Southern Oasis Film Festival is a celebration of Filmmakers, by FIlmmakers and true Cinephiles. Whether you shot a guerilla style film or a budgeted film, we want to see it. Southern Oasis Film Festival champions the artists, encourages collaboration and growth! We welcome films from all over the world!

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- Films NOT in english, MUST have English subtitles.
- No X-Rated Films
- Judges Selections are Final
- We DO NOT pay screening fees to show your film

Overall Rating
  • The people at Southern Oasis did a tremendous job. We will be attending again next year!

    February 2019
  • Seth Young

    For a first year festival it was very impressive. I will be participating again in future festivals. I'll explain the less than perfect marks, primarily for the benefit of the festival creators.

    Quality - The sound quality of the films shown at the theater was too loud, it actually sounded like an attempt to normalize videos was made on all the films. Which meant some films that were better adjusted became too loud and had distortion.

    Communication - The lower mark here is mostly because the information didn't come from the same source consistently. The preference would be to pick a singular source and relay all information through that source.

    Networking - The lowest rating for the festival, there were no workshops or events available to allow networking among filmmakers. For the future festivals it might be ideal to offer some sort of workshop, even just a Q&A with one of the directors from outside the area who has submitted to the general submissions.

    Again though it was a wonderful experience and I am excited to participate next year!

    February 2019
    Response from festival:

    Seth, SOFF will happily touch on on of your listed imperfections. Thank you very much for participating and understanding that its our first year.

    - Sound quality is treacherous land, between filmmakers submitting films that are not equalized well or if at all, or have the audio on left side only, it definitely proposes a challenge to ensure perfect audio on every film, however our host venue was on top of sound imbalances and if at any point the volume was an issue and we didnt catch it, thats our apologies.

    - As I do not know what information you are referring to, I cannot isolate this incident. There were issues when dates had to be moved around as well as a lack of the website being updated, and that I can understand, however the Facebook page which handled all of the information and the FB event page were completely up to date with all the correct information at all times.

    - Networking, being our first year, we were not sure in what capacity to have a workshop. While a Q&A could have been offered, we also appreciate and encourage that people seek out other filmmakers to talk to them about their film. During the day when the out of town filmmakers were attending, very few locals were in attendance and so a Q&A during those times would have had next to if not any attendance.

    While we do appreciate the feedback, please understand that not all of these issues fall straight into the lap of SOFF. Again, we definitely appreciate your feedback, and are happy to have you back again next year!

  • Jordan-Paige Sudduth

    While I wasn't able to attend the festival physically, the festival was great at communication. It was an honor to have my film, One Shot, selected to be in the festival!

    February 2019
    Response from festival:

    Jordan, Thank you so much! We hope that you are able to be with us next year and we look forward to more work from you!

  • Elaine Del Valle

    I didn’t attend but I felt very much in the loop and wish I had. I feel so blessed to have won best short film.

    February 2019
    Response from festival:

    Elaine, your film truly was an honor to share and while we are sad you could not be with us, we are happy that we had the honor of sharing your film! Hope you will join us next year!

  • This is a great festival, run by really nice people. We were unable to attend our screening, but were kept up to date with all of the happenings. I highly recommend submitting to this festival!

    February 2019
    Response from festival:

    Taryn, thank you so much for your response and we hope to see more work from you and encourage you to attend next year!