Short Short Fest is a 3 stop touring event of cartoons, animations, cosplay and more! If you enjoy experiencing new works of independent animated content, meeting local artists, and winning prizes with friends then Short Short Fest has you covered!
Watch cartoons, enjoy drawing on the community art wall, play Super Smash Bros, meet artists, and discover your new favorite films! Come early and mingle with other cartoon lovers and creators! Draw on the community art wall, win prizes like a NEW Drawing tablet and more! BUT MOST OF ALL get a good seat for all the featured original cartoons!

Short Short Fest has prizes spanning from Brand New drawing tablets, signed works from industry animators, and animation care packages.

Short Short Fest is an event open for all animators. Indi, web, industry and beginners. We do not turn away any film based on its genre, style, or creative direction. The only rule that we apply is that it is not longer than 6 min (but we can still be flexible on that)

Short Short Fest is an event built to bring together the animation community and give its artists and community supporters a venue and platform to meet each, have fun, and show animated work confidently.

Overall Rating
  • Evan Ostrow

    Short Short Fest was a great experience. It has a full sense of community behind it, and it's a great way to meet other creative people. The only thing I wasn't aware of is that films are only shown at one location during the road show. Other than that, I'm excited to submit again next year.

    July 2022