Dear filmmakers:

In these changing times as black and like minded film artists the world has become more complex and challenging. It has also awaken our creativity and diversity as people seeking a need to increase their awareness, find healing, and support artist of the Afro diaspora. The Vancouver Black Film Festival in its debut wants to use film to create a space for artists to share their stories, conversations, and award our excellence of many lives we call black.

Since 2000, Fade to Black has advocated for black artists and their stories here on the North American west coast providing perspectives that often goes unnoticed, giving black artists and their audience help in finding solutions, and building upon them. The curated independent films presented by Fade to Black covers a wide variety of topics such as fiction & historical stories, Afro futurisms, activism & poverty, not to mention prejudice, the environment, sustainability, mature to sex/drugs-trafficking, government and military complex, and so much more. The Festival also gives opportunity for short films, film reels and all around ‘feel good’ films that inspire and reinforce the best in all of us … as well as films that simply provide laughter.

The voice of the Afro community is now more important than ever. And your submissions are an important gateway in navigating these challenging times together.

Submit your features, documentaries and short films to our Festival! Topics in film we specifically cultivate include Black Women in film, African Canadian Cinema, film exploring veterans and marginalized and indigenous communities, Student Film projects and shorts, Sports, Afrofuturism, Animation and World Cinema

Mailing Address:
Vancouver Black Film Festival
Programming Department
877 Hamilton st, Suite: fadetoblacklab
Vancouver, BC V6B 2R7
Mail: 113 – 633 w8th ave. Vancouver/BC. V5Z 1C7
Phone: 646-535-4695
The submissions deadline is a “postmarked by” deadline. If your film is postmarked past the deadline you will be prompted.

Rough cuts and works-in-progress are accepted. Be sure to note on the submission cover letter what elements are still being worked on. Yes, we do consider rough cuts and works-in-progress. Please note in the submission cover letter what elements are still being worked on.

All films completed after January 1, 2017 are eligible for submission.

Filmmakers will be notified of acceptance by October 1, 2021. Our final decisions will be announced on approximately October 1st. All filmmakers will be contacted via email.

Email: to inquire or Submit The submissions deadline is a postmarked by deadline. Please be sure to label the DVD with the title, contact information, or FilmFreeway tracking number and run time.

Soon after we receive your submission your film status on will be changed to green. If it was a physical entry please email:

You can submit more than 1 film Yes, but each film must be submitted separately through the submission platform. It is not required to send any additional materials, however if you wish, we do accept electronic press kits.

A copy of your student ID and a note that the film was a student film production in the synopsis/cover letter field of your submission.It is also suggested that you retain at least film festival rights for your music.

Unfortunately due to time constraints and the large number of submissions, we are unable to give individual feedback to those not excepted.

Submission materials will not be returned due to the large number of entries.

Filmmakers of any age may submit their film.

If premiered and distributed already Yes we except, however our only requirement is that films must be Vancouver premieres. Your film must only be a Vancouver premiere to be considered. However, higher premiere status will be taken into consideration when making final decisions.