The unDependence Film Festival is an independent festival based in Edinburgh, Scotland that celebrates, promotes and keeps alive the un-dependent spirit in art and filmmaking. We are bringing Scottish and international short and feature films to the screen in "unusual" cinemas.

In 2019 we are proudly celebrating our 5th anniversary and once more invite filmmakers to share their work with the Scottish audience.

**** We are looking for films dealing with the question of dependencies on all levels in our lives and present moving images that will cause (e)motions in the audience. *****

**** unDependence stands by #5050x2020 and wants to strongly support gender parity on screen - we are therefore committed to a 50% quota of films made by women in our 2019 programme****

unDependence /ʌn’ dɪˈpɛnd(ə)ns/
1. a state of realization that things can be different; realization that change can, and does happen. Paying special regard to change that occurs within oneself and the constant fluctuations within modern society.
2. is being (pro)active and thinking for yourself.
3. asking “What does it mean to be an individual in a dynamic society?”

The unDependence Film Festival is an art festival as well as a social project. We invite local artists and organisations to collaborate in a versatile program of screenings and film-related workshops for everyone to celebrate and express freedom, choice and identity. Our "cinemas" are public spaces that are not traditional cultural institutions. We want to bring film to "everyone" and therefore use community spaces as our theatres. We believe in the power of the "small cinema"that attracts and is open for especially those who would usually shy away from cultural events.

As in previous years, we are accepting entries from all genre, and lengths; mini (under 10 mins), shorts, as well as feature length. Drama, documentary, comedy, animation, experimental are all accepted.

NEW: for the 2019 seasons we offer the possibility to have your film reviewed by us and sent to you independently for an extra charge of 10$ only. You will receive the review whether or not your film is selected.

The unDependence Film Festival will open in Edinburgh in April 2019, after which the programme will travel across to Stirling, expanding the reach of the festival and your film.

We want to contribute to the increase of female filmmakers in the business and have therefore 2 awards

** Rising Star Award
** Female Filmmaker of Excellence Award

Both awards will be rewarded with prize money.

The films selected are mainly productions by up and coming filmmakers from Scotland AND all over the world. A small group of curators creates the program, and a jury of curators and guest jurors from the film industry will nominate the winner of the Rising Star Award and the Female Filmmaker of Excellence Award.

We encourage critical thought.

1. We accept feature films and short films.
2. films can be submitted under the categories “feature”, “short” ( under 20 min) and “mini” (under 10 min)
3. ALL films MUST be submitted with a clear statement WHY they fit the festival's theme. Films submitted with an incomplete description/form will be disqualified.
4. Films should be either in English language or MUST have English subtitles.
5. Filmmakers that have been selected will be notified in mid-January 2017 and may be asked to provide a short text about themselves and their film.
6. Filmmakers are invited to attend the festival and will be asked to be available for a Q&A. DEPENDING on the budget and funding, the festival might be able to help with travelling and/or accommodation costs.
7. The festival team will reject films that violate the dignity of humans and/or are not in accordance with the festival's values.

We will NOT accept films that violate a person's dignity or are promoting hatred, violence and/or are disrespectful towards religious, ethnic or political groups.

Overall Rating
  • Justin Time

    With passion for films and centered around a special topic. I had some of the best Q&As with the unDependence audience. A small festival with a lot of heart. Thank you for having me and my road movie documentary Chasing Houses.

    September 2018
  • Leo Bruges

    Very nice staff. Good communication. Super interesting programme. Excellent concept. Very much recommend this festival a festival that wants to change to world through cinema small and large, thank you for having us.

    May 2018
  • Enrique Buleo

    I recommend this festival. The festival staff was very kind and helpful. I couldn't attend the festival but the communication between us was excellent.

    October 2017
  • Prakash Nathan

    I was very flattered to have my short get an official selection at UnDependence, especially when I saw the quality of the films that also made the cut. The festival itself was a well curated and enjoyable evening; one that I'd definitely recommend for any budding filmmaker or simply anyone with an interest in film.

    August 2017
  • Irina Karelina

    The attending of the unDependence Film Festival in Edinburgh was one the most precious I made so far.
    The communucation in advance was always easy and friendly and helpful. The great team supported me as much as they could and while my stay I felt like home.

    The festival itself ist still small and underground what is very charming and the choice of films is excellent! Such an honour to have seen my film at your festival! Thank you so much once again for everything and I really hope to see everyone of you as soon as possible.

    May 2017