David Aboussafy
The directors of the Sixth Annual International Vancouver Badass Film Festival March 27-29 in East Vancouver are absolutely crushed to have to announce the cancelation of the 2020 festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with the March 12, 2020 BC public health recommendations.

Earlier bravado from B1-6 beloved host/performer characters Badass Val ( Tristan Risk) and Bad Mama Mack (Samantha Mack) aside, the recent “flattening the curve” data on mitigating the spread of the virus, coupled with the current horrifying experiences of our friends/colleagues in Northern Italy, make fully complying with the new BC Public Health recommendations on public gatherings a clear no-brainer. There is nothing more important or badass than doing everything we can to help mitigate the spread of a deadly pandemic.

Stay tuned for information on an online version of the 2020 Badass film and screenwriting awards. Filmmakers and screenwriters: your selection, finalist and nominations laurels and IMDb listable nominations and any subsequent awards are still absolutely valid AF. We are pleased to note that prize sponsors Whites are set to honour their 5k (feature) and 1K (script) in kind awards for the competition whose winners will be announced online on March 29.

Ticket buyers can be refunded at point of purchase / online. If able, consider donating your ticket costs to arts organizations/ artists hit hard economically by the pandemic or purchasing something delightful from the artists affiliated with the Badass fest.

Heartfelt thanks to everybody who had put so much hard work into making Badass 6 what would have been the biggest, best, community genre film festival yet.

David Aboussafy
Co-director, vbaff.com
Marc Boily
Co-director, vbaff.com

P.S. All selected entries will receive a free entry fee for BA7 valid from April 1st to April 30th to enter next year's competition Contact us via vbasff@gmail.com for your voucher. Must be used to submit the same film selected at BA6.


The Sixth Annual International Vancouver Badass Film Festival features the best in new genre scripts, shorts and feature films from Vancouver and around the world. The festival highlights interactive sessions with emerging and established filmmakers, unforgettable live performances, and a legendary genre film awards show.

Badass 6 will be the biggest yet, with the most screenings at the most venues all centrally located in the Commercial Drive area of East Vancouver (The Rio, The Cultch, The Legion & Havana Theatre) to enhance the true weekend festival atmosphere. Badass 6 will also feature the most awards and industry and cash prizes to filmmakers and screenwriters for our IMDb listable genre film and script awards (three of last year’s script contest winners have since been produced, two by production companies associated with the festival, while screening features have all found distribution, some with the distribution company associated with the festival).

The Sixth Annual International Vancouver Badass Film Festival will take place March 27-29, 2020 all in one lively neighbourhood of East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Badass 6 concludes it 3 day run on March 29th at the Rio Theatre with the local shorts and genre film award show (hosted by local legends Mister Nickel and Samantha Mack) with performances by Tristan Risk and Caravan of Curiosities featuring Burns the Dragon.

The Sixth Annual Vancouver Badass Film Festival March 27-29, 2020, East Vancouver:

Friday March 27: The Legion & Havana Theatre

Launch party at Commercial Drive Legion Lounge
(party, DJ / VR, food, Badass 1-5 highlights screening, networking) 7:30pm to 1am open to filmmakers, press, & VIP fest pass holders.

Badass 6 at Havana Theatre 1:
6pm Friday March 27 Open for Submissions (feature film, BC, 2020), with the short: Wordflay.

Badass 6 at Havana Theatre 2:
8pm Friday March 27 Beyond the Woods (feature film, BC, 2019) with the short: Feast.

Saturday March 28: Havana Theatre & The Cultch

Badass 6 at The Cultch 1:
4pm Saturday March 28 Badass 6 Spooky Shorts and Filmmaker Panel Shorts: Boo, Cat Trap, The Exhibit Man, Nice Shoes, Rethink, Give In, Bargain Bin Bed, Mask in the Desert, Polar Tour, 60s Shed, For the Goblins (89 minutes of films w/ extended filmmakers panel)

Badass 6 at Havana Theatre 3:
6pm Saturday March 28. 2030 (feature film, Canada, 2020) with the short: Zero.

Badass 6 at The Cultch 2:
7pm Saturday March 28 The Perished w/ hosts/performers Gidget Shawna Mauchline Gravedigger & Aleister Crane. The Perished (2020, Ireland, dir: Paddy Murphy) Canadian premiere; with the short: From Within.

Badass 6 at Havana Theatre 4:
8pm Saturday March 28 Badass 6 'Twisted Love' shorts program
Shorts: Creature, Bells, Lovesong, Cate, Grace, Ghosted, Queen of Diamonds, I Bind You to Me, God, Blood & Gasoline, Dankalicious, Boulveard of Broken Dreams (approx. 79 minutes of films)

Badass 6 at The Cultch 3:
9:30pm Saturday Mar 28 Dead Dicks w/ hosts and performances from Gidget Gravedigger & Aleister Crane with the short: Girl in the Hallway.

Badass 6 at Havana Theatre 5:
10pm Saturday March 28 Bullet Trip (feature film, Japan, 2019) with the short: Give Me Back the Night.

Sunday March 29: The Rio Theatre

Badass 6 at the Rio 1:
3:30pm Sun March 29
Jessie’s Super Normal Regular Average Day (2019, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) 79 minutes. Canadian premiere! with the short: Dandelion Tea.

Badass 6 at the Rio 2:
5:30pm Sun Mar 29 Harpoon (2019, Vancouver, Canada, Director Rob Grant) B.C. premier! w/ filmmakers
with the short: My Victims of True Crime

Badass 6 at The Rio 3:
8pm – 11:55pm Sun March 29
Badass 6 Gala Local shorts with filmmakers and legendary genre awards show hosted by Mister Nickel and Samantha Mack with performances by Caravan of Curiosities (f. Tristan Risk , Corporal Coppertop, and Burns the Dragon)
Shorts: Anxiety, The Purgamentum, Selfie, Seance, Duermete Nino, Blood Lust, Tessellate, Reptile House, Dama Braca, Roses, Bark, Pluto, Live Feed, Sabby & Szablo, Disconnect,
Bound, Rebuild, Uncle Daddy (118 minutes of films in 2 blocks), with hosted Film and Script Awards show & Caravan of Curiosities performances

Awards & Prizes
21 award categories for Badass 6, including cash awards and prizes from Whites, Gearbox, Mitribe and others, including potential development possibilities with Generativity Productions and Darkside Releasing for the top 3 new badass script award winners in short and feature film categories.

The Badass V 2019 genre script contest winners include three scripts that have since be produced, each directed by the women who wrote them, two with us as production partners. ( Shorts and feature films are welcome with awards in both categories.)
1. Rakefat Abergel’s Boo! has been completed and will screen at Badass Sixx.
2. Ariel Hansen’s Clout has been filmed and is now in post,
with Badass Fest director David Aboussafy serving as Executive Producer.
3. Tristan Risk, whose film Reptile House was produced by Badass Fest director David Aboussafy,
has now been completed and will screen at Badass Sixx.
Other 2019 Badass V script contest winners Red Wings (Dana Hammer & Rhiannon Aarons)
and Stripcraft (Wilson Large) are in development with Badass Fest and Generativity Productions partners.

What will be made to happen for the 2020 Badass genre script winners? Final submission deadline is Feb 29, 2020 for short and feature scripts with multiple prizes in each category, as well as for best student script, and quarter, semi and finalists announced before the winners are at the genre film gala on March 29, 2020
at the Rio.

Returning at Badass 6, cheaper to submit micro-shorts (10$) and script submissions with a chance for development with Darkside Releasing / Generativity Productions.Badass V 2019 will take place March 27-29, 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. www.vbaff.com.

Badass 6 will screen 8 films as well as 40 Short films Mar 27-29 vbaff.com

We will offer the top submitted films which didn't make the cut or that were too long to schedule on the big screen a promotional package via our website and event publications. Those 3 films will be available for one day as an Online streaming screening on the day of the festival and will be included in our awards consideration. ***subject to the film maker's approval***

Much more info to come

Overall Rating
  • It was an honor to have my script selected as a finalist for the festival. Like many of us, it is unfortunate to not be able to attend a great festival. Thank you all at Badass for your hard work. Blessings and be safe.

    April 2020
  • Conrad Schapansky

    This Festival is very well organized!!

    April 2020
  • Kelly LaCombe

    No event. Value the placement :) any feedback would be great!

    April 2020
    Response from festival:

    We are planning a small local gathering with small award gala and a few screenings for BA6 once life gets back to normal to celebrate the BA6 award winners.

  • Stephen Kayfish

    Was not able to attend the festival due to Covid which was a real shame but David and his team always kept me informed about everything and were very communicative. I appreciate the 4 selections and 1 finalist nod.

    April 2020
    Response from festival:

    We are planning a small local gathering with small award gala and a few screenings for BA6 once life gets back to normal to celebrate the BA6 award winners.

  • Very fun festival to've been a part of. Hope to see the VIFF screenings grow in the coming years, but the Rio screenings a guaranteed riot every time.

    May 2019
    Response from festival:

    Due to the nature of our BADASS content, we have been banned for life from the VIFF... some of the film makers we showcase pushed the VIFF to its limits I suppose.