Our International festival is held in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona showing films from all over the world. Yes , Arizona is NOT all desert - come be in the cool pines and fresh mountain air. Films from all over the world are screened. All selected films are shown in 4 of the 8 big screens in the state of the art WME theatre all in one building. Our CASH awards are given on stage during the ceremony. Enter early as we do not give free waivers - only 2018 participants will receive a discount code. Our festival supplies lots of free food and parties. 2 free film makers passes to each accepted entry. Check our reviews here as well as www.facebook.com/showlowfilmfestival , we treat all film makers like a VIP and give out great Swag bags.All of us are a fun group with a great heart and a drive to help film makers further their career and we truly care about your films. Film Makers are informed after each deadline if their film made it into round 2, only films that receive at least one judges nomination advance on. This way film makers can take care of travel arrangements as well as DCP conversion and upload early. If you do not get an early notification, don't worry, you are still in the running until all films have been judged. Final selections are informed after the announcement date. We already had a distributor at our first event and are looking forward to have more attend. All accepted films must be in DCP formats - if you are not willing to do so, please do not enter - there are plenty of online festivals- Our film fest is all about you being there to attend great workshops and learn from industry experts. All accepted entries have to submit their DCP to www.simpledcp.com , or pay for them to convert your other format. Please do so immediately after being an official selection. Our FANTASTIC industry workshops are free to accepted film makers - Entertainment Law, Pitch fest, Is my Movie sellable?, Producer panel, Stunt in film, Lighting workshop, Media magic, Successful Film festival runs, Studio and equipment presentations, Arizona Film Commission presentation. Check www.showlowfilmfestival.com for details often as we will be adding them. Prestigious awards as well as cash prizes & more. To be eligible, Projects must be finished after January 1st, 2017. We only accept films that receive at least one nomination from the selection committee. Accepted film must have an official representative at the festival, properly registered during official registration days and times, present during the entire festival to do the Q & A for their film, and attend the awards ceremony in order to be eligible for any awards!
Please keep this in mind - we do not make exceptions!

An optional classy awards dinner ($30 cost) is held prior to the free awards ceremony. All workshops are held before any screening begins. All screenings are in the afternoon to assure good attendance. Discounted lodging links will be available via www.showlowfilmfestival.com. This festival has the support of the Arizona Film Commission, The local chambers and cities.

The Owner and Producer of the festival , Martina Webster owner of DarMar Productions, has done festivals in California , was a producer on Justin Haywards (Moody Blues) Music video "The Wind of Heaven", is a producer on the Feature film "The Wind of Heaven", currently in pre-production , and Turnovermovie.com. Her and her husband Daren own property in Lakeside Arizona. They partnered up with long time friend Stephany Borders and daughter Dalea Faulkner , both experts in their own fields for event planning and media.

Winners will receive a prestigious custom award, some will receive other industry sponsored prizes, such as a run in the movie theater, products or CASH.
Categories might be added, deleted or combined according to entries and selections. Check often for any changes in categories, prizes and awards along the way

Best of Festival - $500.00 - DarMar Production Award
Producer's Choice -The Martina Webster Award
Producer's Choice - The Stephany Border Award
Producer's Choice - The Dalea Faulkner Award
Audience Choice - voted by festival guests
Best Feature US & International - $100
Best Featurette US & International - $100
Best Short under 11 Minutes US & International $75
Best Short 11 Minutes & over $75
Best Short - Comedy/Mockumentary $75
Best Documentary US & International $100
Best Family Film
Best Student Film - The Daen Faulkner Award
Best Suspense- US & International - Sponsored by Green Tree Inn (Possible Cash)
Best Horror - US & International - Sponsored by Summit Health Care (Possible Cash)
Best Sci-Fi - US & International - Sponsored by Coca Cola (Possible Cash)
Best Screenplay (Separate competition)- Sponsored by Green Tree Inn
Best Sound - The Jerry Croney Award
Best Production Design - Sponsored by Coca Cola
Best Ensemble - Sponsored by WME Theaters- Croney Family
Best Music Video - by WME Theaters- Croney Family
Best Song - within your accepted project by WME Theaters- Croney Family
Best Director Feature/Featurette - Sponsored by Summit Health Care
Best Director Short - Sponsored by Summit Health Care
Best Cinematography (2)
Excellence in Producing (2) - sponsored by Maverick Magazine
Best Credits
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Youth - Sponsored by Summit Health Care
Best Movie Poster ( Special Entry required)
#ShowLowFilmFestival Media Award (2)

Eligibility: Must be works in English, International entries must have English subtitles. Only works completed after January 1, 2017 will be accepted. We only take digital online submissions via FilmFreeway. FilmFreeway accepts all major video formats in full quality HD for online FilmFreeway judging. After being selected all official selected films into the festival must then submit in DCP format to www.SimpleDCP.com at film makers cost in order to be shown at the state of the art theater. If you already have a proper DCP, they will not charge you, only if it needs convertion. All submitted works will be judged by the Selection committee and festival producers. We reserve the right to determine the eligibility of any project or to combine, delete or add categories. Works will be categorized or changed at the sole discretion of the Festival Committee. Filmmaker irrevocably grants Festival the right to use, for promotional purposes, an excerpt from the Film if it is selected for screening at the Festival. We only accept films with at least one nomination. Accepted film must have a representative at the festival properly registered during festival official registration times, be present during entire festival to do their own Q & A and awards ceremony in order to be eligible for any awards. Representative must be someone on your film that has knowledge of the film. Any other representative, such as a company that reps films, must be approved and accepted by the festival. No more than 5 films per rep company. You may not ask another film to rep yours, unless they are in the official credits of that film.

Feature: 60 to 120 minutes plus credits (no more than 10 minutes)
Featurette: 26 to 59 Minutes
Short: 25 minutes or less ( we split in half with two awards after all accepted entries )
Student: 18 & under - 2 to 90 minutes
International: Must have English subtitles if not in English. All films must be produced overseas.
Suspense/Horror/Scifi: Suspenseful storyline, SciFi Horror - May get separate awards. if enough selected.
Best of Festival - can come from any of the above categories
Music video: between 2 and 5 minutes, must be original work for artist, not a cover of a song.

Judging committee has the right to change the category of an entry, if it is in the best interest of the film maker. All entries must be paid for in order to be judged or accepted. All decisions are final - no Refunds - Reminder - after you are selected - you must submit your film to Simpledcp.com. Please check them out in advance. Judges overall average score and their personal selections for each award is taken in consideration. Best of Festival is not allowed to win in Short, Featurette , Feature, Horror, Suspense, SciFi or documentary, but could win Best Director, Actor etc.
It is the highest honor of the festival.

Submitter and affiliates if accepted into the festival, are responsible for the transport costs and housing. Show Low Film Festival and it’s directors and staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. By submitting to the Show Low Film Festival you warrant, as sole and exclusive owner/s of all legal right and title that you have absolute authority to submit to the Show Low Film Festival. You indemnify and hold the Show Low Film Festivals and all it’s affiliates harmless, including WME theatres, event locations, all judges, sponsors and staff against all claims, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses including legal fees, based on films/videos submitted to the Show Low Film Festival. You hereby grant the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes for the festival. Judges will keep content, form technical aspects and sound in mind. By digitally signing the entry form, each participant accepts, without reservation, the terms of the regulations as stated in this document.

Overall Rating
  • Elizabeth Yoder

    First Class all the way. Doing it right from the start. Been to many festivals and Show Low Film Festival is in the top quality festivals in my list.

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so very Much

  • Enrique Diaz

    Fantastic festival! The communication prior, during and after the festival was awesome. The networking opportunities were great. The hospitality was amazing. I felt welcomed and appreciated as a filmmaker the moment I was accepted. Extremely well run festival and I was so happy I attended.

    November 2018
    Response from festival:

    We are happy to have had you and your film at the festival. It was a joy. Thank you very much

  • David Wharton Sr.

    It was, hands down, absolutely THE most amazing experience ever! I've been to a few film festivals before, but I would have to say this one was the best!!! See you in 2019!!!

    November 2018
    Response from festival:

    We are thrilled that you enjoyed our festival and are honored you are planning to come back. Make it a family getaway!

  • Randall Whittinghill

    We loved this festival! I can't believe it was the inaugural because it was top 3 the MOST organized festival. the professionalism, the hospitality and value of the experience were incredible! We look forward to next year! Congratulations to Kruiz our actress for winning best youth! It was an amazing awards dinner to celebrate with the filmmakers!

    November 2018
    Response from festival:

    Honored by your review. Organisation is important, and so is connecting with the film makers. We are pleased that you enjoyed it

  • Alan Lacy

    The 2018 SLFF was a tremendous success. Martina and company did an incredible job, and making every filmmaker and crew feel welcomed and a part of the experience. This festival is more than simply a regular film festival, it was an experience. Even though this was year one, it felt like a long running prestigious festival to all of us filmmakers. We were all treated equally, no festival favoritism at all. Great informative workshops, with practical applications that were extremely useful. So many wonderful opportunities for networking, not only with other filmmakers and actors, but with the local industry as well. It was overall, one of the best festivals I have attended so far. I highly recommend this festival to any filmmaker!

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    We feel very honored by your praise. Thank you very much!