Dear colleagues, participants of the Festival “To Save and Preserve”!
As you know, our forum will be held from October 26 - 29, 2020 in online format.
To participate in the events of the festival, we will additionally send you an invitation to an online conference on the Zoom platform.
We will be glad if you would like to greet the festival participants in your native language (30 sec).
We ask you to inform us of your consent by return letter before October AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we can discuss the details.
Looking forward to your reply,
Festival organizing committee

Festival “To Save and Preserve” is an international unique project.
Aims and tasks of TV Festival:
• To increase the professional level of journalists, operators, directors who make production films, television programs and information video materials on the ecological theme;
• To search new creative methods in highlighting the ecological theme on TV;
• To attract attention of the public and authorities to existing ecological problems;
• To spread the information about environmental policy in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra, Russia and other countries of the world.

Festival’s program is full of business and cultural events.
For participants and guests are organized an open screening of films, master classes,
round-table discussions, TV and ecological projects,
meetings with famous producers.

The TV Festival organizers take upon expenses, connected with the stay of 1 competitor (accommodation, meal, excursions) and transport expenses of the Jury members and honorary guests as well. Competitors do not pay funds earmarked for participation in the festival.

Festival winner is awarded with the grand prize - the golden statuette "Gagara", "Diploma Grand Prix" an money prize.
The winner in each nomination is awarded with the bronze statuette "Gagara" and "Laureate Diploma"; for the 2nd and 3rd place laureats get "Laureate Diploma".
All the participants receive a "Diploma of Participant” of the XXIII International TV Ecological Festival “To Save and Preserve”.

Special prizes.
1. «Overcoming» - a special prize for work in extreme conditions.

The jury and partners of the Festival, by their joint decision, reserve the right to establish additional special prizes.

To participate in the contest are allowed works created after January 1, 2019 by international, national, state, departmental and independent Film- and TV companies of Russia and other countries as well as independent authors who are the copyright holders of the submitted films.

Works have to be presented with the name of the film, the group of authors, the producer/owner, time-keeping, release date and nomination.
Films in non-Russian language must contain subtitles in Russian or English, with extended summary in Russian or English.

The same competitive work cannot be presented in more than two nominations.
Time-keeping of films and programs should be no more than 52 minutes.

Works with image or sound defects are not admitted to the competition.
All works form a festival video library.

Admission of entries is extended to August 15, 2020.

It is necessary to send the following information to the TV Festival Direction simultaneously:

1. Application form for the participation. It should be filled for each competitive work with the brief annotation in Russian/English and signed by the right-owner and with annotation with the seal. (see the Application)
The fact of sending the filled in application form confirms the applicant’s consent to the non-commercial use of the competitive work provided for the contest in television programs about the Festival, on the air of State TV & Radio Broadcasting Company “Ugoria”, on the TV channels “Russia-1”, “Russia-24”, “Russia Culture”, and also for posting on Festival’s social accounts and the Festival’s official account on YouTube * video hosting.
2. Competitive works are provided in MPEG4 format, extension not less than 1024 x 768; sound format - MPEG-1 Layer II audio / AAC / MP3 Stereo, by posting on a cloud server, the download link is indicated in the application.

Works submitted with the application of logos and abbreviations are NOT ALLOWED for the competition!

2. The TV Festival organizers take upon expenses, connected with the stay of 1 competitor (accommodation, meal, excursions) and transport expenses of the Jury members and honorary guests as well.

Overall Rating
  • Sudipto Shankar Roy

    I was really surprised when my science fiction short was selected at the International Ecological Film Festival TO SAVE AND PRESERVE. Indeed it was made with a similar theme as it's context but with an outlandish treatment that the genre allows. My sincere thanks to the festival authorities for this oppurtunity.

    September 2020
  • Thomas Sady

    From my film has been selected I had no news from the festival

    September 2020
  • komeil soheili

    I didn't get any reply to my email and not a single information about my movie in the festival!

    September 2020
  • Cultures of Resistance Films is very happy to have been part of this amazing festival. Thank you for showing '"WANTOKS: Dance of Resilience in Melanesia' and for sharing the stories of resistance in Melanesia and for raising awareness on the devastating climate change effects!
    Looking forward to submitting more of our work at the next edition :)

    September 2020
  • This is a pretty good film festival

    September 2020