The 2020 Nihilist International Film Festival announced that it is looking for short videos for this year’s program. Festival Director Elisha Shapiro says, “It’s the Nihilist Film Festival for god’s sake. Heresy, tastelessness, offensiveness…you get the idea. We’re looking for that film other festival are afraid of.” If you are a filmmaker who wants to be part of the fun, Shapiro hopes you will send your entry to the twentieth edition of the Nihilist Film Festival. The festival will be presented in December in Los Angeles.

Modest prizes will be awarded, thanks to a grant from the Cactus Foundation. “The judges are capricious, but if you can make then laugh at the pointness suffering and idiocy of our species, you’re on the right track.” explained Shapiro. Submissions must be shorter than 30 minutes. The deadline for entries is September 15.

shorter than 30 minutes

Overall Rating
  • Amanda Graeff

    One of the coolest festivals I have had the privilege of being apart of!!

    January 2020
  • flo p

    My film was chosen but unfortunately I was unable to attend. Elisha was super communicative and mailed us all a bunch of awesome goodies as a souvenir. very cool! hope to make it out for the next one!

    December 2019
  • Rui Niu

    Highly recommend this festival. Elisha Shapiro is super warm-hearted and easy to communicate with. He also gives us some gifts after the screening. I would LOVE to attend the film festival again.

    December 2019
  • Great communication from Elisha Shapiro.
    I wasn't able to be there but he kindly kept in touch with everyone, and we received a certificate, program and calendar for the upcoming year. That's sweet.

    December 2018
  • Stephen Stull

    Great fest for us weirdos! Sadly, I wasn't able to attend, but the show runner sent me a program, a certificate, and a sweet nihilist wall calendar. Strongly recommend!

    December 2018