A global festival of football culture in Cymru with the support of the Football Association of Wales (FAW).

Big names from the worlds of football and film will come together every year to celebrate and explore football culture from the perspective of the most important figures of all – the fans.

Wal Goch: Festival for Football Lovers | Gŵyl i Gariadon Pêl-droed is internationalist in outlook, with figures and influencers in the game from around the world in attendance for film screenings, workshops, talks, and comedy.

We screen short films with a football theme and award the Wal Goch Film Trophy to the best film, judged by a five person jury who bridge the world's of culture, academia and football fandom.

Best Short Film

Films must be under 15 minutes in length
Films must have football at the heart of the story but there is no limitation on the themes that can be explored.
Films must have been made during the last 5 years