Looking for the perfect independent film to submit to the Kfar Saba Amal Independent Film Festival?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Stories that matter - We're looking for films that tell stories that are important, relevant, and thought-provoking. This could be anything from a personal drama to a social commentary.

Originality -
We want to see films that are unique and stand out from the crowd. This could mean exploring new genres, using innovative techniques, or simply telling a story in a fresh way.

Excellence -
We're looking for films that are well-made and technically proficient. This includes everything from the acting and directing to the cinematography and editing.

Here are a few specific examples of the types of films we're looking for:

Dramas that explore complex human emotions and relationships.
Documentaries that shed light on important social issues.
Comedies that make us laugh and think.
Action films that are thrilling and exciting.
Horror films that will scare the pants off us.
Sci-fi films that take us on a journey to new worlds.
Animated films that are imaginative and visually stunning.

Of course, there are many other great independent films that could be submitted to the festival. The most important thing is to choose a film that you're passionate about and that you believe in.

If you think your film has the potential to make a difference, then we encourage you to submit it.

Best Narrative Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Short Film / Music video clip
Best Animation Film
Audiences Choice Award

Every winner filmmaker will get a Digital Certificate.
For trophies (It’s a Paid Service) the filmmaker/submitter can contact us.

The filmmakers/submitters can submit their films online through our online film festival partner Filmfreeway, All genre films will be accepted. unproduced written screenplay only accepted through the screenplay (Written Screen. Films can be submitted in more than one category, Filmmaker/Submitters submit more than one film in one or more different categories. We have no rule related to the production year or production budget that means the Filmmaker/Submitter can submit the film produced and completed in any year.

The submitter/filmmaker/institution will be the sole responsible for all the permissions and decisions on the behalf of all team (cast/crew) members, any third party interference can disqualify the film at any point of competition.

All selected films get the notification through email only. The festival has not published a full-length film without the submitter’s permission, After the selection process completed to Officially Selected films of the edition we share a website link through email to all the submitters of KSAIFF the link carries KSAIFF Film Screening Contract, which will be considered as the express permission of the submitter to showcase the selected film. We need an online link of full film or only trailer (submiiter/filmmaker agree and comfortable to share) which can be embed on the website, We are not uploading any film or trailer online on festival website or youtube/vimeo channel because of the copyright issues, Its solo submitter’s responsibility to provide online links (Which can be embedded on the website) and other required material and information. We send notification through email to all filmmakers, if the filmmaker decides not to show the film online or fail to sign the KSAIFF Screening Agreement within the complete requirements we marked the film into a private screening, all private films are equally qualified for all the awards . except Top 10 of Audiences Choice Award, Mostly Viewed Film (these award are only for online public screening films). A filmmaker can request to change or replace the online link of the full film with the trailer of the film anytime or vice versa.

All the communications (notifications, any requirement emails etc) will be made by official festival email info@dmoffest.com, Kindly keep your email address uptodate with your submission applications. Check your spam box from time to time for communication . Festival will not be responsible if you fail to communicate on time. Submitters can contact the festival within two days of the notification (If the film is selected), if they get no communication with the festival. Its solo submitter’s responsibility to provide online links (Which can be embedded on the website) and other required material and information.

Online Screening Duration :
Screening will be held online on the festival website under respected editions. All selected films will be available on the website forever. The filmmaker (Submitter) can request to remove or replace the film link with the trailer or vice-versa anytime they want.

We accept all language films. films other than the English language must have English subtitles. films other than English without subtitles can disqualify the entry.

After a film has been selected for the competition, the filmmaker is notified via email only. The selected films will be published on the festival website. All films which are selected/nominated for the competition or Festival will be informed only by emails & listed on the festival website. No inquiries or arguments will be entertained regarding non-selected films. The decision of the selection committee will be final.

Each entry will be accompanied by non-refundable fees The entry fee and services fee is not refundable for films that did not get selected. Entries will not be processed without an entry fee payment. The submitter will be responsible for all shipping fees. The Festival will not provide any courier charges.

By submitting your film to our festival you agree that your piece of work (full film, trailer) can be uploaded/embedded on our website. The submitter/filmmaker/institution that is submitting the film must own the copyrights to do so and is responsible for the content they are providing. By submitting, the filmmaker allows KSAIFF to create a page for their film without infringing the copyright of any kind of form.Violation of copyrights can disqualify the film at any point in the competition.
The filmmakers confirm that KSAIFF may sell tickets to the festival events and that KSAIFF may broadcast the works and/or parts of them at the various festival events on the various platforms.

The decision of the Festival Committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The decision of jury members will be final and accepted by all no inquiries or arguments will be entertained. The organizer’s reserve the right not to award any or all of the prizes. The Festival Director reserves the right to make all decisions about the festival.

By submitting your film to Kfar Saba Amal Indie Film Festival you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to all the terms and conditions of the festival's rules and guidelines.