The Western International Film Festival is an online festival that allows the audience to vote for the winners.
In true Canadian fashion, WCIFF aims to create a community of local and global filmmakers. We offer the opportunity to get in touch, collaborate and engage with other creative minds.
WCIFF does not have a panel of "qualified judges" to choose which films should win. The winners are chosen through an audience vote. By doing this, WCIFF seeks to create a positive, accepting environment, without relying on a few selected individuals, who may have biased opinions.
WCIFF wants filmmakers to have the recognition that they deserve by offering them a festival that is easily available, inclusive and fun. Every filmmaker is important and they all should have a fair chance to win an award.

Participants in this festival will have the opportunity to virtually connect with other filmmakers and collaborate.

The winners of the awards will receive a seal of approval and will always be welcome to vote in future festivals!

In order to participate in voting, you must join our Discord server.
Voting rules and explanation can be found on

All accepted films will be broadcasted ONCE through our Twitch account.
Twitch videos will be deleted after the festival is over.

We are unable to showcase any nudity over Twitch. We kindly ask that you censor any nudity that may be in your film if you would like for us to play it live. A black bar or a blur effect will make the film acceptable.

By submitting your film and by watching or participating in anyway, you therefore acknowledge that any unauthorized recordings or similar acts of piracy is against the law in Canada, the USA, etc... and will be met with serious legal repercussions.

Be kind!

Overall Rating
  • Livino Lopes

    Excelente festival.... Parabéns aos organizadores.

    September 2021
  • Haresh Sood

    An amazing festival. So pleased to have been selected and part of it. This means a lot to new film makers like me. Thank you so much and please keep the good working ongoing

    July 2021
  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team

    July 2021
  • Patrick Cormack

    An absolutely 5***** Star Festival, I cannot praise it enough - it was quite simply the best. We will be entering it again and would advise all other film-makers to do the same.

    July 2021