Most magical vertical films festival in the world started in Prague and is getting even bigger and truly global. Mexican edition 2023 is open now. See photos from 2022 above.
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Main Prize - TALL IDEA
Special mentions by the jury for outstanding work in vertical format

1. Vertifilms Festival
1.1 Vertifilms is a series of festivals of films shot EXCLUSIVELY in the vertical image format 9:16. The goal of this festival is to attract the attention of professional and amateur filmmakers, as well as the general public, to this unusual format.
1.2 Films presented at the festival are not confined by date of origin, and may have been previously presented on the internet or another festival.
1.3 The festival aims to support the development and promotion of works by local artists internationally.

2. Program
• A competition of contemporary international features, documentaries and animated vertical works, including the competition TALL IDEA.
• Non-competitive screenings of vertical creations: fiction, documentaries, experimental films, music videos, and advertisements, among others.
• Accompanying programs prepared by the organiser
2.1 Timing of the program, including the order of screened films, as well as a selection of films in various sections of the festival program, including the competition TALL IDEA is solely the responsibility of the organizer of the festival.

3. Organiser of the festival
3.1 Organisation of the Vertifilms is supervised by Bullfilm, Ltd., Na Pískách 62, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic, e-mail:
3.2 President of the Vertifilms is Krystof Safer
3.3 Local editions are organised by partners (Vertifilms national organiser) which are appointed by the festival President.
3.4 Vertifilms national organiser can choose to offer cooperation to other subjects, who participate in its execution, either organisationally or financially.

4. Timing and the festival sites
The dates and timings of each event are announced by Vertifilms or the national organiser on the official website and on social networks.

5. Competition TALL IDEA
5.1 Films in the competition of feature, documentaries and animated films in the required format can only be submitted by the producer or co-producer (hereinafter the "Applicant"). The film must be submitted by the deadline specified on the FilmFreeway platform in the form in which it will be shown at the festival.
5.2 By entering a work the applicant has consented to the inclusion of the film in the competition TALL IDEA and/or showing on festival Vertifilms.
5.3 The Applicant, by submitting an application confirms that their work does not contradict the legislation of the home country of the applicant nor Czech legislation and/or legislation of the respective country where the festival is taking place, as well as the contest regulations regarding this application and that on their responsibility the applicant consents to the public presentation of their work.
5.4 Applicant is the producer of the work, either the natural/legal person and is the holder of the rights to use the cinematographic work, Including copyright works and artistic performances audio-visually used within it, as well they are the producer of the audiovisual rights and the recorded cinematographic work.
5.5 The applicant confirms that the festival organizer is freed from any liability relating to the violation of moral and/or other rights of any person mentioned in the film and/or to which the film is in any way connected. In the event of any violation of these rights for inclusion into the film festival, and/or development of any requirements as a result of screening at the festival, all consequences are borne solely by the movie applicant.
5.6 The competition is open to films that are at least 60 seconds in length and are in the 9:16 image format, with a minimum resolution of full HD.
5.7 The organiser reserves the right to restrict films with extreme lengths from the selection.
5.8 There is no legal entitlement for the screening of a film.
5.9 Number of films included in the competition is not limited.
5.10 The deadline for applications is September 22, 2021.
5.11 Submission of an application to the competition does not automatically legally entitle a film to participate in the competition. Eligible submissions are selected by a committee of experts, which is an advisory body to the festival organizers. Films that are not selected for the competition may be shown outside of the competition. Submissions must not be withdrawn from the festival program once it has made an official application for the competition festival. In the event that this occurs, the applicant must pay the organizer all provable costs associated with the failure to screen the film and subsequent changes to the program.
5.12 A jury appointed by the organiser judges films selected for the competition, the jury members can not be the ones participating in the creation of a competing film. Jurors are chosen by the festival organizer from among prominent filmmakers, producers, critics, theorists and other prominent representatives of culture. Jury members are sworn to secrecy. The jury awards the feature film with the award TALL IDEA for best film.
5.13 Upon agreement with the organizer of the festival, it is possible to grant further non-statutory awards.
5.14 Applicant of feature, documentary or animated work:
a) Delivers the duly completed application form to the organizer,
b) Ensures for the organizer of the festival at its own expense a copy of the film with English subtitles at least one week before the festival, unless the organizers have agreed otherwise,
c) Allows the organisers of the festival to feature the film on servers and other associated platforms that cooperate with the festival, and others, which invite the organisers to provide films
5.15 Festival organiser is not responsible for featuring the film outside the festival, which is not approved by the organizer, except for the use of materials published on the Internet and an approved provider.
5.16 By submitting an application to the competition, the applicant expresses agreement with the rules and undertakes to fulfil all provisions and conditions of the competition, which are an integral part of the application.

6. Other provisions
6.1 The festival will include films that are sent as data files with the following specifications – 9:16 format with a maximum of Full HD for height.
6.2 The Festival will not accept films that:
- Contain pornography and gratuitous violence.
- Promote war or depict cruel or otherwise inhuman conduct in a manner that is their disparagement, apology or approval,
- Incite hatred on the grounds of sex, race, language, faith and belief, whether political or other conditions, national or social origin, nationality or ethnic minority, property, birth and/or another status,
- Gratuitously exhibit persons dying or exposed to serious physical or mental suffering and depict cruel or inhuman conduct in a manner that disparages, apologizes for, or approves of it
6.3 Program of the festival will also include films requested by the organizer and provided by the entitled producer or co-producer (hereinafter the 'provider') will also be included in the festival program.
6.4 Festival organizer assumes no responsibility for any claims against third parties arising from the inclusion of films into the festival. This provision applies both to the films, which were submitted to the competition and those the organizer requested to be placed for inclusion in the festival.
6.5 Agreement for inclusion in the competition by the film provider confirms acknowledgement of the competition rules. Inclusion into the festival comprises not only the festival itself but all promotions of the festival on the Internet, television and other media as well.
6.6 The festival organiser can not be accountable for redressing any damages arising from the inclusion of the film and/or its part in any activities associated with the festival, with which the organiser's consent is implemented.

7. Final arrangements
7.1 Participation in the Festival implies agreement with its rules. In case of uncertain or unforeseen circumstances, decisions will be made by the President of the festival.
7.2 Program can be subject to change
7.3 The organiser has the right to present submitted films as part of their internet activities that include their own website and further activities on websites operated by third parties.

Overall Rating
  • Ignis Santander

    Only a fee of the festivals that actually taked my experimental short film that’s digitally created to screen on the festival, absolutely grateful!!

    October 2023
  • So glad to find a space for vertical films!

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you. yes, we are working on creating bigger space for vertical content.

  • Flavio Sciolè

    This is a great festival, I like it!

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much.

  • Zhou Hongxiang

    No feedback No feedback,No feedback

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Hi, sorry we are working on that on our end. Thank you for your understanding. Best. Krystof

  • Great to show my video "Shooting Loops Version Vertical". May future screenings in Tijuana go well!

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much.