Winners from This years film Festival 2022:

Best Short film

Bereft: In an attempt to move forward, and get back out into the world, a single mother hires a babysitter for the night of her date. The babysitter is told not to disturb the baby while sleeping as she is learning how to self-soothe. But the babysitter’s intrusive curiosity takes over and she decides to go check on the baby—a decision she soon regrets. Filled with contempt, the babysitter is forced to grapple with the harsh reality of this mother’s past and figure out how to deal with what she has just found.

Director Rhea Dudani: is a filmmaker with a passion for feminism and politics, who specializes in creating female-centric narratives to break the glass ceiling.

Best Student Film:

Giti Jan: A woman trapped by tradition in Iran.

Director Shayan Shahverdi.

Best Feature Film:

#Viral World: #Viral Prapancham is a suspense relationship drama that opens with a 24-year old girl jumping off a building. The whole story happens over computer screens, series of video calls, several YouTube videos, collection of social-media stories and a bunch of text messages. This story is about how relationships drift apart on the virtual world.

Director BRIJESH TANGI: Brijesh Chandhra Tangi is a software engineer turned film maker. He is passionate about screen writing and has been a cinephile for most part of his adult life.

Featured in Surrey Leader Now:

Best Film – $100
Best Student Film – $100
Best Documentary Film – $100
Best Short Film – $100

Agreeing to participate in the Shakti Film Festival means that you agree to the following mandatory conditions:

· You agree to participate in the Shakti Film Festival
· Your submission is a final cut and includes no advertisements.
· The official language of the Festival is English. Non-English language films must have English subtitles.
· Uploading a digital, high-resolution screening copy of your film to FilmFreeway. Your submission is INCOMPLETE unless your film is downloadable in high resolution in your FilmFreeway submission. Shakti Film Festival will not replicate, duplicate, sell, or make a profit off of your film.
· Provide 3 high-quality film stills and a film poster with your FilmFreeway submission.
· Provide a trailer if you have one.
· If your film is selected, you agree to allow your film to be screened October 10 and 11.

People of all genders are welcome to submit their films as long as a woman holds one of the following positions within the filmmaking team: Director, Writer, Cinematographer or Producer.


Applicants must have full rights to the films submitted including all people, images, and music therein. By submitting to the Festival, the filmmaker confirms that (i) they have obtained authorization from persons appearing in the film or otherwise have the right to film them; (ii) all content is their own work, (iii) the filmmaker has the right to use all content.

There is no time limit by which the film must have been completed, but preference will be given to relevant and salient subject matter.

The official language of the Festival is English. Non-English language films must have English subtitles.


1 feature film- 60 mins or longer
1 documentary film - 45 min or longer
1 short film - up to 20 mins
1 student film - up to 8 mins


Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: (i) relevance of subject matter; (ii) storytelling - use of structure and image to communicate a compelling story; (iii) technical aspects of filmmaking.

The winning films will be selected by a panel of expert judges involved in film, women’s rights, and/or issues relating to culture and women’s rights. Winning filmmakers will be announced online.

Overall Rating

    Thanks for awarding #Viral World as Best film. The communication was excellent. Sonia Andhi was excellent with communication. The festival is dedicated to address issues faced by women and the movies selected for the festival are a brilliant example of it. Thanks again.

    October 2022
  • shael medina

    A wonderful Film Festival!!! They talk about real problematics and support you in every aspect. I love it. It was a beautiful experience that inspired me so much. Congratulations!

    October 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your feedback, Shael. We hope to continue inspiring others and working with them to showcase films that will change the world in a positive way.

  • Odette Laramee

    We thank you for selecting 'Kuno Sings' for the 1st Shakti Film Festival and for the Honourable Mention for a Short Film. The panel you hosted to engage filmmakers in a discussion of our works, and the important themes of the festival, is definitely a valuable aspect of the festival.

    October 2020