Festival Announcement

1. Festival Objectives
A) To contribute to the happiness and internal development of individuals and the progress and peace of human kind by finding and making known films that move and educate, that help in living life, and that make the world beautiful
B) To conduct cultural exchange through film
C) To create the best cultural content that satisfies the public of a visual and global age by opening an international film festival based on films from more than forty European countries
D) To increase the desire of domestic filmmakers to create films and promote Korean film development

2. Nature
Competition will be open to films regardless of where they were made, the filmmaker’s age, or genre

3. Host: UNICA Korea – Making the World Beautiful Through Film Corp.
Website : http://unicakorea.org/eng, E-mail : unicakorea20@gmail.com

4. Sponsor: UNICA World Union, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Gyeongsan-si

5. Judges: 5-member committee including UNICA international judge


UNICA Award (1),
Gold (1),
Silver (2),
Bronze (3),
Best Acting,
Special Jury Award,
Audience Award,

※ No award will be given if not applicable.

Submission rules

0. Directors, please do not submit violent or sexually explicit films.

1. Submission deadline: 11 pm June 20, 2023 (Tues.)

2. Entry qualifications: No limit on nationality, gender, or age

3. Eligibility
A) Genre: No limit
B) All genre including drama, documentary, animation, and experimental films
C) Language: No limit, The preview copy must come with English subtitles.
D) Running time
Feature film: Over 60 minutes, Short film: Up to 60 minutes
E) Rights: Films that have no issues with copyright or other rights
- The Festival does not check the copyright of submitted films. The applicant will be responsible for any problems resulting from copyright.

4. Films for public screening
A) Selection and announcement: Films for public screening will be selected by the selection committee and the Festival director.
B) Selected films should submit HD/MOV format files with dialogue list in English.
C) Once a film is selected for public screening, the screening cannot be canceled.
D) By submitting a film to the Festival, the filmmakers are considered to have agreed to screen the film officially and free of charge during the Festival.
E) Applicant to the Festival will be considered to have understood and agreed to the rules and regulations of the Festival. Any issues not included in the submission rules will be decided according to the discretion of the Festival organizer.

5. Use of submitted materials
A) Submitted materials may be used for the production of a book of the UNICA Korea International Film Festival, and for promotion of the Festival through media including newspapers and broadcasting.
B) All submitted films will be archived on the website of Making the World Beautiful Though Film Inc. (UNICA member representing Korea) for the non-commercial purpose of research and education.
C) The Festival reserves the copyright for screened films for two years after the submission deadline for the non-commercial purpose of promotion and submission to oversees film festivals
D) The Festival may produce a video clip of three minutes or less of the selected films to promote the film and the Festival.
E) The Festival may freely submit the best films among the films screened to international film festivals on behalf of the filmmakers.

Overall Rating
  • Henrik Dahlbring

    Very happy to have participated, however the festival can do a lot of work on it's communication. Several tries to contact the festival via the email adress they themselves use with no response.

    November 2023
  • Wesley Leon Aroozoo

    Fantastic festival. lovely. kind. Thank you for awarding my student's film!

    October 2023
  • Thibault MARTIN

    We were lucky enough to be selected and awarded for our film "Our Futures" in 2023. The distance from France did not allow us to be present but communication with the festival was very good.

    October 2023
  • It is a very meaningful festival for submitting. I resonate deeply with the festival's mission and feel immensely honored to have been a part of it, contributing in my film.

    October 2023
  • Thank you for including one of our Wetsitales titles in the festival. Hope to visit on your next fest when the world goes back to normal.

    September 2022