Riga Pasaules Film Festival 2021: Anthropological Time


Unfortunately for the second year running we have had to postpone the festival, for obvious reasons. As with last year we would prefer to hold and in-person event than go online or cancel the festival, and so the only option is to put the festival date back to September 16th to 19th 2021.

We hope that by doing this we have a better chance of having a fuller, international, festival with as many visitors as possible.


Call For Films

The curating team of the Riga Pasaules Film Festival (RPFF) is calling for submissions that address cinema’s relationship to the temporal experience. We are looking for works of a broad anthropological persuasion that, through their content and form, consider ways in which imaginaries and practices of time are rendered and generated through cinema. For example, we are interested in works that represent time-based events; that generate their own temporal signatures; and offer a creative take on different temporal perspectives.

We are interested in films that represent temporal imaginings. For example, films whose plot addresses the tensions between continuity and change, ideas on the past and the future, and the politics of time. We also wish to review films that develop a perspective on cinematic-time, the experience of time as it is generated through the cinematic medium. Films that, for example, foreground duration, rhythm, and pace.

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RPFF is a non-competitive festival.

Submissions that are not in English must be subtitled in English.
In case of selection, in order to provide a translation into Latvian we will require an .srt subtitle file.

Screening formats accepted by Kino Bize: HD videofile (preferably .mp4, 1080 and higher), BluRay.

RPFF does not provide screening fees.

By submitting a film, the holder of the copyright agrees that the preview copy of the film will remain within the festival archive at the Department of Social Anthropology of Tallinn University, as part of their research and educational film collection and that the film can be used for non-profit screening events with no screening fee, organised by the Department of Social & Cultural Anthropology of Tallinn University.

Overall Rating
  • Mike Poltorak

    A wonderfully organised and curated film festival on a fascinating theme. Communications were excellent from beginning to end. Sadly, because of Corona, I could not be there in person. But I will go as soon as it is possible. I had one of the most interesting Q and A experiences ever.

    September 2020
  • fairuz ghammam

    a very warm experience with a good Q&A, even if it was via skype!

    May 2019
  • Very interesting! They work hard. Good job!

    May 2019
  • Amazing festival with amazing team ♥

    May 2019