Welcome to University Film and Video (UFVA) Conference Screenings and/or Scripts FilmFreeway submission site. We are accepting entries for the 2020 Conference at Florida State University. To learn more about UFVA please go to UFVA.org.

To submit a Paper & Panel proposal, a New Media exhibition, or a Workshop application, please use the platform at www.ufva.org. Please note: UFVA members are limited to two (2) submissions total in all conference categories (Films, Scripts, Papers & Panels, New Media, and Workshops).

A Submission Code is required to submit your film and/or script. You can find the code on the UFVA.org 2020 conference page.

All selected entries for the conference are vetted via a peer-review process. Not all submitted work will be accepted.

Completed scripts can be submitted to the following three juried categories:
1. Short Script
2. Feature Script
3. TV Pilot Script
Scripts can also be submitted as “Work-in-Progress" and can receive feedback if you choose to have a formal respondent. Works-in-Progress are not eligible for awards.

For film submission, there are three categories:
1. Completed Work (in-competition, 90 minutes or less)
2. Work-in-Progress (60 minutes or less)
3. Student Work (30 minutes or less)

You can request a respondent to provide feedback on your work in any of these categories.

Please see the Awards & Prizes and Rules & Terms sections below for more information.

Awards for Screenings and Scripts are given to the top work submitted to the Juried Competition categories. NO AWARDS are given for work submitted to the "Work-in-Progress" categories.

Those who want a formal response to their work from a peer that is suitable for use in their tenure and promotion portfolio should answer "YES" to the question, "Do you want a formal response?" (you will be prompted to answer this question after selecting your submission category). If you choose to have a formal response you will be assigned a respondent, and you will also be required to be a respondent on another member's work.

Those who wish to present their work and forgo a formal response should answer "No" when asked about the formal response option.

Awards given in the Screenings Juried Competition category are:

Best Animation
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Experimental
Best Fiction Film Feature
Best Fiction Film Short

Awards given in the Scripts Juried Competition category are:
Best Short Script
Best Feature Script
Best TV Pilot Script
(In proper Script formats for film or TV Pilot)

Honorable Mentions in both Screenings and Scripts categories are given when deemed appropriate by the judges. All prizes will be announced during the conference.

Submission FAQs and Answers

1. What are the benefits of submitting my project to the UFVA Conference?
Submitted work will be reviewed by academic filmmakers/industry professionals like yourself. UFVA serves its membership by providing screening, reading and feedback sessions to those who submit and attend the annual conference. Written evaluations of screened work can be incorporated into the submitter's tenure review file. Written evaluations, but no awards, are provided for work submitted to the Work-in-Progress category. Competitive awards are provided to the top work in the JURIED categories.

2. What kinds of film or script is UFVA accepting?
UFVA accepts animation, documentary, experimental and fiction films of all lengths and genres. UFVA accepts feature-length, short, and TV pilot scripts. Submissions are open only to active association members. Learn more about membership at www.ufva.org

3. Are there particular film lengths that are most likely to be selected?
Each session is 105 minutes. In-competition film submissions are limited to 90 minutes or shorter. Work-in-Progress projects are limited to 60 minutes or shorter. Student films are limited to 30 minutes or shorter.

4. Can I submit more than one film or script?
Yes. You can submit up to two entries to the annual UFVA Conference.
For example, if you submit two films, you cannot submit to any of the other presentations: New Media, Papers and Panels, Workshops, Scripts.
You can submit one film and still present in one of the other categories.

5. Do you accept submissions of films from outside of the U.S.A.?

6. What is the preview format for the film?
Submit your film via secure online screeners or Vimeo / YouTube links (with or without a password). See the FilmFreeway specifications for links.

7. What is the submission format for the script?
PDF file, with proper script formatting.

8. If my film is accepted, what is the presentation format?
Accepted submissions will be presented by the submitter at the annual UFVA Conference. We recommend you bring your film on a drive and have a downloadable exhibition copy backup in the cloud.

Overall Rating
  • Excellent experience. Great organisation and wonderful selection of panels and discussions.

    August 2020
  • Burr Beard

    First time.. I enjoyed the films that I saw and the people I met!

    August 2020
  • James Curry

    Wonderful campus and plentiful screening rooms allowed for intimate and collaborative feedback in a congenial academic setting.

    September 2019
  • Joe Kraemer

    The best conference for university and college teachers of film, media arts, and cinema studies.

    August 2019
  • Roslin Smith

    Love UFVA attended many time

    August 2019