QueerBee is an LGBTIQ community enterprise set up by filmmakers to curate programmes of queer short films and show them at live events and online.

We are interested in any short films, made at any time on any LGBTIQ theme. You must own the rights to your film including the music and any images and likenesses.

We are particularly interested in films created by and about people who are under-represented within the media and queer community.

Every film selected is provided with laurels and the filmmakers connected to the QueerBee network.

QueerBee is a Community Interest Company and Social Enterprise which is a non-profit organisation. We are unable to pay screening fees.

Please read all the way down:

Your film has to have a queer character and/or queer story line. In this context queer means Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Intersex, Pansexual, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid and Queer.

You may send more than one film but a separate application must be made for each film.

Maximum length 20 minutes.

There no limits on when your film was created.

Your film has to be in English or have English subtitles.

Submission of your film to Queerbee constitutes agreement to all rules and regulations here, and that your film will be considered but not guaranteed for any award given.

Submission certifies that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained in accordance with UK Copyright laws.

By submitting you agree not to withdraw your film from Queerbee after it has been selected.

Successful films will be screened online or at live events or both.

We will happily accept films that have been screened elsewhere and online.

This is a non-exclusive arrangement and you are free to continue to share your film in any way you choose.

Overall Rating
  • Great LGBT film festival with lovely communication! Thank you for showing our short, "Book of Dan"!

    May 2023
  • Obadiah Baker

    An amazing experience and display of diversity! Thank you for showing our film and the opportunity to reach a broader audience in the UK.

    February 2022
  • The festival did not take place yet do to hard covid 19 times everything is delayed however impressive communication and networking make me trust this is one fabulous festival with a quality impact . Thank you especially Angie West for working so hard to give a valuable platform for all queer film makers, you are our Queen of pride . QueerBee is a must

    October 2021
  • Great festival, proud to be part of it.

    October 2021
  • Great festival, authentic and real. Thanks for the interest in adding three of my films to your library. Was happy to be connected with Angie West.

    October 2021