After a hiatus brought on by unforeseen circumstances, we are thrilled to announce the return of our beloved film festival for its 5th year. Under new leadership and with fresh visions for the future, this year's (2024) festival promises to be bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before. From the selection of films to the events and activities, every aspect of the festival has been carefully curated to provide an unforgettable experience for cinephiles and casual movie-goers alike. Join us as we celebrate the magic of cinema and the power of storytelling, and rediscover the joy of coming together to share in this collective experience.


Southern Oasis Film Festival is a celebration of Filmmakers, by FIlmmakers and true Cinephiles. Whether you shot a guerilla style film or a budgeted film, we want to see it. Southern Oasis Film Festival champions the artists, encourages collaboration and growth! We welcome films from all over the world!

The Awards List for the 2024 Season are below!

Best Micro Short
Best Foreign Short
Best Foreign Feature
Best Local Film
Best Local Actor
Best Local Actress
Best Student Film
Best Student Writer
Best Student Director
Best College Film
Best College Writer
Best College Director
Best College Actor
Best College Actress
Best Short Documentary
Best Feature Documentary
Best Animated Short
Best Short Film
Best Writer (Short)
Best Director (Short)
Best Actor (Short)
Best Actress (Short)
Best Film
Best Writer
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress

Two Week Twister
Best Director
Best Film
Best Twist
Best Writing
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Editing
Best Use of Elements

Non-English films should be accompanied by English subtitles.
Films with explicit content resembling X-rated material are not permitted.
Decisions made by the judges are considered final.
Screening fees for showcasing films are not covered by us.
Refunds will not be provided.

Overall Rating
  • J. Trimble

    I have so much gratitude for this festival. The organizers are always gracious and a pleasure to work with. They make it clear from day 1 that they are here to celebrate filmmaking, and they assemble a stellar lineup of films. Although Covid temporarily drove the festival online (in Feb. 2021), hopefully the virtual screenings extended their reach, and more people will discover what a treasure this is.

    July 2021
  • Jim Politano

    I was really glad my movie got accepted and was looking forward to going to Knoxville where our niece lives. Unfortunately COVID hit and the festival supposedly happen on line. But I never got any notification either with my regular e-mail or spam. They also have never updated their Facebook page and took down their website even though I check every day. No mention of any awards either. I'll have to contact Film Freeway to see if this festival even took place.

    June 2021
    Response from festival:

    Jim, I do apologize that you feel like the festival did not happen. However your film "The Class Analysis" was selected as part of the festival to screen but was not nominated nor did it win any awards. The Festival did stream via Twitch like we posted, as that is all that we could do during a pandemic, as we lost all of our sponsors as well as almost every volunteer. Our website went down after tracking visits, people were more responsive to Facebook than anything, so instead of paying out more money from our already struggling, built from the ground up festival we chose to stick to emails and FB. I will acknowledge that a few other people claim to have not received emails, and that is a frustration to me as I only used the mass email blaster from inside of Film Freeway and a few others mentioned not getting emails, and for that I am sorry. That is a concern since the festival relied on FilmFreeway for communication and it seems to not have worked well at all. I sincerely apologize for your troubles and frustrations, and sincerely hope you will give us another shot next year. - T

  • It was a pleasure to be part of the Southern Oasis Film Festival! Thank you for choosing Road 721!

    February 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for submitting and we look forward to having you next year!

  • Andrew J. Bullard IV

    Did a great job of communicating all of the changes they had to make due to COVID-19. It was a pleasure to have my short film "Ain't God Alright" selected

    February 2021
    Response from festival:

    So glad to have been able to share your work and we hope to see more from you next year!

  • Brendan Egan

    So grateful to have had my film "The Lost Boy" nominated for Best Student Film! Unfortunately, I couldn't attend, but a representative for our film did and LOVED the festival! Definitely recommend submitting!

    November 2020