“SPORT MOVIES & TV 2022” is the World Final of 20 Festivals (around the 5 Continents) of the “World FICTS Challenge” Championship of Television, Cinema, Communication and Sport Culture scheduled in Milan (Italy), on November 9-13.

New location in the hearth of Milan will be the “Core business” of the event (entrance by invitation upon necessary confirmation) articulated into 100 Projections, 4 Meetings, 2 Workshop, 4 Exhibitions, 2 Press Conference, 30 Awards of international guests, 20 Side Events.

A program with several appointments articulated in 10 prestigious venues, a “Widespread Festival” across the whole of Milan territory which will transform the city into a place dedicated to professionals, fans and tourists of any age. All the admitted productions to the Festival will have maximum visibility at the international level. In addition to appearing on the program of the event, a detailed illustrated booklet is included in the Catalogue of the Festival, in the “Selected” and “General Archive” section on the official website of FICTS while the trailer will be published online in the same section.
A Selection Commission of the Federation will choose some of the best productions that will be sent to the Festivals of the “World FICTS Challenge 2022”.

The International Jury, composed by 7 exponents of cinema, television, media, sport and culture coming from Countries that don’t participate to the Festival, will assign “Guirlande d’Honneur” (“Oscar of Cinema and Sport Television”), “Mention d’Honneur”, “Special Awards” for each 7 Sections.

The event - through “FICTS is Culture through sport” slogan - is organized by FICTS - Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs, joined with 130 Member Countries (chaired by Prof. Franco Ascani Member of “IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Heritage”) and recognized by the International Olympic Committee for which it promotes the values of sport through footages.

The works sent to the Organizing Committee are evaluated by an international jury that will assign the "Guirlande d'Honneur", the "Mention d'Honneur" and the Special Awards for each of the Sections.

Authorities, numerous sports, film and television personalities, with the intervention of the main network, will attend the "Gala Award" of "SPORT MOVIES & TV 2022". Established in 1983, the "Guirlande d'Honneur" Award, designed by Silvio Gazzaniga, the sculptor of the Soccer World Cup, which reproduces the laurel wreath of the winners of the first Olympic Games, is assigned to the best productions in the respective categories of the Festival and to the characters of Sport, TV, Film and Journalism that "have played a significant role in the promotion of the sports image and the cultural and ethical values of sport"

- “Candido Cannavò” Award for the “Olympic Spirit”
- “Premio della Critica - Targa Bruno Beneck” Award
- “Sport and Solidarity” Daniele Redaelli Award
- “Opera Prima - Enrica Speroni” Award by “Gazzetta dello Sport” .
- “Gentlemen – Fair Play” Award

In order to submit the productions (the number of works for each participants is unlimited) to the Festival, it’s obligatory to send – in digital format (mailto: info@ficts.com) - within and no later September 10, 2022 (the date is mandatory – see Art. 4 /Section 1) through files senders (wetransfer, vimeo, myairbridge, etc.) or though link to downloadable files (vimeo, youtube, etc.) the following items:

a) Entry Form (www.fictsfederation.it/festivalform.doc) properly filled in (and signed) with Brief synopsis of the video in Italian and English;
b) Copy of video in MP4 (Ultra HD) or MOV H264 format with English subtitles if the original version is in a different language. The Organizing Committee also agrees to request a copy of the works in Digital Cinema Package (DCP) compliant with the DCI directives.
c) Copy of trailer (max. length of 3’) in MP4 (Ultra HD) or MOV H264 format to publish on FICTS website in “Trailer Section”, to be showed on televisions, during the “Award Ceremony”, etc.;
d) Bio filmography of Director and/or the Actors and the post-production dialogue list;
e) Digital HD pictures to be used for the Official Catalogue, Press Office, website and Festival promotional campaign;
f) Payment proof of the Entry Fee;
g) Promotional materials – printed (please don’t send files): posters, flyers, brochures, gadgets, etc. to be shown during the Festival. The promo materials must be sent to FICTS Headquarters within and no later September 30, 2022, to the following address:

FICTS – Organizing Committee

Via De Amicis, 17- 20123 Milano (Italy)
Tel.: +39 02
Website: www.sportmoviestv.com;
E-mail: info@ficts.com – relazionipubbliche@ficts.com

All shipping costs of materials (including any customs fees) by courier are in charged to the sender.

The set of forms must be filled out in English and Italian languages. A not readable, not understandable and/or incomplete documentation (lack of synopsis, lack of stills or video in different requested format, etc.) will implicate the EXCLUSION of the productions from the Festival.
The Entry fee is:
• € 60 (fifthy euro) for all the productions;
• € 25 (twenttyfive euro) film realized by a first-time director who has never directed, either individually or jointly with another director, any feature film or which has been distributed in cinemas.

It will include:
1. Secretariat rights
2. Free registration of producer/director to FICTS for 2022
3. The participation in the “World FICTS Challenge”
4. The reduction of 50% of the cost of the overnight stay (max 2 persons) in the Hotel 4* (in the city center of Milan) in rates with FICTS (that will take charge of the remaining 50%) for directors and producers attended to the Festival.

Payments of the Entry fee (net after bank charges) can be made through FilmFreeway platform, paypal (mail: federation.ficts@gmail.com) or through Bank transfer.

Overall Rating
  • Noah Ga

    Maybe the best sport festival I’ve seen.
    Great organisation & people. I recommand to submit your sport film.

    November 2022
  • Laura Field

    It was such a great opportunity to participate in this great event. Hopefully, we can be there in person next year!

    March 2021
  • Minha Kang

    It was very special occasion and the program director and I both were satisfied with festival operation. we will join again with brand new works next year and hope see all Fict staffs in person next season!

    November 2020
  • It's an amazing festival. I received the 'MENTION D'HONNEUR' award with my movie 'EMRE'. I would like to thank everyone who contributed.

    November 2020
  • Alejandra Cadena-Perez

    FICTS is the best festival I have attended in the new virtual world. They have many years of experience, and indeed they showed quality and professionalism from the start. The FICTS team is a top-class team. They answered every question I had, and they were honest, prompt, and attentive to my inquiries and needs. The film selection was competitive, and all the films were outstanding. I wish FICTS continuing success for more years to come. They deserve it because the entire team is hard-working professionals dedicated to spreading the spirit of sports and supporting filmmakers. Thank you for having me, I was honored, and I hope to be in person with you next year to thank you personally. Bravo, and Grazie!. ACP

    November 2020