This awe-inspiring monthly streaming film series powered by the Raleigh Film and Art Festival features projects monthly that promotes love, peace, laughter, and the triumph of the human spirit juried by industry insiders. Selected films will be shown through our parent websites, streaming outlets, social media, and affiliate online channels. Also, *Triumphant Trophy award winner will be included in our parent festival's live annual October event. Hosted by NC State University Libraries and Centennial campus. NCSU is the largest University in North Carolina.

"With the assistance of the arts, our world will begin to heal" ~Triumphant

• Laurels and finalist certificates will be sent to all projects selected into this prestigious web streaming series.

• Streaming access to thousands of supporters worldwide and growing.

• Series streaming audiences will have 100% complimentary viewing.

• The Triumphant Trophy will be awarded by our industry insider panel for the most inspirational project of the year.

•The Triumphant Trophy winner will also be included and screened during our live in-person presentation at our parent festival.

2020 Triumphant Film Series TERMS OF ENTERING

• Filmmakers whose films are accepted for the competition will be notified by email by approximately July 21st, 2021. All the privileges due to filmmakers will be specified in this correspondence.

• Triumphant Film Series promotes the schedule of screenings via media including newspapers, emails, television, and radio. Triumphant Film Series encourages filmmakers to help promote their films by promoting their screening(s) to industry professionals, distributors, the press, and the general public.
• For entries selected to the 2020 Festival, an exhibition print or video of the film in the proper format (35mm, BetaSP, DigiBeta, DVCam, Mini DV, HDCam, or File (MP4 or MOV (H.264)). Failure to comply with technical specifications may result in the removal of the film from Festival competition.

***all entry fees are non-refundable***

Exhibiting filmmaker (“Exhibitor”) represents and warrants that:

1. All persons who are featured in the film have given unrestricted permission for use of their images, words, and performances, waiving or assigning to Exhibitor all rights including but not limited to copyrights and moral rights.

2. To the extent any pre-existing material is used in the film that is not original to the Exhibitor, except brief clips of video and/or audio material used only to the extent reasonably necessary for purposes of public criticism, commentary, and documentary reporting relevant to the thesis of the film, Exhibitor has obtained unrestricted permission from all rights holders for use of the material in the film and display and performance of the film or any portions thereof in all venues and media, including for promotional purposes.

3. To the extent any remaining rights relating to the film are owned by third parties, Exhibitor warrants that Exhibitor has all rights and permissions necessary to permit the showing of the film at the Triumphant Film Series (a program of Raleigh Film and Art Institute referred to hereinafter, collectively, as “Triumphant Film Series”) and any other events sponsored by Triumphant Film Series at which Exhibitor agrees or has agreed the film may be exhibited, and for use of excerpts or portions thereof in any venues and media, including for promotional purposes.

4. All materials submitted to Triumphant Film Series are otherwise the original work of the Exhibitor (and its employees, if any), and not of any third party.

5. The exhibitor has a good and marketable title to the entire submitted work. Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Triumphant Film Series from any and all liability, loss, costs, damage, judgment, or expense (including reasonable attorneys fees) resulting from or arising in any way out of any such claims by any third parties that are based upon, or are the result of any breach of the warranties in this Exhibition Agreement.

By completing the online entry form, the Exhibitor constitutes his/her full and complete acceptance of the terms hereof and that Exhibitor has read and complies with the 2020 Triumphant Film Series Terms of Entry.