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Winner in Festival Best Autism Movie
“The Thousand Gates of Filippo”
Adamo Antonacci

Winner Best Web Series
“Cheeched And Handy”
Todd Ciske

Winner Best Short Cinematography
“Killing Hope”
Chuck Marra, Megan Marra

Winner Best Feature Actors in a Short Film
Anatasha Blakely
Winner Best Veteran’s Film

Winner Best Feature Actress in a Feature
“Everything Fun You Could Possibly Do In Aledo Illinois”
Bethany Berg
Actress Jennifer Estlin

Winner Best Soundtrack in Festival
“Everything Fun You Could Possibly Do In Aledo Illinois”
Musician Suzy Bogguss

Winner Best Student Film
“26 %”
Meli Werner and Andrea Rogers

Best Iowa Filmmaker Award
“The Cross”
Michael White, Shelby Hagerdon

Best Supporting Actor in a feature
“The Cross”
Actor Daryl Hrdlicka

Winner In Festival Best Action Documentary
“Be Here Now”
Evan M. Jenkins

Winner in Festival Best Experimental Film
Gabe Leistekow

Winner in Festival Best Minnesota Filmmaker Feature
“Bobby’s Intermission”
Justin Atkinson

Winner Best SHORT SHORT Less Than 10 minutes Comedy
“Seasoned with Death”
Bob Barhite

Winner in Festival Best Historical Documentary
“The Murder of William Martin”
Russ Fry

Winner in Festival Best Drama Short Short
“Enter The Room”
Harry Waldman

Best Animated Film
“All that Remains”
Quinn Wondolowski

Winner Best Silent Film
“The Crosswalk Talk”
M.r. Fitzgerald

Winner in Festival Best Screenplay in Scripts Category
Dale Deacon

Winner Best Film Grade School Children
Crestwood 4th & 5th Graders Madison, WI

Winner Best Short Film Autism Category
“Safe Place”
Scott Klumb

Winner Best Political Documentary
“Ako Abdul-Samad: Panther Politician”
Steven Torriano Berry

Special Mention Winners
Filmmaker Russ Emanuel had three films entered in the festival
All are deemed exceptional. Russ is awarded:
Director’s Achievement Award
Films: 1. Short Film “Collar” 2. Feature Film “Occupants” 3. “The Assainsin’s Apprentice”


Foreign Films Category
Armin Azizi
Two Short Films:

1.“Liberation” 2. “1984”

Finalist Short Films

“Survival of The Sexiest”
Sam Stewart

“The Hornet’s Nest”
Andrew Huggins

Joey Pasbrig

Finalists Script Category
“The Animated Christmas Special”
g.Michael Nicolosi, David Hyde, J. Nicolosi

“Murder at the Acme Hotel”
Dillon Fuhrman Fuhrman

“The Devil’s Secretary”
Daryl Hrdlicka, Alicia Bayer

Finalist Dog Films Catergory
Pirata’s Road Trip
Gianfranco Alcantara

Special thank you and honor to our guest of honor and Thaao Penghlis



Stopped Motion: The Story of GULP
Director David Busch
Winner Best Director of Festival and Best Animated film

Director Tristan Crawford
Winner Best Actors in Festival
Winner Best Action Film

Director Tristan Crawford
Best new Filmmaker Award

Sicily Street
Director Daryl Hrdlicka
in Minnesota Filmmakers
Winner best Comedic Minnesota Short Film

The Academy of Extraordinary Heroes
Director Scott Klumb
Winner Best Autism Filmmaker

Long Day on a Lonely Planet
Directors Robert Barhite, Will Machay II
Winner Most
Creative Sci-Fi Fiction

Director Anthony Cuomo
Winner Student Film Category

Seeds of Life
Director Paige McKenna Grube
Winner Best Documentary in Festival

Director Taylor C Pipes
Winner of Best
Historic Family

'Sin Rock: The Story of Johnny Bazooka
Director Sean Klaus
Winner Mockumentary

Detective Drews
Director Penn Pauletich
Winner best Mystery

She Moved the Prairie
Directors Cheyla Clawson,
Winner Best Dance Film

Dog-Gone It!
Director Hunter James Cox
Winner Best
Dog Movie

Director Julie Koehnen
Winner Best Minnesota Filmmaker

Complete Bull
Director Barry Andersson
Winner Best Series Film in Festival

Director Steve Blackwood
Winner Best
Best Period Movie


Lacey Awards 2021

The Winners of The Spring Grove Caledonia Film Festival!
Project Title with Director to Follow and then Award⭐️🏆♥️
Seeking Bigshoe
Robert Barhite
Best Wisconsin Filmmaker

Growing Charlotte
Anna Czarska
Best Foreign Family Short

Dizzy's World © pilot
Robert Lawrence
Best Television Pilot/Best Actress Joanna Sanchez

LUTAH A Passion for Architecture: A Life in Design
Kum-Kum Bhavnani
Best Documentary Women in History

Making a Play
Peter Gould
Best Theater Short

She was the Deputy's Wife
Travis Mills
Best Script Fiction Feature

Wes Worthing
Best Iowa Short

In their eyes
Arnaud Blin
Best Foreign Short

To Live Again
Dr. Michael White
Best Iowa Feature Film

Bad Undercover Cops
Daniel Rudin, Kelby Joseph
Best Comedy Short

Pale Dawn
Doug Gerash
Best Horror Short

Burren Girl
Rita Davern
Best Minnesota Filmmaker Award

Love on Holiday
Chris Opper
Best Music Documentary Award

M.r. Fitzgerald
Best Horror Series

People in A Box
M.r. Fitzgerald
Best Script Submission

Good Business Sense
Emmett Loverde
Best Short Film in Festival

Sigmund & Dora
Shelby Hagerdon
Best Costumes/Best Set

My promise to PJ
Daniel Baldwin
Best Documentary Feature in Festival

Tomorrow's Today
Timothy Hines
Best Cast in Feature/Best Director in Feature

Becoming Geppetto
Dale Lindquist
Best Wisconsin Filmmaker Documentary

Dozer's Pet Diesel
Peter Charles Downey
Best in Dog Film Category

Home Again
RubyAnn Stiegelmeier
Best New Filmmaker Award

Hand Me Down
Jon Bartholomew
Best Cinematography Short

Steve Blackwood
Best Actors in a Short Award

"A Dream of Touch When Touch is Gone"
Carl Flink
Best Dance Film in Festival

Neurodiverse: One Couple's Experience
Scott Klumb
Best Film in Autism Category

The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson
Brandon Crawson
Best Action Film in Festival

September 25th 2020

Filmmaker Awards “Spring Grove International Film Festival”
Inaugural Festival September 11-13th

1) “Three Bells” Director Jake Griggs.
1) Most Inspiring short film.
2) Best Wisconsin Filmmaker Award.

2) ”1000 Miles to Nome” Director David Mabel & Steve Cannon
Best Nature Feature Award.

3) “16 to Life” Director Becky Smith.
Best Iowa Feature Film Award.

4) Trilogy of Shorts films. “Inner Peace” “Pretty Ugly Dreams”
“The Space of Peace” Director Svern Lang.
Best Iowa Short Filmmaker Award.

5) “The Butterfly Effect” Directed by Deb Wallwork and Janet Bayliss.
Best Butterfly Film in Category Award.

6) “The Dental Plan” Director Wayne Diu.
Best Action Film Award.

7) “Cookophony” Director Joe Chavala.

1) Best Dance Film Director in Festival Category Award.
2) Best Dance Cast Award.

8) “The Wolf” Director/Writer M.R. Fitzgerald.

1) Best psychological Intellectual Script “The Wolf” M.R. Fitzgerald.
2) Best Cinematography 10-30-minute category.

9) ”The Chair” Director Ronnie Cramer.
Best Animation Award.

10) “Blake” Directed by David Busch.
Most heartwarming Short Film.

11) “The Business of Autism” Director Stephen Mackey.
Best Film in Autism Category Award.

12) “Beauty Brains and Personality” Writer/Director Emmet Loverde.
1)Best scripted Feature.
2) Best Film Marketer Award.

13) “The One and Only Jewish Miss America” Director David Around.
Best Documentary Feature Award.

14) “Father and Father” Directors Michael Baumgarten & Art Camacho.
Best Short Action Film Award.

15) “Master Servant” Director Julie Koehnen.
1) Best Short Film Minnesota Filmmaker Award.
2) Best Costumes in Festival Award.

16) “On Top of The World” Director Kevin Isaacson.
Special Director Media Award for film and podcast work.

17) “Maids” Director Sofia Castro.
Best International Dance Film Award.

18) “Senior Entourage” Director Brian Connors.
1) Best Supporting Actress Marion Ross.
2) Best Actors Lifetime Achievement acting awards, Mr. Ed Asner and Mr. Mark Rydell.
3) Best special supporting actor award David Lockhart.
4) Best Singer Award Helen Reddy.
5) Best Director/Writer. Brian Connors.
6) Best bit Player Zia Jamali.
7) Best Producers Award Teresa Porter, Zia Jamali.

19 ) “Good Men” Director/Writer Brian Connors.
1) Best Actor of the festival. Mr. Ed Asner.
2) Best short script 10-minute category award.

20) “The Blue Butterfly” Directed by Gina Meinertz.
Best short family historical creative film Minnesota Award.

1) All films entered may have appeared at other festivals.
2) Selected film makers will be given a free pass to the festival.
3) Selected film makers may be asked to give a presentation for the audience.
4) No pornography or nudity will be accepted.
5) Festival will retain the right to show films at all venues within the festival.
6) All films must be sent in a digital file submitted on-line.
7) No hard copy films will be accepted for entry.
8) All materials submitted will not be returned to film makers.
9) Please be advised that the festival is family friendly and open to all people of all walks of life and of from all countries.
10) Housing will not be provided for film makers.
11) The La Crosse, Wisconsin airport is 40 minutes away and The Rochester Minnesota Airport is an hour away.

Films were shown all day Friday and Saturday, with invited artists speaking about their films in special sessions live and on zoom in some cases!

Live parade honoring Mr. Ed Asner on September13th. Spring Grove has declared Ed Asner Day an official Holiday! Come join the fun! Mask up and socially distant!

Sponsored by Sacred Noise Society Inc .

Overall Rating
  • It was an honor to have "Enter the Room" win an award for Best Drama Short Film at this festival. The communication was frequent and concise, the venue was fantastic, all of the attendees at the event were very friendly and the dinner and reading from Thaao Penghlis were nice additions to the festival. I had a great experience overall and will definitely consider submitting future projects to Star City Film Festival.

    November 2023
  • Though I wasn’t able to attend due to work, I am thankful for my script achieving a Finalist status.

    November 2023
  • Alessandro Salaorni

    Really all right! We recommend all people and film production companies to register for this festival. Thank you for awarding our documentary I MILLE CANCELLI DI FILIPPO (The thousand gates of Filippo). Thanks again to all the Staff.

    November 2023
  • This is not only a festival, but a family. You get the true boutique experience. I have had such joy at the last two festivals I have attended and will be attending everyone as long as I can. You have a chance to meet some amazing filmmakers and artist. Such an honor to be a part of this festival and family.

    November 2023
  • Nothing short of magic, more than amazing! Fabulous films and a celebration of the arts that brought together music, dance, script reads, actor's workshops, Guest Star Thaao Penghlis, and a ravishing red carpet that made for an intimate, unforgettable gala. "These are your people" it was said when friends saw my smiles. Hats off 😉 to the dynamic and gifted Katie O'Regan who along with her Sacred Noise Society crew put on an incredible event at a world class venue ( the Blue Harbor Resort ).
    Thank you.

    November 2023