The Universal Film Festival was founded in 2007 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, and has evolved into an internationally touring hybrid festival which includes both a live and a virtual interactive festival hosted by our festival partner Filmocracy.
Each year Universal Film Festival will take place in a different city and country and include both live and virtual interactive festival options and events, in addition to a “Global Village Showcase” experience unique to each host city and country.
Universal Film Festival is in the top 100 Film Festivals with over 300,000 followers and 5,000 publications distributed globally throughout social media, print, and more.
Universal Film Festival’s mission is to increase the audience and prominence of independent filmmakers and provide excellent career-changing opportunities to network and promote their films via our live and virtual festival events, through our social media and festival partners, and within our year-round streaming platform.
Universal Film Festival’s goal is to provide a credible and accessible venue for audiences of all ages and backgrounds to experience and interact with talented independent filmmakers and unique art and cultures from around the world.

Ben Bahmani
Founder & CEO

Award in following categories:

01 - Best Action
02 - Best Actress
03 - Best Actor
04 - Best Animated Film
05 - Best Cinematographer
06 - Best Comedy
07 - Best Director
08 - Best Documentary
09 - Best Drama
10 - Best Film
11 - Best Horror
12 - Best Producer
13 - Best Short Film
14 - Best Sci-Fi
15 - Best Film of Host Country

Rules and Recommendations:


1) Submissions in languages other than English must have English subtitles.
2) Submissions will only be accepted via FilmFreeway. The submitter must have proper rights to submit the film.
3) Production of the film must be within 5 years of festival date. (2018 or later)
4) Exhibition format must be delivered on DCP. This MUST be by the date stipulated in invitation. NO exceptions.
5) Any promotional materials (i.e. DVD, Posters, Etc.) mailed to Universal Film Festival will remain property of Universal Film Festival
6) Films are allowed to have screened prior to submission to the Universal Film Festival, but must not be under current distribution.
7) Films cannot have been released prior to submission to the Universal Film Festival and/or been broadcast on television.
8) A MAXIMUM of TWO (2) entries are allowed during the Free Entry Period.
9) If a submitter abuses the Free Entry period by submitting more than 2 films, all films by that submitter for FREE ENTRY will be denied/rejected for the season, UNLESS submitted with the normal ENTRY FEE.

1) Submit trailer along with virtual Presse it via FilmFreeway upon initial submission
2) Student discount waiver offered. Student ID must be presented. (contact for more information)

Overall Rating
  • We are honored and so happy to see our film "The Oath of Cyriac" nominee for Universal Film Festival. I would like to thank the whole festival team for the extraordinary work they do to highlight less mainstream films.

    December 2022
  • We feel absolutely honored to become nominated by the Universal Film Festival for the first part of our „Witches of Everland“ - short film-trilogy 🤗 Thank you!!

    December 2022
  • Dear Universal Film Festival team! We thank you sincerely for high award! We are honored to receive them!
    Especially at a time when Russian bombs are falling on our peaceful cities and we are heroically resisting Russian terrorist troops, the high recognition of our film about this terrible war is of sacred significance!
    I wish your festival success! Thanks again!
    May there be peace in your homes!

    November 2022
  • Lexie Trivundza

    Absolutely wonderful festival! Super happy our series got to be a part of it! Ahrash the technical director was extremely nice!! Highly recommend!!

    November 2022
  • danial ghasemian

    Everything was so amazing! Thanks

    November 2022