Taos Pride invites visionary filmmakers to contribute to a cinematic celebration of change. Our Film Festival, set to grace the Taos Center for the Arts Theater on June 28, 2024, seeks submissions that transcend boundaries, spark conversations, and inspire action.

Unleash Your Creativity: Calling all activists with a lens! We're on the lookout for films that speak volumes in just 3-8 minutes. Deadline for submissions: May 4th, 2024. Let your storytelling prowess shine as we weave a tapestry of soulful, genuine, and forward-thinking narratives.

Global Voices, Local Impact: Taos Pride invites international filmmakers to join the movement. Dedicated to human rights, LGBTQ+ issues, child advocacy, environmental preservation, and animal rights, this festival is a platform for diverse perspectives that resonate across borders.

Lights, Camera, Activism: Taos Pride Film Festival is not just an event; it's a movement. Join us in creating a cinematic experience that transcends, uplifts, and challenges. Submit your masterpiece by May 4th and be part of an evening that blends creativity with purpose.

Save the Date - June 28, 2024: Mark your calendars as we prepare to illuminate the Taos Center for the Arts Theater with films that embody the essence of activism. A night where steadfast commitment meets the magic of cinema, making a difference one frame at a time.

In the Shadows, Find Your Spotlight: Taos Pride Film Festival beckons the storytellers, the visionaries, and the activists. Let your film be the catalyst for change in a world that needs your voice. Submit now, and let the journey of cinematic activism begin..

1. Submission Guidelines:
Films must be submitted by May 4th, 2024.
Submissions should adhere to the festival's theme or focus.
Films must be original works created by the submitter(s).

2. Content Guidelines:
Submissions should not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.

3. Technical Specification:
Films should be no longer than 8 minutes.
Films should be submitted in MP4 or H.264.
Submissions must meet the specified resolution and aspect ratio requirements. (at least 1080)
Films should have clear and audible audio quality.
Submissions should include English subtitles if the dialogue is in a language other than.

4. Rights and Permissions:
By submitting a film, the submitter affirms that they have obtained all necessary rights and permissions for the content included in the film.
The festival organizers reserve the right to screen, promote, and distribute selected films for non-commercial purposes related to the festival.

5. Public Screening:
Selected films will be screened publicly during the festival.
Filmmakers whose works are selected for screening must provide any additional materials requested by the festival organizers (e.g., promotional materials, filmmaker bios).

6. Promotion and Marketing:
Filmmakers are encouraged to assist with the promotion and marketing of the festival and their own films.

Overall Rating
  • The Taos Pride Film Festival once again proved itself as an essential platform for voices in the LGBTQ+ community, showcasing an array of compelling narratives and artistic expressions. This year, I had the privilege of having my film included in the festival’s lineup—an honor that filled me with great pride. Keep up the great work!

    April 2024
  • Amir Zargara

    Thanks for having us :)

    August 2023
  • muyen chen

    is a good film festival, thank you

    August 2023
  • Mel Orpen

    We were thrilled to screen "Don't Let Go" during Taos Pride. Thank you.

    August 2021
  • thank you very much for everything

    August 2021