Sun Pass Film Festival exists to bridge the gaps in Miami's film community. Whether that means acting as a platform for Miami filmmakers to show each other their films, acting as a platform for outside filmmakers to introduce themselves to a Miami audience (or vice-versa) or simply being a way for filmmakers to get the chance to meet.

Sun Pass Film Festival is looking for submissions for the third edition of our festival taking place in the Spring of 2023. This year we're focusing on three groups in our Main Shorts block; Emerging local talent, established local talent, and out-of-town voices.

All three are essential to maintaining a thriving film community, and Sun Pass can't wait to celebrate them in Spring 2023.

Any submissions may also be eligible to be a part of a collaborative screening with Midnight Movie, a touring program that showcases an electric range of experimental and art-house films.

When watching your film, we'll be observing three main criteria: The film's possible connection to Miami or Florida, diversity in both the cast & crew and the film's relevancy to issues facing the world. Outside of that, we have no other requirements, feel free to get wild.

Please note that event dates are not final.

Any acceptance or rejection from the festival is no reflection of you or your talent, and shouldn't be viewed as such.