1. You meet the eligibility requirements for TIFF - CBC Films Screenwriter Award and agree to provide all the required submission materials.

2. You have created a new project under the “My Projects” section of your profile for this specific programme application. The project is titled “FIRST AND LAST NAME – TIFF - CBC Films Screenwriter Award – 2023” and is a Film / Video project type.

3. You have uploaded the 85-120 page feature length screenplay in "script format standard" with a cover page that only includes the project title and no other identifying marks, and the materials listed under the Rules and Terms below, to the “My Projects” section. (NOTE: Go to and click “View” on your project to upload your files.)

After saving your new project, return to the TIFF - CBC Films Screenwriter Award FilmFreeway event page to fill out the application.

Submissions must be original works in English, written solely by the applicant. Adaptations of books, plays, or magazine articles are eligible, provided the applicant has secured the necessary legal rights. There is a limit of one submission per applicant.

In order to be considered for the Award, the Applicant must submit all of the application materials listed below via the online application by 11:59 PM EST on Monday, January 9, 2023.

The following materials together form the “Submission”

Under "My Projects":
- The project being submitted for consideration. Submissions must be in the form of an 85- to 120-page feature-length screenplay in “script format standard.” The cover page should include only the project title and no other identifying markings.

A completed online Application Form, with digital signature, inclusive of the following information:
- A completed online Submission Release Form, with digital signature
- A short synopsis that encapsulates the story and does not exceed 60 words
- The proposed production budget (approximate)
- Any key attachments in place, e.g. director, producer, and/or any proposed cast
- Information on confirmed sources of financing (if applicable)
- A short statement of no more than 150 words that outlines the progress of the project to date, identifying the current challenges and the approach that will be used to explore these challenges in the next stage of development