The 6th Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival will take place from October 28 (Thur.) to November 2 (Tue.), 2021.

The 6th Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival is an opportunity to break out of the chain of normal thinking, show off the bizarre and the weird; unleash your creativity to fight against the rules and shatter those shackles of mediocrity.
This is a fantastic trip starts from that magic crypt; this is the light and the dark in the human psyche intwined; this is perhaps the seeds sowed by the unknown entities; this fills our screen with imageries of awesomeness and opens the portal to start a wonderful journey.

The Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival (PFFF) is an independent, fan-funded, non-profit organization that aims to create a friendly community and promote the production of horror, fantasy and sci-fi genres in China. Since 2016, PFFF has hosted a series of screening events in Beijing annually during the Halloween season. This year, for the first time, the 6th PFFF is calling for international entries of original genre films, in hopes to establish communication with international filmmakers and festivals around the world, and to enhance connection and cultural exchange with international platforms via original films, thus creating a better environment for independent filmmakers and fans.



南瓜奇幻电影节(pumpkin fantasy film festival)由影迷自筹资金独立举办,作为一个非盈利性质的放映组织,意在促进中国恐怖、奇幻、科幻类型片的发展,营造一个良好的类型片迷影氛围。南瓜奇幻电影节从2016年创办以来,每年的万圣节期间在北京线下举行一系列展映活动,今年第六届首次面向世界公开征集原创奇幻类型作品,向世界各地的奇幻电影节靠拢,希望通过更多的原创作品交流实现平台的互链,把我们的影迷文化推向新的风口。

1 . Competition Group
※Best Feature Film Award: 1 winner, 1 trophy.
※Best Short Film Award: 1 winner, 1 trophy.
※Best Screen Image Award: 1 winner, 1 trophy.
※Innovation Award: 1 winner, 1 trophy.
※Unspeakable Infinite Fear Award: 1 winner, 1 trophy.
※Exploration Award: 1 winner, 1 trophy.
2. Screening Group
※No prize.

1. 竞赛组

2. 展映组

The 6th Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival will take place from October 28 (Thur.) to November 2 (Tue.), 2021.

3. Eligibility
(1)Film or video project must be produced and/or completed between January 01, 2019 and August 30, 2021 (application deadline). Project that has not been completed by the application deadline will be accepted but requires submission of demos and trailers, the completed project must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the screening date October 29.
(2)The genre of the submission is limited to horror, science fiction and fantasy. The running time of the feature film (including the cast & crew list) must be 60 minutes or more. The running time of the short film (including the cast & crew list) must be less than 60 minutes.
(3)There are no specific restrictions on the eligibility of premieres.
(4)To qualify for the Innovation Award, the director of the film must be Chinese or the film must be produced in China.
(5)There’s no restriction on the production and completion dates of the films that do not participate in the competition, (i.e. screening only).

4. Application
(1)No application fee if submitted from China.
(2)Application Open Date: June 01, 2021 to August 30, 2021.
※It is recommended to apply early so you won’t miss the application period.
(3)International Application:
(4)Email Application: please submit your application to our official email address:
※Format: 2021 Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival Competition (or Screening) Application + Film Title.
※Attachment File: Link to the film on online platforms (During pre-selection period, only links to major online video websites will be accepted. ) i.e. Vimeo/Youku/Iqiyi/Tencent, etc) with access password, plot summary, direction’s demonstration, main cast and crew.
※Attachment Photo: One film poster, three or more film stills.
(5)Film Specifications: The film must be of 720p or better quality. Chinese films that are not in Standard Mandarin must include Chinese subtitles; international films that are not in Standard Mandarin must include English subtitles.
(6)The information provided & uploaded in the application material will be used for the announcement of the finalists, the announcement of the awards, the print of the fest booklets and the award ceremony. Any errors shall be solely the responsibility of the applicants.

6. Finalist and Awards Announcement
The film festival is expected to announce the full list of finalists on our official Weibo and website in September 9, 2021, a notification letter will be sent to the finalists by email. The winners will be announced on the day of the Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival Competition Award Ceremony on October 31, 2021. The announcement will be posted on Weibo as well as the official website.

7. Film Copy Rules
Please send a copy of the selected film to the Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival Official by mail or online by the specified deadline. The finalists are responsible for the shipping cost, if you encounter any problem sending your film, please contact the organizer directly.

Shipping Info:
Address: China, Beijing, Tongzhou Qu, Liyuan Zhen, Zhongze Jiayuan, 395 Lou, 2 Danyuan, 402 (Post code: 11012)
Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival Executive Team (Liu Fei)
Phone Number: +8613718047379

Specification of the original film copy:
(1)Film Quality: HD (1080p) or up
(2)Format: Mov./Mp4./Avi.
(3)Language: Copy must be in original language; films in Chinese must have both Chinese and English subtitles, non-English films must have English subtitle.

8.Notes and Copyright
Rights and obligations of participants
(1)The participant must agree to provide 10% or no longer than 3 minutes of the film content (shall be edited and provided by the participant), as well as the information, including, but not limited to, documents and files, to Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival and its authorized affiliated third parties without compensation. The Festival and its affiliates are authorized to edit the selected project, (only to add subtitles and make promotion videos), to use in the events of Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival for promotion purpose, including, but not limited to promotional and screening events, such as public performance, presentation and screening.
(2)The dubbing, soundtrack, and the graphics used in the film are subject to authorization from the original creator/team for remastering, public release, public performance, public narration, public display, public broadcast, and public transmission. The participant is solely responsible for any legal disputes arising from the screening of the film. If necessary, the organizer may require the participant to submit proof of authorization.
(3)After the application procedure is completed, the participant is deemed to have agreed to all the provisions listed by the organizer, the application will not be canceled for any reason. The applicant, producer, distributor of the entry are obliged to ensure the legality of the film. The organizer reserves the right to determine the eligibility of the film.

2021 Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival Committee
Organizers: Bad Movies Studio, Phantom House Film Studio, KR Video
Official Website: (in the works)
Phone Number: 13718047379
Douban site: Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival
Weibo: Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival
WeChat Public Account: PFFF2016 (or search: Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival)



第六届南瓜奇幻电影节将于2021年 10 月 28日(四)至 11月 2日(二)举 办。

1. 需为2019年1月1日至2021年8月30日(报名截止日)之间制作或完成的作品。接受报名截止日前尚未完成作品(但需要提供未完成小样和预告片,正式完成作品必须在展映10月29日前七日内提交)。
2. 类型仅限于恐怖、科幻、奇幻三种类型,长片片长(含演职人员表)应在60分钟(含)以上,短片片长(含演职人员表)应少于60分钟,且未以任何版本报名过本竞赛和展映(即不得以其它版本或替换片名之方式重复报名)。
3. 首映资格无特定限制。
4. 欲角逐「创新突破奖」者,参赛影片之导演须为华人导演或者影片出品国为中国。
5. 不参与竞赛单元(即只参加展映单元)作品,无制作和完成日期限制。

1. 国内免报名费用。
2. 报名时间:2021年6月1日起至2021年8月30日截止。
※ 建议您提早报名,以免仓促出错,耽误您的报名时间。
3. 海外平台报名:filmfreeway.com线上平台报名(平台报名入口)。
4. 邮件报名:向官方邮箱pfff_nangua@163.com提交报名信息。
5. 报名影片规格:影片需720p以上画质,华语影片非普通话发音语言需上中文字幕,国际影片非华语发音语言需上英文字幕。
6. 提供的报名及上传资料将作为入围公布、得奖公布、展映手册印制、颁奖典礼等依据,如有错漏须由报名单位自行承担相关责任。



电话:+86 13718047379

1. 影像画质: HD(1080P)及以上
2. 视频格式:MOV/MP4/AVI

1. 参赛者同意以(或应自行剪辑提供)参赛作品的10%,或不超过3分钟的影片影音内容,以及其参赛时所提供的文档、资料、档案(包含但不限于上述形式)等,无偿授权南瓜奇幻电影节及其相关授权之第三人,将入围影像创作作品重制编辑(仅限于加中英文字幕及宣传片剪辑),于「2021南瓜奇幻电影节」相关活动中(基于推广之必要,包括但不限于宣传及展映活动)作为公开上映、公开演出、公开口述、公开展示。
2. 影片中之配音、配乐及使用之图文均需向原创作者/团队取得重制编辑、公开上映、公开演出、公开口述、公开展示、公开播放及公开传输之授权,乳因影片播出产生著作权相关法律争议,由参赛者负全部责任。必要时主办单位得要求参赛者提出证明外并签署音乐版权切结书,以供查核。
3. 参赛者于完成报名程序后即视为同意主办单位所列之各项规定,不得以任何理由取消报名。报名者、影片制作方、出品方、发行方或相关单位有义务确保影片之合法性,主办单位保有该片是否具备参赛资格之最终决定权。


Overall Rating
  • Kevin Kopacka

    While I sadly was not able to travel to the festival, the communication throughout was amazing, with a dedicated team that lovingly curated the program and are big fans if the genre. Our film managed to win the prize for Best Feature, which was a great honor!! I'm so happy to have been able to be a part of the festival and will definitely submit again!

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your affirmation, Kevin. We are glad to receive your film work. This festival could have been perfectly held, but due to the epidemic and some other uncontrollable factors, it temporarily cannot proceed in public. However, we have planned to organise another exhibition again during New Year's Day. All we hope is to complete the festival well. See you next year. I'm looking forward to seeing your next work! Come on!

  • Very appreciative of Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival, for their outstanding communication, clarity of asset delivery, friendly tone - and beautiful branding, website and visually dynamic design elements. We are so grateful and honored to have "Eraser // The Love Project" selected for your wonderful festival in Beijing - as our projected China Premiere. We truly hope another screening opportunity will arise in light of the situation there - anytime, and any way possible - and that PFFF may still be our China premiere. Bendu Hua was such a pleasure to work with, and so kind and helpful. We hope to submit to PFFF again, and stay in touch! Thank you so much, Pumpkin Fantasy Film Festival!

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much for your support and encouragement and we will certainly strive to continue with the unfinished screenings.

  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your support. We'll do better next year!