The uptown women’s+ film festival of New York is a festival to celebrate all women+ filmmakers from New York City and around the world. The festival looks to bring original stories told through the female lens to the community of Uptown Manhattan.

The UWFFNY looks to inspire future generations of filmmakers, and strives to support women+ filmmakers, giving them a platform to celebrate their achievements and showcase their work. And a space where they can learn and network with each other.

The inaugural year of the UWFFNY will be held in the Spring of 2020 in Uptown Manhattan. We will be accepting short film submissions that have female driven stories and/or a women+ appointed in one of the following key positions; director, writer, producer, cinematographer or editor.

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Awards will be given in he following category:

Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best Director
Best Performance
Best Supporting Performance
Best cinematography
Best Documentary
Audience Award

Please read our Rules & Terms before submitting as we do not issue refunds for entry fees. It is your responsibility to ensure your film meets our criteria and submission guidelines.

ALL GENDERS are welcome to submit to the Uptown Women's+ Film Festival of NY. Short films must have a female driven story and/or a women+ appointed in one of the following key positions; director, writer, producer, cinematographer or editor.
All films submitted to UWFFNY must have been completed on or after January 1st, 2018.
All genres, narrative and documentary, will be accepted for submission.
If a film is in another language other than English the film must have English sub-titles.
All films must be submitted via online screener only through FilmFreeway.
You may enter more than one film, but you must complete a separate entry form and pay an entry fee for each film.
Films must not have been released on any online platforms prior to the Festival such as, Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.)


Film selection for the festival will be made by the Festival Committee.
The selected filmmakers will be responsible for all shipping fees.
All filmmakers will be notified via email of acceptance.
You are required to send the festival a downloadable HD link of your film. Once you receive an acceptance e-mail you are required to allow your film to be downloaded.
All films submitted must be free from any legal disputes and the filmmaker must have cleared all rights for music and exhibition.
The selected filmmakers are responsible for any lodging or traveling cost.

By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the regulations of the Uptown Women's Film Festival of New York and that, to the best of your knowledge, the information that you have supplied is correct.

Overall Rating
  • Jacqueline Kennedy

    Due to the 2020 Pandemic we were unable to attend. Congratulations to all the winner!

    April 2021
  • Rashmi Rustagi

    Since the festival did not physically take place due to Covid19 restrictions, there is nothing to comment on the actual hospitality, quality or networking opportunities that would have happened.

    May 2020
  • Although they had to cancel the festival due to Covid-19, the communication was excellent! I will continue to submit to this festival and hopefully attend once NYC is back :)

    May 2020