies. By submitting to art+film+vienna, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold the festival and all parties involved in the organization of it harmless from any claim, costs or demands (including any attorneys' fees) made by any third party due to any violation of the festival’s rules or of any law or the rights of a third party.