The Scottish Short Film Festival (SSFF) is to promote and encourage filmmaking in and about Scotland, give credit where it's due and encourage young and upcoming talent in the field. We wholeheartedly welcome submissions from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and from filmmakers of any gender, religion or orientation. Each entry must be 20 minutes or less and have some relation to Scotland - be it Scottish actors, Scottish story, Scottish director, Scottish music etc.

Looking forward to receiving your submissions!

Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Script
Best Sound
Best Music
Best Costume/Make up
Best Editor
Best Cinematography
Best Documentary
ACS Rising Star Award
Thomas Haywood Aerial Photography Award
Private House Stays Most Original/Creative Award

Terms and Conditions

Normal closing date: 11:59pm on 30th June 2021.
Priority will be given to premieres.
All the awards, except Audience Prizes, will be decided in advance by the judges, whose decisions are final.
Audience members vote for the audience prize. You can't vote for yourself.
Maximum length of film : 20 minutes, including titles and credits.
The film must have been completed between 1st Jan 2020 and 30th June 2021, so if it was started in November 2019 and finished in January 2020, this is acceptable. Please note, any false information regarding the film's budget, submitting as a premiere when it is not, or false information regarding the film completion date, then it may be disqualified and you'll lose your entry fee.

We now only accept entries via

It's a Scottish Short Film Competition, so the film must have some relation to Scotland. You can enter as many films as you like.

All those whose films are shown in the film festival will be eligible for one free ticket.

If you don't enter by 30th June 2021, your film will not be shown to the shortlist judges, or watched by myself, even if it's the best ever. But you might have a chance to enter it next year.

The judging panel and the audience's decision is final. If there's a tie for the audience prize, there will be a quickfire question round on the subject of film.

Unfortunately your entry fee cannot be refunded if your film is not chosen to be shown during the film festival, but we will offer some feedback from the judges and a free ticket to the event.
By submitting your film you assert that you as the film-maker own all rights and permissions to use the music and video footage of places, buildings and persons in your film.

Due to the uncertain and changing situation of the COVID pandemic, we will be holding the 2021 film festival to an online event.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via Facebook or email

Overall Rating
  • Mike Marriage

    A great festival focused on Scottish Shorts. The team were super responsive and polite and I got a genuine sense of passion from all of them. They did a fantastic job of dealing with the online festival and awards caused by covid. I only wish that we had been able to attend in person!

    September 2020
  • Andy McEwan

    A brilliant festival which coped well with the restrictions of COVID-19. Delighted to walk away with the Best Script accolade. Hopefully get a chance to come back another year to the festival in person.

    September 2020
  • Robert Duncan

    I reallu enjoyed the festival however I felt the format and organisations could be improved. The quality of shorts varied wildly. It felt like the programme could have been curated more thoroughly. The quick Q&As with each filmmaker seemed rushed and didn't allow for any real discussion and I don't think they did many of the filmmakers justice. The programme was also very long. It felt like they had tried to cram in as many shorts as possible. This left little room for discussion or networking. There was only one small 10 minute break. I think it is a really laudable festival and the organizers really have shown a passion for celebrating the Scottish short film scene but I think they need to reconsider the organisation of the festival and perhaps been more selective in their program.

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Hi Robert, many thanks for your review and comments! We welcome all feedback and will do our best to take this into consideration for future events.

  • Fiona McAndrew

    Thank you SSFF for screening Waders' lullaby. I hope to be part of this festival again in the future.

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the great review, Fiona and it was a pleasure to showcase your animation. It was a lovely way to end the night. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!

  • Daniel Caradec

    Really enjoyed the festival, both as filmmaker and as audience member. I definitely recommend it!

    August 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Daniel! Glad you enjoyed the night. And thank you for taking part with your great film. We look forward to more from you in the future :-) if possible.