Terres Travel Festival - Films & Creativity is an international tourism film festival.
Its 8th edition will be held from September 13 to 21 2023, in Tortosa, Spain.

- Tourism Communication:

Typology of accepted productions:

1. Film (up to 10')


a. Tourist Destinations:

a.1. Country

a.2. Region

a.3. City

b. Tourism products

b.1. Rural Destination

The film promotes a rural destination or equipment located in a rural setting

b.2. Cultural Destination

The film promotes a destination as an asset of special cultural interest, whether it is a route or specific facilities

b.3. Active and sports tourism, nautical, snow and adventure

The film shows tourism activities related to the practice of sports

b.4. Expeditions and discovery

The film illustrates itineraries where adventure and the spirit of discovery prevail

b.5. Events

The film documents an event linked to the tourist promotion of a facility, a city, a region or a country

b.6. Business Tourism

The film shows business or public initiatives dedicated to promoting business tourism

b.7. Film tourism

The film shows the specific promotional activity of the Film Commissions and Film Offices or illustrates the variety of locations in a city, region or country to become a filming location for audiovisual productions.

b.8. Gastronomic Experiences and Wine Tourism

The film illustrates the activities of private establishments or public agents to promote gastronomic or wine tourism.

b.9. Authentic experiences, linked to the territory

The film shows tourist activities with a strong personality, linked to a specific territory

c. Tourism services:

c.1. Tourist Accommodation

The film promotes dedicated accommodation facilities

c.2. Health and Wellness

The film promotes facilities, destinations or routes that base their activity on the promotion of health and well-being

c.3. Mobility

The film shows initiatives or services linked to passenger mobility

c.4. Accessible and Responsible Tourism

The film illustrates tourist activities that stand out for their integrative nature or the promotion of accessibility to all types of people.

c.5. Business action

The film shows business initiatives that stand out especially for their originality, their ecological impact or their social impact.

c.6. Innovation

The film shows initiatives by public agents or private actors that stand out for their innovative and transformative vocation.

(*) The films participating in the meta-category "Tourism Services" will be addressed to the Terres Check-In competition. The Award Ceremony will take place on September 6th in Barcelona, Spain.

d. Independent Travel Film

The film is made by an independent producer

2. Documentaries:

Typology of accepted productions:

1. TV shows
2. Short films (up to 30 ')
3 Half-length films (up to 45 ')
4. Feature films (up to 120 ')


. Adventures, expeditions and routes
. Biographies
. History and Heritage
. Sustainable tourism
. Preservation of the planet
. Ethnography and society
. Corporate documentaries
. Transports and Eco-mobility
. Social Responsibility
. Arts, Music and Culture

Jury - Tourism Communication. Gold / Silver Award per Category.
Jury - Documentary. Gold Award per Category.
Jury - Best Documentary Film.

Special Awards:
- Climent Ferré AWARD. Best film promoting the values of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
- Best Iberoamerican film
- UNESCO ePlatform Award. Best film encouraging respect among cultures
- Terres de l'Ebre Award. The Film which shows better the concept of sustainability
- Grand Prix

At the moment, there is not expected any metallic prize.

PRODUCTION YEAR: All the films have to be produced after January 1st 2021.

ORIGINAL VERSIONS: Terres Travel Festival - Films & Creativity accepts registrations in every language. However, the films must have subtitles in English, Spanish or Catalan.

Synopsis written in English.

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: All the registrations have to be completed before May 31, 20023 at 24.00h (CET). The deadline has been extended to June 23, 2023 at 24.00 (CET).

FORMATS AND DELIVERIES: For the correct registration, every film must present:

- Proof of payment of the registration fee through PayPal or bank transfer to the festival's bank account
- Director
- Producer
- Year
- Duration
- Synopsis
- Objectives
- 3 Movie Screenshots
- MP4 of the inscribed film. (Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080; Video Codec: H264; Audio Codec: AAC)

Overall Rating
  • Anais Ryckewaert

    Thanks to all the organizers of Terres Travel Festival! Such an honor to receive a prize from this great festival! Warm greetings!

    September 2023
  • Anna Kameneva

    It was a real pleasure to see so many talented people and their amazing works. Beautiful place, warm atmosphere and even the price itself like a piece of art.

    September 2023
  • Great festival! My film was selected and awarded by Terres Travel Festival - Films & Creativity in 2022. A very nice experience with regular and smart communication. A beautiful exposure for the film. Although I couldn't attend the festival, it was a very good experience.

    September 2022
  • Great event! Festival staff were great to work with. Excellent comms. We traveled to Spain to participate in person and pick up the “Preservation of the Plane” award. Quite an honor.

    September 2021
  • João Viegas

    Despite the troubled times we are living, Terres Travel Festival made a remarkable effort to put together another great tourism film festival with a beautiful online award ceremony. Thank you very much for the opportunity to show our film projects and thank you once again for the beautiful award.

    October 2020