The XLNT Film Festival showcases selected short films in-person and online at various locations in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand, and South Africa.

Our Festival's filmmakers appreciate the way we showcase and share their story-telling passion with our audiences. We hope you will accept this invitation to submit and look forward to viewing your project.

Laurels will be awarded to all Official Selections who will be invited to the Festival.

The submitted project must be your original work.
If your film/video project is based on or includes, in whole or in part, any fictional or non-fictional material, published or unpublished, produced or not yet produced, that is not owned by you, then you must provide documentation proving that you have licensed the rights to use the material.
When you submit your entry you will be giving us full permission to download a digital copy of your project to screen during the Festival.
You must own exclusive rights to your project. The rights may not have been previously optioned or sold.

We review all submissions in a two-stage process:
1. Is it good enough to be considered as an "Official Selection" in this year's Festival?
2. If not, is it still good enough to be included in our film distribution catalogue? If so, then you may be offered a non-exclusive, royalty-based licensing agreement for possible future screenings of your project.

As long as your project meets all the "Submission Rules & Guidelines" then we don't care when you made it. So why not dust off your old projects and give them new life. It's up to you!!

Acceptable ..... Action, Animation, Art & Design, Comedy, Dance, Documentary, Experimental, Fashion, History, Horror, Magic/Illusion, Music, Narrative, Nature, Poetry, Science Fiction, Sport, Story Telling, Travel, Triumph, War, Western.
Unacceptable ..... Gratuitous Violence & Abuse, Pornography

If your project includes dialogue in a language other than English or in a hard-to-understand dialect, then your project must display English subtitles.

If music is included in your film, you must provide appropriate documentation to prove that you have permission to use it. Original music scores are encouraged.

Applications and submissions will be processed exclusively on

All projects must be in digital format.
- Before submission please verify that your video format is acceptable.
- Submissions will ONLY be accepted by upload to the designated website.
- The preferred format is MP4.

Overall Rating
  • It seems that my film Bill Murray Lost in Berlinale got an honorable mention, but there was no notification about the winners, and no info on their website either. I got a short message that "my film had 14 views". The concept of the festival is a combination of a distribution catalogue and online streaming - I honestly don't know if they have ever screened live - but either way, I did not get to see the distribution catalogue, nor the program of the festival. There was also no festival pass for the filmmakers to watch films being streamed online. The communication is really poor. A couple of words or no answer. Also, I have no clue if they keep our films in the catalogue after the screenings without letting us know. I have asked for the distribution catalogue couple of times via E-mail and on their website. No response. It just feels like they don't really care about filmmakers.

    August 2022
  • Aaron Dykes

    This seems like a good festival, and it was an honor for 'The Trust Game' to receive an Honorable Mention. I appreciate the presence of festivals like this one, even though I had no direct communication and was not able to go to the festival. Thanks for having us; congrats to the other winners; and looking forward to your growth in the future. See you another time!

    July 2022
  • We never got notified of the results? All though many festivals seem to be not sending out notifications now? What's up with that? Not happy

    July 2022
  • I am esctatic to write about XLNT Film Festival. First of all thank you for accepting our film, Just Another Day.

    The festival was pretty well organized and their communications were prompt and clear.

    January 2022
    Response from festival:

    Many thanks for your review. You're very kind.
    NOTE: I have sent you a couple of emails ... to ... asking if you would like Just Another Day to be included in our new XLNT Films Distribution Catalogue but have had no response from you..
    Please check your email for
    Let me know if this is might be of interest to you and I will email you more information.

  • Wonderful communicators and an excellent curation of films. Was very proud to have our film included.

    October 2021