A film competition open to young people (aged 19 and under) living in Scotland or who are Scottish. During the lockdown period, we want you to make a film with the theme of home. Films must be under 5 mins long and not use any copyrighted music.

Winning films will be awarded a prize showcased at an event run by the Scottish Youth Film Festival and the National Library of Scotland's Moving Image Archive which we hope to host towards the end of the year.


This film competition is managed by the Scottish Youth Film Festival (SYFF) in partnership with the National Library of Scotland. Please note that help is available for you to complete the paperwork required so please get in touch if you have any questions.

1. All submissions should be under five minutes in duration.

2. Films can be shot on any devise – DSLR/ video camera/ tablet/ mobile phone. Films can be edited on any editing software.

3. There is no minimum age to submit a film; the upper age limit is 19 years. Anyone under the age of 16 must also include parental/ guardian consent form in submission.

4. Films can be submitted by individuals, groups or families.

5. The theme is HOME so you choose how you interpret the theme in your film. Films can be any genre – drama/ documentary/ comedy/ musical/ animation – your creativity is strongly encouraged.

6. Films must be accompanied with a completed submission form. All participants need to complete a Contributors Release form to consent to take part in the film. Where additional paperwork is required regarding copyright or music this will be indicated. All additional forms must be attached to your submission form. Films will not be accepted with incomplete paper work.

7. MUSIC CLEARANCE - If music is used in the film, you need to sign a declaration that you own the rights to the music. This also applies if you use part of an existing archive clip of your work that you are going to include. This declaration is contained within the submission form. You will have to evidence details in the Music Cue Sheet and send the Music Licence Agreement or Composers Agreement that you obtained at the time of production for each piece of music that you have included. This should be attached to your submission form. If you don’t have the correct paperwork for your music please do not include it, as your film will not be accepted. ‘Copyright Free’ music cannot be accepted, not even from websites that offer a creative commons licence as these licences are not free for all uses of the music.

8. You can include clips or archive footage of your work in your film as long as you own the rights to the material - if you have included any clips in your submission you will be asked to sign a declaration that you are the copyright owner. This declaration is contained within the submission form.

9. COPYRIGHT - Under the agreement you assign the copyright of your material to The National Library of Scotland, granting non-exclusive and unlimited rights to use your submitted material including the right to use it in whole or part in all media. This is required if you wish for it to be eligible for winning the competition as the film will then be pre served as part of the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive collection. Please refer to the terms and conditions carefully on the Contributors Release Form before signing it - this details what you are agreeing to and confirms that no payment or expenses will be paid.

10. The aim is for the submitted film to be of the best quality when you export. The maximum file size we can accept is 2GB. Please make sure when you upload or email your film that it is no larger than 2GB. Please get in touch if you need any technical help with mastering your film as this may vary depending on the options available on your device/ editing software.

11. Please make sure Films are uploaded to https://filmfreeway.com/SYFFHOME and submitted as .mov or .mp4 video files. Films submitted on DVD will not be accepted.
Submissions labelled incorrectly will not be accepted. If in doubt, please check before submitting.

12. The National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive cannot be held responsible for any false declarations. The person named on the submission form will take responsibility for the information.

13. All shortlisted submissions will be made available to watch at the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive in Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

14. All award winning films submitted will be taken into The National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive Collection to be preserved for the Nation.

15. Entry is at your own expense. There is no fee and no expenses will be paid.

16. The film submission deadline date is Monday 31st August 2020. Submissions are welcome at any time before the deadline date.

17. PRIVACY INFORMATION - The personal data you give on the submission form will be used by SYFF for the purposes described in these guidelines. The legal basis for processing your data is that it is necessary for the contract you enter into when you sign the agreement. Your rights as a data subject under the General Data Protection Regulation apply to how your personal data is processed. You have the right to access any of your personal data that is processed; the right to ensure that inaccuracies are corrected in your personal data that is processed; the right, in certain circumstances, to restrict the processing of your personal data; the right to receive personal data that you provided in a structured machine-readable format; and the right, in certain circumstances, to request that your personal data is erased.
If your film is a winning film it will be transferred to the National Library of Scotland (the Library) and will be added to the Library's collections, where it will be made available to members of the public. When SYFF transfer a winning film to the Library we will also transfer some information about you, such as [your name and contact information]. This is information is transferred to the Library so that they can manage your film as part of their collection. For full information about how the Library will hold and use your personal; data for this purpose see the Library's privacy page on their website, in particular their acquisitions and loans privacy notice at www.nls.uk/privacy/acquisitions-and-loans-notice and their collections privacy notice at www.nls.uk/privacy/collections-notice.

Electronic Upload Submission:
We use a third party provider, FilmFreeway, as a platform for you to upload and deliver your film to us. For more information about how FilmFreeway processes your data, please see FilmFreeway’s Privacy Policy. FilmFreeway are based in Canada and data transferred to us through FilmFreeway will be transferred to Canada.


To submit online you can do this via https://filmfreeway.com/SYFFHOME and upload all your documentation:

• A completed Submission Form
• A completed Contributor’s Release Form for each person named on the Submission Form
• A completed Music Cue Sheet and music clearance paperwork (if applicable)
• A completed Footage Time-Coded Log Sheet for archive material (if applicable)
• A still image no larger than 2MB
• Your one-minute film as a .mp4 / .mov no larger than 2GB (see tech specs in term 10. above)

Please put your name, as it appears on the Submission Form, in the title of each document. For example, Name – Joe MacMovie, title each file you are sending with your name: 1JMacMovieSubmission.doc