PROXY ACT is now calling for artists to submit their work for the eighth season of our international exhibition and screening events in 2022.

We are interested in material that portraits a vision into a new world. A vision of change that triggers responsible acts for a global change that brings nature to the center of our identity. A collection of new ways of living within efficiency, sufficiency and unity.

Our selection will be released in our yearly Proxy Act festival (Germany, summer 2022) joining forces with DUKA Film Festival. A unique film festival hosted in a Neo-gothic castle built in 1840 in Brandenburg Germany. With an open-air screen, a main-hall screen, a video art projection room and a stage for live performances, we want to bring films, music and nature together in a unique responsible act for change.

Proxy Act selection is also screened throughout the year of selection in different partner events and venues around the world (England, Germany, Italy, Colombia, S. Korea and looking into Greece soon). Our interest is to bring an inter- and multi-cultural audience to this films, creating a community feeling between the filmmakers and them.

PROXY ACT has partnered with venues and other festivals in Colombia, Italy, England and Germany. Other projects organised by us include ProxySYNC: a unique event with an artistic programme happening simultaneously in Bogotá (Colombia) and Caserta (Italy). We are looking to expand to North America, Asia and Oceania.

Our selection of short-films and media art has given our events a wide variance of cultural freshness to the way audiovisual material is constructed.

PROXY ACT is a collaboration of international artists and performers based in London and Berlin. We are constantly developing our own artistic projects through films and performances.
We work in productions that bring together performance, music, storytelling and video, having as inspiration the realities that native indigenous traditions still maintain alive.

Our last co-production is in collaboration with the indigenous community of the Arhuaco, for a crowd funding campaign supporting the liberation of land to be guarded and protected from abusive use of the Earth and of Nature. This short documentary was released in 2021.

This season we are interested in material that envision a NEW PLANET (nature, society, the individual, the family, the community, the soul). We want to screen a vision of change that encourages responsible acts for a global change that brings nature to the center of our identity. A collection of new ways of living within efficiency, sufficiency and unity. A manifestation of Alternative Realities.

With this we are aiming to find a selection that touches the following topics and similar:
-water (oceans/lakes/rivers/emotions/wells/springs
-living in community
-new habits
-new social agreements
-nature as people
-indigenous world-views
-technology as detachment from nature
-spirituality as technology
-origin of a patriarchal society
-ancient medicine
-the human and the universe
-religions' points of intersection

If you have short films or artistic projects that you would like to exhibit at one of our events and you believe it is not necessary to have the original physical format of the work on display, we can exhibit for you by screening your work as digital images and/or sound in partner galleries or in our events within the space of our exhibitions. With that we bring your work in front of the eyes and ears of a new audience.

We are also open to performance and presentation ideas in which art and technology converge. There is no limitation to discipline or genre.

The selected material will be screened and exhibited on our different events through our season 2022-2023 which runs for one year. We will have screenings in different venues, events and festivals in different countries.

We are also open to work in collaboration and bring artistic teams together with different skills that can bring unique creations alive. For this send us a direct email.


The Proxy Act

Overall Rating
  • Marta Skoczeń

    Thanks a lot for selecting my film. I believe Proxy Act is a great festival that really creates opportunities for filmmakers. Wish I could come next year.

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Marta. We hope to have you next year!