is a permanent cultural event whose founder and organizer is the VIVA Association from Sarajevo, BiH. It is both a local and international film festival competition which presents
the works of art created in the field of short and documentary film made using the technique of film or video (electronic) recording. The Festival is held in once a year Sarajevo and other Bosnian-Herzegovinian cities, and it lasts up to four days.
The Festival reserves the rights of final decision on the program in which the film will be shown.
Movies can be short and medium length feature.
Competition has four categories:
1. Religion (its themed films that promote the specifics of religion, in order to rapprochement, understanding and inter-religious tolerance);
2. Ecology (films that its theme promote the natural heritage of their countries in order to encourage the development of environmental awareness);
3. Tourism (films that its theme promote the tourism potential of country of origin).
4. Youth BiH (Films produced by the youth and young filmmakers from Bosnia And Herzegovina)

Official awards may be diplomas, plaques, statues and cash prizes:
Grand Prix Festival - for the best overall film festival
Best Movies Of Religion (Golden, silver and bronze Tree)
Best Movies On Ecology (Gold, Silver and Bronze Butterfly)
Best Movies Tourism Area (Gold, Silver and Bronze Clapper)
Best Youth from BiH Film (Gold, Silver and Bronze Camera).


ARTICLE 1. / general regulations
VIVA FILM FESTIVAL is a permanent cultural event whose founder and organizer is the VIVA Association from Sarajevo, BiH. It is both a local and international film festival competition which presents
the works of art created in the field of short and documentary films made using the technique of film or video (electronic) recording. The Festival is held in once a year Sarajevo and other Bosnian-Herzegovinian cities, and it lasts up to four days.

ARTICLE 2. / Program
The festival consists of two basic program parts:
Competition program
Follow-up, non-competition films and other components

• All neutral and legal persons registered for film production and film authors are eligible to apply.
• Foreign films and films which are not in one of the languages from the countries of former Yugoslavia (except for North Macedonia and Slovenia) must be translated to Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian language (subtitle, synchronization or dialog list)
• Films which are made in one of the languages from one of the countries of former Yugoslavia (except for North Macedonia and Slovenia) should have English subtitles, or you can send us the dialog list)
•Festival also includes non-competition programs, such as retrospectives, discussions with the authors, art exhibitions or workshops. The Festival holds the right to make the final decision on the order of the film screenings.
. Festival reserves the right to the final decision on forming the program in which the film will be presented.
• We accept applications of short films and mid-length films, up to 40 minutes of length.
• Competition program consists of four categories:
1. Religion (films whose theme promotes diversity of religion, with a goal of rapprochement, understanding and tolerance between religions);
2. Ecology (films whose theme promotes the natural heritage of countries of film's origin with a goal of promoting ecological awareness);
3. Tourism (films whose themes promotes tourism potential of the countries from which they originate);
4. Youth film BiH (films made by the youth of Bosnia-Herzegovinian elementary and high schools through Viva School of Film)

ARTICLE 3. / Application conditions
• Local and international films can be submitted to compete at the festival in their respective categories.
• Films presented at the Festival need to be in the following formats: mp4, mov, h264 (with the minimal resolution of HD); (we also accept YouTube, Vimeo, Wetransfer and similar links)
• Movies that have been applied cannot be withdrawn from the festival program
• The final decision on the festival programs is made by the Council based on the suggestions by the selection committee and the art director;
• Film submission is free of charge.
• The director or the authorized person that submitted the film is obliged not to withdraw the film after the publishing of the official festival program.
●The director, the producer and the distributer of the awarded movies are obliged to advertise the award in the official and promotional materials, as well as during the film distribution.

By filling out the application, the author, the producer or another film representative agrees that VIVA Film Festival can use the film for the promotion, by featuring it in the festival TV reports and other televised content, at specially organized public screenings (awarded film review shows), all with the goal of promoting the Festival and documentary film in general.

Festival does not have the right to further redistribute the film copyright, nor the right to material compensation through commercialization of the film.
Films shown at the previous VIVA Film Festivals will not be taken into consideration for the selection. The rules and regulations are accepted by signing the application.
ARTICLE 4. / film submission
Film(s), shall be sent in electronic form.
Formats accepted are: h264, mpeg4, mov
We also accept links on platforms: Wetransfer, Vimeo, Youtube etc.
Film application and the accreditation form are also to be sent in electronic form.
Photographs of authors; three screenshots featuring the film content for the purposes of press are also to be included.
Dialogue list of the film (sub, srt or text file) in English.
Full documentation shall be sent to the following email address:
• The applicant bears the costs of all additional expenses.
• The Festival is responsible for storing and protecting film copies only from the moment of receiving the content sent.

ARTICLE 5. / Selection and screenings
• All received films that adhere to the festival propositions will be delivered to the selection committee for review.
Selection committee chooses the films that will be in the competition program of the festival.
10 films will be selected for each of the three competition categories.
• Audio-visuals of the submitted films (screeners) will be kept in the festival's archive for documentational, educational, cultural and promotional purposes. For the purpose of easier archiving, films can also be uploaded to the digital database.
• Festival reserves the right to show the films in projection venues without special charges and without informing the owner of the copyright for purposes of the promotion of festival categories and the festival itself.

ARTICLE 6. / Jury
•Festival jury consists of three to eleven members
• Jury decisions are final and irrevocable.
• Jury is obliged to examine all the movies from the competition program.
• Jury members must be provided with adequate work conditions.
•Films that are related to jury members in any way cannot participate in the competition program.
• Jury rates films based on their personal criteria, following the Rules and Regulations of the Jury.

ARTICLE 7. / The awards
The official Festival awards are diplomas, plaques, statuettes, financial and other material awards:
• Festival Grand Prix – for the overall best film of the Festival
• Best films from the category of religion (Gold, Silver and Bronze Tree),
• Best films from the category of ecology (Gold, Silver and Bronze Butterfly),
• Best films from the category of tourism (Gold, Silver and Bronze Clapperboard).
• Best Bosnian-Herzegovinian youth film (Gold, Silver and Bronze Camera)
For the standout quality of the film, a jury member can award it with one additional special award for: director, animation, original soundtrack, design, scenario and camera.
The final amount of money for the award shall be decided by Festival Council, based on the general budget.
Special awards can be awarded by: the festival, regulatory authorities, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, media, etc.

ARTICLE 8. / Press material and other required material
The following materials need to be attached to the application:
• a short film synopsis;
• at least 3 film screenshots whose quality is adapted to press
• photo of the director and the biography which includes the year of birth
• promotional materials (press packages, posters etc.)
• By signing the application, the Festival is authorized to use and publish all the aforementioned materials in the Festival catalogue, on the Internet, as well as for the purposes of the press service.
• a trailer of the film, if you have one
• selection materials are not returned;
• The festival reserves the right to reject the film copies of low technical quality which can cause problems during screenings;
By signing the application, the producer or the director accept the rules of the festival and guarantees the validity of the abovementioned information

ARTICLE 9. / The organizer
The organizer of the festival is VIVA Association Sarajevo. The organizers are responsible for the Festival Council consisting of distinguished members of cultural and social spheres of the region, for all the artistic decisions, including the aesthetics and the program of the festival.

ARTICLE 10. / Final regulations
All the items not included in the Rules and Regulations will be considered directly by the organizers of the festival, in accordance with the statute of organizers. The Festival Organizers have a right to discretion when deciding and solving the cases not included in this document, making sure their actions are in the bestinterest of film art and art in general.

Rules and Regulations shall take effect from the day of its publishing on the
VIVA Association web presentation

In Sarajevo, 15.02.2020.
For the founder of VIVA Festival
Art director
Ratko Orozović

Overall Rating
  • This festival was great. I will be participating next year with new movies.

    January 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks buddy, hope to see ya this year.

  • To the whole festival team
    And thank you to the academy. I hope we will share with the events we will attend after the pandemic. thanks for everything

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Sahin. Next year will be live festival, and you're welcome.

  • Emily Cross

    A huge thank you to the festival producers and organizers for letting us have a small role in this event. A huge thank you!

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Emily, we hope to hold the festival live next year, in normal conditions ;)

  • Tiago Cerveira

    VIVA! I was privileged to see a film in this year's official selection and to receive an award. Regardless of this recognition of the film, I have to thank the organization for its friendliness and professionalism. Always with a simple and honest treatment. We promise to visit Sarajevo. Thank you!

    September 2020
  • Małgorzata Szyszka

    I am proud that our films have been included in your festival, which takes up such important problems about the world. Greetings from Poland

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Dear, hope to see ya next year in Sarajevo