Women X is an exciting, fresh short film festival based predominately in the North East of England, celebrating the achievements of emerging and established talent from women and non-binary directors, writers, and producers. Our programme strives to include stories that challenge the narrative set by mainstream media, exploring both fictional and real stories that open our eyes, break our hearts, make us laugh, and question our perceptions.

Since establishing ourselves in 2019 we have focused our efforts on creating a safe and inclusive space for both filmmakers and attendees, valuing elements such as including breaks in between film screenings, no clashes in our scheduled events, accessibility consultancy to improve our methods to be inclusive and incorporating events and activities with a focal point on mental wellbeing, including a partnership with The Film and TV Charity.

Our programme combines various genres and storytelling forms, allowing space for new creatives to be spotlighted with our awards celebrating the achievements of both student and first-time filmmakers. While also shining a light on the accomplishments of established filmmakers and hearing their inspiring career journies through engaging and reflective roundtable discussions. But the fun doesn’t stop there, Women X curates a series of panel discussions, workshops, live podcasts, and networking to complement the film screenings. Allowing film lovers and filmmakers to have the opportunity to enhance their skills, learn something new and meet future collaborators.

Women X was born from the Rianne Pictures team wanting to see more women featured in film festivals across the UK. Our key aims were the spotlight more filmmakers, bring together those in the industry who felt alone and set up a foundation of development for emerging filmmakers to gain the knowledge and skills to continue their journey into the industry. We listened to our peers who expressed that non-binary filmmakers were also not being featured at festivals and incorporated this feedback into our criteria, leading the way to our festival being inclusive of women and non-binary filmmakers.

With our core team having years of experience of established festivals throughout the UK, we used that knowledge to create Women X, with the X standing for ‘miscellaneous’ as we wanted our event to be one of kind with room for experimentation.

Our awards show celebrates over twenty different categories, reviewing each year how we can further celebrate and support filmmakers by taking our testimonials and internal reviews seriously. By listening to both our audience and our filmmakers we have seen not only our submissions rise by over 80% but also our attendance figures increase and our global audience grow.

Unlike other film festivals, we don't put unnecessary pressure on filmmakers regarding premiere status especially when it comes to regions, we love to love pre-loved films and celebrate them regardless of where they have been shown before.

Since opening our festival we have strived to charge less than the average rate of festivals in the UK and continue to do so while adapting to the change in costs for running events in the UK.

1. All films must be directed, written, or produced by a woman or non-binary filmmaker. Short films by men are accepted if at least one of the three roles above (director, writer, producer) is led by a woman or non-binary filmmaker.

2. Films must be less than 20 minutes in length.

3. All rights to the film must be owned by the filmmakers and cleared (Please check your music!).

4. If your film is not in the English language, English subtitles will be required.

5. As a festival striving for equality and accessibility in the film industry, we ask that you kindly provide CC on all films to accommodate to disabled or D/deaf audience members.
You can submit your film without CC, but we ask that if you are selected, they are added before the screening.

6. Films must have been completed after January 2016.

7. Films that do not fall into the above criteria will not be watched or considered, so please ensure that you adhere to the guidelines before submitting.

Overall Rating
  • Calif Chong

    Lovely festival, made filmmakers feel respected and valued. From the social media and the artwork for the publicity you can tell the festival is well planned and handled by a group of people who truly care for the work!

    February 2022
  • Melissa Collier

    Throughly enjoyed this wonderfully diverse festival, Thank you so much for including us. Thrilled to be involved in your programme.

    October 2021
  • Charlotte Daniel

    We were so honoured to be a part of the Women X Film Festival. Caris and the team really gave their all to it, there was so much professionalism and respect for the films and their teams. It was great to be involved with a festival that was so passionate about filmmaking, it was abundantly clear the love and commitment that was put into the festival. We felt really honoured and special to be a part of it. When I couldn't attend in person due to COVID I was absolutely gutted but I didn't feel like I missed out at all as the team were so great at communicating and keeping both the in-person and online events running smoothly. We hope to be a part of it again but will continue to attend as guests every year! Thanks Women X!

    October 2021
  • Thank you for selecting "Oliver Tibbold" for an honorable mention!

    October 2021
  • Women X is one of our favourite festivals on the circuit. Caris and the team are warm, welcoming, and their attention to detail is NEXT LEVEL. We love this festival and had a great time with PELICANS and STAGGER being selected this year. Thank you for your excellent organisation, enthusiasm and generally creating an environment that really celebrates womxn and their work with integrity!

    October 2021