Amateur Film Festival WIPE is created to give viewers the opportunity to watch films of different genres made by non-professionals, who in turn will be able to meet with their audience.

The word “amateur” comes from the Latin word “amo”, “to love”, and that love for cinema is at the heart of all the works that we show in our film festival. This love not only replaces the film-education for their authors, but also exempts them from all sorts of boundaries, which an education creates. So the amateur films for us is not a conceptual format of the film festival. It is a search for the new film language, which can exist just outside of industrial schemes of production and distribution.

There are only two requirements for the participants - NO FILM EDUCATION and a film length of fewer than 21 minutes. Genre, format, and other formal and technical characteristics (except English subtitles - they are necessary) are unimportant.

Overall Rating
  • Brian Nestor

    Great festival, I am glad to be selected for it.

    December 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Brian,
    thanks for your positive feedback and for your participation in our festival!

  • We attended the first wipe festival as audience.
    A great festival, great location and Arturo had selected very interesting and diverse films.
    It inspired us to make a short ourselves.
    A great honor that Arturo selected "Murder of doubt" for the festival. It is a pity, we could not attend this time. Thanks for selecting and screening!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Arthur,
    thanks for your feedback and for your wonderful work:)
    We are very happy that we inspired you to create a film. This is the main goal of our festival, actually:) We hope this is the first of many of your works!

  • Ajas Isajev

    Very welcoming Staff and Crew :)
    A festival with best intentions for enabling amateur filmmakers around the globe!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Ajas,
    thanks a lot for your positive feedback! We are delighted that you liked our festival, and we wish you all the best with your future projects!

  • As much as I wanted to love the festival, I can't. The presentation of the movies happened to in a location, which wasn't very good for watching or enjoying the films. The audio was just not good so people can't understand some of the dialogue and thus some of the movies. There were a lot of people in the back of the screening room chatting, being noisy and not taking attention to the movie and so they were generally very loud which adds to the bad audio situation.

    I would love to be thankful our short was shown but as the audio was very bad, the audience even didn't got the meaning of the movie.

    The communication was good thought and the location is very nice and interesting in general.

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Cornelis,
    thanks a lot for your feedback! It's very important to us.
    Unfortunately, we really had technical problems this time, and we are very sorry that they affected the screening of your work.
    The architecture of our festival usually allows visitors to socialize and not interfere with film viewing. We will definitely take into account this negative experience and try to avoid such mistakes next time. Sorry again for this. We are really, really sorry!

  • i will go to berlin next year for it ,

    November 2019