Welcome to Script Crowd Contest!

*** SCC is unique in that its jury panel is compromised of its submitters.***

Upon entry, every submitter is required to pay a buy-in fee. They must then vote for a competing script. If a writer does not submit a vote within the allotted time frame, their script will not be eligible for the prize.

The script with the most votes wins the pot!

There is a cash award of CAD$250 for the winner.

Winner will receive a trophy and a winner certificate.

Free digital downloads of Script Crowd Contest laurels will be made available to all selected and winner writers.

There is a half an hour private Career Coach zoom meeting with a professional in Canadian film industry for the winner. This is a chance for the winner to consult possibility of producing the winner script and examining the requirements with the advice received by the expert.

Contestants must be aware that Script Crowd Contest is:

- 100% online
- All communication will be through email
- There is no limit in the number of submissions by one writer
- Maximum of two (2) votes will be considered for the contestants with more than one submission
- There is a nonrefundable submission fee of CAD$30 for each entry*
- SCC submission is open to everyone around the world
- All rights is reserved for the writers

* All submissions are final. Writers must read the given instructions carefully and ensure their script meets the requirements and eligibility.

To qualify for the contest, submitted scripts must follow ALL the given instructions below:

- All genres are welcome
- Scripts cannot exceed 10 pages
- Writer’s name cannot be on the title page
- Scripts must be written in English
- Scripts must be original
- Scripts must not been formerly produced
- All scripts must be in English
- Scripts must be submitted in .pdf format (no watermark or similar identifying symbols on the pages)

Overall Rating
  • This is a very special contest and unique in nature. Something every writer wants - an opportunity to read and get read. Definitely worthwhile to enter!!!!

    October 2022
  • Raul Salgado

    I really enjoyed reading scripts from different places and backgrounds; I was also very happy to share my script with an active community of screenwriters. This festival knows that creating creative communities is much more important than getting recognition or winning an award. Great festival; I strongly recommend it, you just need to know that it's time consuming actively participate, worth it tho.

    August 2021
  • David Chiappetta

    I really enjoyed participating in the Script Crowd Contest! I was honoured to win the competition with my short script "4433". The aspect that stood out the most to me was its unique voting system. I liked the innovative process of having the submitters vote on the winner. It was great to hear what other creators thought about their selected scripts. That feedback helped show me what works and what didn't. In addition, all information about the festival was communicated clearly through email, and the festival coordinators were helpful and easy to reach if there were any questions. I would definitely recommend this festival to all upcoming and experienced writers who want to showcase their work and receive positive feedback on their scripts. I'd strongly consider participating in the festival in the future!

    August 2021