FESTIVAL THEME: Overlooked and Hidden Lives

These are the lives of people from the margins, people whose stories need to be told. The narratives can be of suffering and endurance. The culmination may be marked by triumph or tragedy. At the same time, the lives of women and men from the mainstream often have hidden aspects that make for compelling stories. These stories may be comic or serious in tone, but in both cases examination through film and in screenplays can produce profound insight. Filmmakers and screenwriters need not hold too tightly to the theme of this festival. Loose connections, unexpected connections. and most of all connections that make the viewer think long after the screen has gone dark - all are welcome.

Adaptations from stage plays and novels will be accepted if rights are owned or unencumbered. We are looking for all sorts of films including features, shorts, and TV pilots. We want strong screenplays. There are special categories for student work when filmmakers and screenwriters can prove student status.
1. Cinema of all genres, any length, and budget are welcome from all over the world.
2. NO restrictions on the year of making or release.
3. World premieres of the films are a high priority.
4. Works in progress are accepted provided the completion takes place before the event.
5. A co-creators workshop will be organized where you learn from fellow professionals, share your experience and get potential partners/ financiers
6. This is a special opportunity for filmmakers who don’t necessarily have a large budget, but a vision and an important story to tell. We are here to provide them with an international platform. We encourage experimentation and welcome out-of-the-box ideas/content.
7. We will be handing out a number of awards at the event in a number of categories, selected and evaluated by our jury. We encourage you to submit to several categories in order to increase your chances of getting selected or winning an award.
8. Selection and screening of the films will be as follows:
a. Official Selection: First Selection list will be named “Official Selection”. These films will get a Certificate of Official Selection.
b. FINALISTS: Second Selection will be from the Official Selection list. The films selected from the first list will be named as “FINALISTS”. These films will qualify for screening depending upon requisite technical requirements.
c. SCREENING: Some of the FINALISTS will be selected for Screening,
d. AWARD WINNERS: Award will be announced on the last day of screening in the Awards Ceremony.
e. Restrictions: If your film is already available for viewing on a free platform (like YouTube) then the film may not be screened. However, you can still participate in the festival for Official Selection and Finalists.

We have many awards in different categories which will be announced after the screening of the films.

1. Cinema of all genres allowed.
2. No restrictions on length
3. All non-English language films must be subtitled in English.
4. English films with English subtitles are encouraged.
5. We also accept submissions that have premiered elsewhere.
6. Films available for viewing on free platforms (like YouTube) can participate but the films will not be considered for screening.
7. Multiple entries are allowed, however, a separate entry must be submitted for each.
8. Entry fees are non-refundable.
9. We will not be liable for any costs claimed as a result of a change in scheduling and/or venue.
10. No film may be withdrawn from the festival program after its selection.
11. If chosen as an official selection, the festival is granted permission to exhibit the film at Sheffield Global Cinema Festival and all associated screenings and all media publicity material.
12. Location and timing of any screenings of the film shall be the sole decision of the organizers of the Sheffield Global Cinema Festival.
13. Filmmakers/submitters will be solely responsible for all costs resulting from the submission of the film to the Festival.
14. Films selected for screening will be required in the DCP format. Filmmakers/submitters will send us the DCP format, if required, at their own cost and risk.
15. Although every precaution will be taken to prevent loss or damage to materials while in the possession of the festival, Sheffield Global Cinema Festival is not responsible should any materials be damaged while in transit to or from, or while in the possession of the festival.
16. The filmmaker holds Sheffield Global Cinema Festival, its management, juries, subsidiaries, partners, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and volunteers, etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from entry.
17. The filmmaker/submitters certifies to have full rights to the film/material submitted to the festival. The filmmaker/submitter will indemnify the organizers of Sheffield Global Cinema Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings, and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.
18. The filmmaker/submitter certifies that the music used especially in the music videos is an original score. If any copyright claim arises especially for the music videos then the filmmaker/submitter will be fully responsible for it.
19. Decisions of the management of the festival will be final and binding to the submitters regarding judgment, selection, screenings, awards, prizes, certificates, laurels, venue, dates, schedule, or any other activity related to the event. Filmmakers/submitters certify and undertake to abide by the decision of the festival management.
20. In case of some unforeseen situation or force majeure, like the one that happened in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic or some other cause beyond the control of the festival management, the event may be held online. The filmmakers/submitters grant explicit permission to use their submissions in the online event if required.

Overall Rating
  • Thomas McNicholas

    Thankyou for Selecting ‘Cause and Effect;’ A Fantastic Festival

    March 2024
  • Had a great time doing a workshop and networking, had my first ever Q&A with my own film amongst others and nice to see so many interested with genuine questions.

    December 2023
  • SGCF was a wonderful film festival to be a part of. The eclectic films I saw demonstrated an appreciation of the indie film scene. The Q&A sessions were thoughtful and enlightening. Communications was responsive, pertinent and timely. I had a chance to talk with other filmmakers to better understand their craft. Kudos to Jim and the many people up front and center (moderators/facilitators), and “behind” the scenes (photographers, front desk, projectionist, volunteers, etc.) for putting together such a well run film festival. (Thanks for including “caring for mom” in your lineup of films.)

    December 2023
  • EmJay Arts

    Thank you so much for including 'Trees' as part of Sheffield Global Cinema Festival. We felt very welcomed and enjoyed the informative Q & As after the screenings. We are grateful for our Best Director nomination and thrilled to receive Best Screenplay. We hope to see you again next year.

    November 2023
  • Nice festival. Thanks for the selection.

    November 2023