The Western Australian screen industry is as diverse and as vibrant as it’s ever been across all elements – and we believe this alone is cause for recognition and celebration.

In providing that platform, the WA Screen Culture Awards embraces all screen forms from new, established and emerging screen practices. It acknowledges outstanding innovation, independent spirit and contributions in contemporary short, feature and documentary filmmaking, television, computer games, VR, AR, gallery-based moving image, installations, projections and other intersections with screen and moving image forms.

This sensational evening will include awards across multiple categories as short-listed and awarded by our nationally and internationally-based jury made up of professionals in their specific field.

The WA Screen Culture Awards are proudly presented by Revelation Perth International Film Festival on behalf of the WA screen industry and we look forward to working with the entire sector, hearing your opinions and celebrating achievement, innovation and ambition.

1. To be eligible for nominations, a title must be either a West Australian production or official co-production. Nominees must be a West Australian practitioner.

2. International/national projects created in Western Australia without key creatives from Western Australia are not eligible.

3. The submitter acknowledges that they have obtained all necessary rights and authorisations from other individuals and third parties as necessary before submitting the film/s or screenplay to the Festival.

4. The submitter guarantee that all rights and releases have been legally secured, including music rights, songs, etc and the submitter releases the event and all its members, affiliates, and partners from any legal action whatsoever.

5. All entrants projects must be completed between 1 July 2022 and 31 October 2023, and not previously submitted to the WASCAs.

6. Each submission must pay the required fee per category

7. Nominees will be advised by mid-November and will receive a double pass ticket allocation to attend WASCA on 26 November 2023.

8. No refunds will be given for withdrawal of submissions.

9. Submission of an entry gives the festival permission to have accepted work exhibited, photographed, locally telecast, and reproduced either in part or whole, for educational or publicity purposes. Filmmakers can request in writing that their material not be used for such purposes after the Event.

10. No screening fees will be paid. Not all winning films will be screened. The festival has the full right to select the winning films to be screened.

11. The Event Director may deny participation to any film unable to meet the technical requirements for a public screening of good quality.

12. The Event reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or scheduling.

13. All selection committee and jury decisions are final.

14. A film cannot compete or be considered for an award in multiple WASCA years.

15. All films provided to WASCA must be final and complete. No working titles will be accepted, unless by written agreement from the WASCA.

16. Please upload or provide link to 15 sec of footage for relevant nominees if your file is not downloadable.

17. Contact the WASCA team should you have a question about the duration or suitable category for your film.

Overall Rating
  • Eleven Six

    The awards ceremony itself was a seamless blend of entertainment, recognition, and inspiration.
    The diversity of categories showcased the vast spectrum of talent within the industry, from emerging filmmakers to seasoned professionals. It was heart warming to witness the celebration of creativity across various genres and styles, emphasizing the inclusive nature of the event.
    As someone passionate about the world of cinema and screen culture, I left the event feeling inspired and invigorated. The Screen Culture Awards Evening exceeded my expectations, and I am already looking forward to next year's celebration of creativity, talent, and innovation in the world of screens. Well done Perth!!

    December 2023
  • Shout out to the team at Revelation Perth International Film who put the WA Screen Culture Awards together. Thanks you for awarding NAMARALI with the Feature Documentary award in 2022. Thank you also for creating and running an event that speaks directly to local screen culture.

    June 2023
  • Poppy van Oorde-Grainger

    A great event and a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the WA film industry!

    May 2022
  • adam morris

    Incredible festival, incredible people, highly recommend.

    December 2021