The Magikal Charm Experimental Video & Film Festival was developed to offer
Independent, Underrepresented, 'Outsider' Artists opportunity to Screen their Projects
At an Historic New York venue; ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES.
Through its first six 'Seasons', MCEVF has been privileged to Showcase the Works
Of more than 120 'EXPERIMENTALISTS' from the U.S. and Abroad.
The Fest has consistently drawn Projects of deeply personal, unique character.
Conceptualists have shared their very personal 'language' understanding &
Interpretation of experience, providing the Audience with a 'Direct Experience'
Of our shared humanity.

Awards are 'conferred' in the 'Shape' of ITSO (In The Spirit Of) Symbolic Archetypes
e.g. ITSO Incteased Understanding or pioneers of Experimental Visual Storytelling
e.g. ITSO Maya Deren. Magikal Charm is a nonprofit Educational Charity. We've
not been successful in obtaining grant funding from, for example N.Y.C.'s
LMCC, however any substantial tax deductible contributions would be divided and awarded to Festival Participants. All entry fees have been applied to our very basic
Operating costs e.g. Theatre Rental, Receptions ec.

All Entries should be recorded in HD, Professional Quality Sound, including
Subtitles for non English Projects. Projection ready links to Projects should
Be active through the end of Feb.2019.
Run Times of Entries is 2 - 15 minutes, (there is slight flexibility.)