Welcome to the International Independent Film Festival. Universal film festival provides aspiring filmmakers with an excellent opportunity for networking and promotion, of their work and talent through the magic of film!
The Universal Film Festival's vison is to be " The premier host of Independent Filmmakers Worldwide."

The awards go to the following categories:
1. Best Actress
2. Best Actor
3. Best Animation
4. Best Comedy
5. Best Cinematography
6. Best Director
7. Best Drama
8. Best Documentary
9. Best Film
10. Best Foreign Film
11. Best Producer
12. Best Short Film

General Rules

1. Acceptance of your film does not guarantee airline or hotel accommodations.

2. All films are subject to reviews.

3. AVI blue ray format/ and or HD Video, such as Vimeo is required for submission of all films.

4. The number of screenings, days and venues are at the sole discretion of the Universal Film Festival.

5. Film submissions registration instructions can be found at

6. Every film submission requires digital screening on FilmFreeway.

7. DVDs shall remain the property of the Universal Film Festival and will not be returned.

8. It is recommended, but not required, that a 40 - 60-second preview link of your film be submitted upon registration to maximize the advertisement of your film if selected to air during the festival.

9. Films are allowed to have screened prior to submission to the Universal Film Festival, but must not be under current distribution.

10. Films cannot have been released prior to submission to the Universal Film Festival and/or been broadcast on television.