This festival is our second year running the festival - we want it to be remarkable! 
A juried festival with a low entry fee that gives out cash awards and screens in an actual venue! Oh my!!
The selected short films will be screened in February 2024 at the beautiful Cosford Cinema, University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. The venue houses a 70-square-foot screen and exhibits 35mm and a variety of high-definition digital formats. Awards for best film will be presented on the closing night. A jury of international industry professionals will award prizes to the most engaging films.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Miami, a city with a stunning culture and amazing nightlife.

Debra and Dennis Scholl Best of the Festival prize:
Best of the Festival prize of $2000

Best Narrative - $500
Best Documentary - $500

Debra and Dennis Scholl Best of Miami Festival prizes:
Best made in Miami Documentary - $500
Best made in Miami Narrative Film - $500

All the Official Selection films will compete for the Best of the Fest award.

-In order to submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.
-The Festival relationship will exclusively be related to the film submitter.
-Any Foreign film that is not in English must have English subtitles.
-All fees are non-refundable.
-Not all the submissions are selected for the official competition. Our Judges are free to make their own choices and no answers will be given about not selected films.
-Submitting your movie, you authorize Shorts Miami International Film Festival to use, distribute and share the film poster, trailer, synopsis and movie stills in our social media.
-Maximum length allowed is 20 minutes.
-Films must have been completed in the last 3 years.

Overall Rating
  • It was an honor to be apart of the festival. Being one of the nine amazing films chosen was mind blowing. With a great jury and very communicative staff. I will definitely be back to submit another film. Thank you for having us in the festival!

    February 2024
  • Oana Whaples

    My recent experience was nothing short of exceptional. Its vibrant celebration of short films, provided an outstanding platform for connecting with like-minded creatives.

    The organization of the festival was impeccable and the festival team did an incredible job of keeping participants informed and engaged. What stood out most prominently was the welcoming and supportive staff. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. The festival personnel were always available to assist, answer questions, and make sure everyone felt included and valued. This welcoming atmosphere extended to the filmmakers and participants.

    The Shorts Miami Film Festival was not just about screening films; it was also a fantastic networking opportunity. The event brought together a diverse group of filmmakers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts, creating a rich environment for sharing ideas, experiences, and future project discussions.

    One of the highlights of the festival was the fantastic party. It was not just a celebration but a testament to the festival's commitment to creating an immersive experience for all attendees. The party offered a casual and fun environment for filmmakers to unwind, celebrate their achievements, and forge new connections. The energy was infectious, with live music, engaging conversations, and a genuine celebration of short film as an art form.

    The Shorts Miami Film Festival is undoubtedly a must-attend event for filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike, and I look forward to participating in future editions.

    February 2024
  • Erinç Durlanık

    Great festival, great jury and great communication.
    When The Shift Ends is awarded as the best narrative short film, thank you for that. Unfortunately I could not attend the festival.
    Definitely recommend!

    February 2024
  • Adam Szudrich

    The team at Shorts Miami International Film Festival are friendly, professional and care deeply about filmmakers. The Slow Dating team were honored to be included in such a brilliant festival and show our work in a fabulous theatre to such esteemed judges. Amazing experience. Five stars!

    February 2024
  • Scott Krahn

    Friday Night Blind was honored to have our world premiere at Shorts Miami in 2023. A very nice festival that is well worth entering.

    December 2023