Please understand BEFORE you enter that the films we accept are our top award winners - because of this, we require the one official from crew or cast in attendance the entire time of the festival including the Awards ceremony (3 days) . We also require for you to submit your final film for the festival in DCP FORMAT ONLY via Simple DCP. All award winners are shown in a state of the art theater! Both US and International are in the same category, but have separate Awards. No refunds. we do offer an alternative festival with online quarterly awards only festival that feeds into the annual Show Low Film festival.


Our International festival is held in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona showing films from all over the world. Come be in the cool pines and fresh mountain air. All selected award winning films are shown in 4 of the 8 big screens in the state of the art WME theatre - all in one building, this is why we require a DCP. All of our winners receive a classy award and our CASH awards are given on stage during the ceremony. Enter early as we select our finalist in March, May, Jun, July and finally at deadline. This will give you early notice to make travel and lodging plans. We supplies lots of free food and parties. One free film makers pass ($100 plus Value) to each accepted entry that is attending- We treat all film makers equally and like a VIP . Each attending film (or representative if more than 1 film or script) will receive a swag bag and will screen at least 2 times. This year trailers will be added to each film's page we create at no cost. All of us are a fun group with a great heart and a drive to help film makers further their career and we truly care about your films. Film Makers are informed after each deadline if their film made it. This way you can take care of travel arrangements as well as DCP conversion and upload early. If you do not get an early notification, don't worry, you are still in the running until all films have been judged. Final selections are informed after the announcement date. We invite Press and distributors to attend our festival. All accepted films must be in DCP format via - if you are not willing to do so, please do not enter - there are plenty of online festivals that accept other formats. Our film fest is all about you being there to attend great workshops and learn from industry experts and to be mentored for the 3 days.. Please submit to immediately after being an official award winner. Our FANTASTIC industry workshops are free and optional to accepted film makers - Entertainment Law, Pitch fest, Is my Movie sellable?, Producer panel, Lighting workshop, Media magic, Think Tanks and more. Check for details often as we will be adding them. To be eligible, Projects must be finished after January 1st, 2020. Accepted film must have an official representative at the festival, properly registered during official registration days and times, present during the entire festival to do the Q & A for their film, and attend the awards ceremony in order to be eligible for any awards and to screen! Please keep this in mind - we do not make exceptions! It is only 3 days!

Script winners may attend less days, but have to attend the awards ceremony. However, we highly suggest that you consider coming the entire time to take advantage of the workshops.

All workshops are held outside of the screening times. Screenings are Fri, Sat & Sun.
Discounted lodging links will be available via These are hotels we personally vetted and refer and we do not receive a kick back! This festival has the support of the Arizona Film Commission and the local chambers and cities.

The Owner and Producer of the festival , Martina Webster owner of DarMar Production LLC, has done festivals in California, was a producer on Justin Haywards (Moody Blues) Music video "The Wind of Heaven", is a producer on the Feature film , Hashtag Blessed the Movie scheduled to release December 2022 and Her and her husband Daren live in the White Mountains. They partnered up with long time friend Stephany Borders also living in the White Mountains and daughter Dalea Faulkner , both experts in their own fields for event planning and media.

Winners will receive a prestigious custom award, some will receive other industry sponsored prizes, such as a run in the movie theater, products or CASH.
Categories might be split, deleted or combined according to entries and selections. Check often for any changes in categories, prizes and awards along the way. Cash awards are based on number of competitors within that category. Please check often as we are working on the categories after our final deadline . Updated list of awards and prizes is

Best of Festival high scoring - TOP 10 highest scoring each Receiving CASH and award, and certificates for each department sponsored by DarMar Production LLC

Best of Festival high scoring scripts - TOP 3 highest scoring each Receiving CASH and award sponsored by DarMar Production LLC

Best off Arizona
Producer's Choice - The Martina Webster Award
Producer's Choice - The Stephany Border Award
Producer's Choice - The Dalea Faulkner Award
Best Short under 10 Minutes
Best Short 10-15 -Minutes
Best Short 16 -25 Minutes
Best Screenplay (Separate competition)- for family/Drama, Horror & Sci Fi/Suspense
Best Documentary short
Best Documentary Featurette/Feature
Best Featurette/Feature
Best Mockumentary/Comedy
Best Suspense (Short-Featurette-Feature)
Best Sci-Fi
Best Horror - (Short-Featurette-Feature)
Best Production Design
Best Hair/Makeup
Best Wardrobe
Best Ensemble
Best Score
Best Director Documentary
Best Director Feature/Featurette
Best Director Short
Best Cinematography - short
Best Cinematography - Documentary
Best Cinematography - Featurette/Feature
Excellence in Producing
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Youth
Best Movie Poster - You will have to mail a printed poster to the movie theater. Best Poster will be hung for one year at the theater. Please inquire about size
More awards might be added.
Special Crowny Award will receive a one week run at the theater with a 50/50 split

Eligibility: Please understand BEFORE you enter that the films we show are the award winners - that means you know if selected that you will be rec3eiving an award, because of this we require one official from the project to attend the entire time of the festival (3days) including the Awards ceremony and all Q & A. Parties and workshops are optional. Scripts must attend at least all day Sunday. We also require for you to submit your film for the festival in DCP FORMAT ONLY via FilmFreeway. If you are not prepared to do this, please do not enter! If you do, we would love to have you! NO FREE WAIVERS. Must be works in English, International entries must have English subtitles. Only works completed after January 1, 2020 will be accepted. (exceptions are scripts) We only take digital online submissions via FilmFreeway. FilmFreeway accepts all major video formats in full quality HD for online FilmFreeway judging. After being selected all official selected films into the festival must then submit in DCP format to at film makers cost in order to be shown at the state of the art theater. If you already have a proper DCP, they will not charge you, only if it needs to be converted. All submitted works will be judged by the Selection committee and festival producers. We reserve the right to determine the eligibility of any project or to combine, delete , change or add categories. Works will be categorized or changed at the sole discretion of the Festival Committee. Filmmaker irrevocably grants Festival the right to use, for promotional purposes, an excerpt from the Film if it is selected for screening at the Festival. We do not show nominations. Accepted film must have a representative at the festival properly registered during festival official registration times, be present during entire festival to do their own Q & A and awards ceremony in order to be eligible for any awards or Screening. Representative must be someone on your film that has knowledge of the film. Any other representative, such as a company that reps films, must be approved and accepted by the festival. No more than 3 films per rep company. A film maker may only rep 2 films. You may not ask another film to rep yours, unless they are in the official credits of that film. Custom forms must be filled out completely.

Feature: 60 to 120 minutes
Featurette: 26 to 59 Minutes
Short: 25 minutes or less
International: Must have English subtitles if not in English. All films must be produced overseas.

Judging committee has the right to change the category of an entry, if it is in the best interest of the film maker. All entries must be paid for in order to be judged or accepted. All decisions are final - no Refunds - Reminder - after you are selected - you must submit your film to Please check them out in advance. Judges overall average score and their personal selections for each award is taken in consideration. Best of Festival is not allowed to win in Short, Featurette , Feature, Horror, Suspense, SciFi or documentary, but could win Best Director, Actor etc. It is the highest honor of the festival.

Submitter and affiliates if accepted into the festival, are responsible for the transport costs and housing. Show Low Film Festival and it’s directors and staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. By submitting to the Show Low Film Festival you warrant, as sole and exclusive owner/s of all legal right and title that you have absolute authority to submit to the Show Low Film Festival. You indemnify and hold the Show Low Film Festivals and all it’s affiliates harmless, including WME theatres, event locations, all judges, sponsors and staff against all claims, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses including legal fees, based on films/videos submitted to the Show Low Film Festival. You hereby grant the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes for the festival. Judges will keep content, form technical aspects and sound in mind. By digitally signing the entry form, each participant accepts, without reservation, the terms of the regulations as stated in this document.

Overall Rating
  • This was first time at the Show Low Film festival, but hopefully not the last becasue it was a total blast! It's a small, fun and very filmmaker friendly film festival and I will be sure to submit again next year!

    November 2021
  • This was my second time attending the Show Low Film Festival. Last year I won Best of Scripts and I had such a great time that I wanted to go back this year. I was thrilled to win for Best Drama Script as well as Best of Scripts again for another screenplay.

    Show Low is a beautiful area of northern Arizona between the Mogollon Rim and the White Mountains that's always worth visiting. The film festival is friendly, encouraging, and immersive, providing workshops and lectures from guest speakers (including a pitch meeting for screenwriters and filmmakers). There are themed parties every night and constant opportunities to network. Winners are also afforded interviews with various media.

    I was also very encouraged by the quality of films in this year's festival. Now I have to turn my attention on what I'm going to enter for next year's festival!

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    We are so honored to have had you back as one of our top winners

  • I am proud to say that Show Low is where I got to do the live premiere for my short Mater Mortis. This festival is small, filmmaker-centric, and the organizers will pick up the phone if you call them. I appreciate that the program was small, and that it was repeated over two days so I could catch films that I missed out on. I also appreciate that the festival was SHORT! Better to be left wanting more and looking forward to the next year! The networking opportunities at this festival were fantastic, as were the workshops.

    That being said, no festival is perfect. Here are some suggestions that are hopefully helpful:

    1. Some of the more green filmmakers were making some critical errors when networking over the weekend. I think having a basics of networking workshop would be good, especially as there are a lot of local filmmakers in the area Show Low puts a lot of effort into supporting. Recognizing when you have an opportunity to develop your career and taking the steps to communicate effectively with others is an important skill.

    2. I think in the future, a programming block specifically for children's films would be good.

    3. A sticker or printed program on the back of people's passes, so that even when your phone stops working you can orient yourself very quickly. I have been to a few festivals that did this (granted it works better with smaller programming), and it was awesome.

    I personally think Show Low is a festival that has the capability to become a gem of a festival not only in AZ but the entire country given time and further development. I truly look forward to submitting my film again and flying out to the beautiful White Mountains of AZ!

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    We are looking forward to seeing more of your projects. Thank you for the kind words and the wonderful Phone call

  • Michael Coscia

    The Show Low Film Fest is a gem. It exceeded all expectations. Well organized. Great networking amongst filmmakers. A terrific assortment of films. I would definitely recommend this festival.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so very much, we truly enjoyed your special message in your short

  • Randy Davison

    This was my second time attending the Show Low Film Festival and my experience once again did not disappoint! Set in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona, this resort mountain town offers a fun getaway, along with great networking opportunities. It's a very filmmaker friendly festival and they really give the filmmakers the VIP treatment...drinks, food, shwag, and fun parties. The James Bond themed party was so much fun and even featured beautiful aerial dancers dressed in sparkling gold outfits that danced above the dance floor, as the D.J. played every Bond theme song throughout the night. The panels were very informative and included accomplished, knowledgeable industry filmmakers. All of the films were played in four dedicated theaters in a large Multiplex and the festival is well so organized, that you know exactly what time your film shows within a block, making it very easy to see new friends' films and other films that you really want to see. The quality of the films were outstanding. I will definitely make it a point to come back. I highly recommend the Show Low Film Festival to any filmmaker that wants a great festival experience that is second to none.

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful review