SEFF – Smaragdni (emerald) eco film festival as a unique travelling ecological film festival, has been held for fourteen years already, screening educational films with the aim to raise public ecological awareness. 14. edition will be from 26. - 29. august 2021. in Sisak, on the horse farm of non-government organisation KAS, near river Sava.

Within SEFF other activities this year, international cooperation has been established and SEFF “Emerald Tour” initiated, starting from the head of the river Una in Donja Suvaja, in the region of Lika, continuing from there to Bosnia and Hercegovina, using environmental friendly transportation means – bicycles. The Festival’s team has visited around thirty towns so far. The films were selected by Daniel Pavlić, who divided them into 3 groups – animations, shorts and featuring films.
SEFF Visiting is the title of the post-festival part, when the Festival’s team is travelling and visiting various towns as well as participating at ecological film festivals throughout the region. By the end of the year, SEFF will have visited; Koprivnica, Zadar, Šibenik, Dubrovnik, Otočac, Gospić, Ston, Korčula, Tribunj, Brodarica, Murter, Zagreb, Pula, Volosko, Perušić, Slavonski Brod, Rijeka, as well as the Green Fest in Belgrade, Serbia.

SEFF – Smaragdni eco film festival, an annual event showcasing independent animation, feature and short films with ecological topic from around the world, is inviting the filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films for its annual event taking place in 26.-29. 8. 2021. in Hrvatska Kostajnica, Sunja, Jasenovac, Hrvatska Dubica, Lonjsko Polje and Sisak. Anouncing will be in Sisak.

plaquete for best films in 3 categories: short, animation and long duration film

The festival is open to all genres: fiction, documentary, short, animation, music video with running time until 15 minutes in shorts group, or long durations and animations…

To submit your film, please send info of film: (mp4, avi or mov files by we transfer or others jumbo mail) and a press kit [synopsis, your bio and photo, some stills from your film], and the following information:
Original Title:
English Title:
Running Time:
Year of Production:
Cast [if any]:
Has the film been shown before, where?
Your Email:
Website [if any]:

on e-mail:

Deadline: 2020. May 1.
The best film will got plaquete of Smaragdni eco film festival!

Overall Rating
  • Sylvain Renou

    I really like the concept of this festival and the spirit behind it. THX

    July 2019
  • Nadasdy Film

    great festival! thank you for everything

    July 2019
  • Thanks Daniel and the rest of organizers for welcoming us so warmly! It was a great pleasure and honor to screen our film 'Yuyos' and to stay with all of you. Your festival is a fundamental way of spreading topics about our environment through audio-visual means. Moreover, you're doing a wonderful activist job in educating children and local communities!

    July 2019
  • Robin Bisio

    What an amazing film festival. While the organizers were riding bikes and screening in the plein air, it seemed like everyone was having an unforgettable time. How wonderful to amplify eco films in such a sustainable fashion.

    July 2019
  • Keep going! I love your festival and feel honored to be a part of it! Wishing you all the best! Elke and the Web of Life

    July 2019